Welcome to the unofficial website for the HermitCraft server! HermitCraft is a private, white-listed, invite-only Minecraft server created and run by Generikb, the self-described Minecraft Hermit. The primary purpose of the server is to create a community of YouTube Let's Players in a survival multiplayer world. Check out the Social section for more information on the Hermits. You can chat with other HermitCraft fans at the IRC section; registration is not required. The wiki currently contains the most comprehensive documentation of the server. It is far from complete, but anyone can pitch in and help add more information into the website.

The recent map reset happened on 8 June 20131 using the seed -6804765309294671425.2 Although Generikb will not be publishing videos on the server anymore,3 he "is on the server with us always. Not only in our hearts, but in our actions. Every time we treat each other with respect and create a bit of joy, GenerikB is there."4 The old HermitCraft map is available for download.5



This is the old map of the HermitCraft server, which is available for download. It was generated using Minecraft Overviewer.


This is the official Internet Relay Chat of the HermitCraft server. If you have an IRC client, you can join in at irc://irc.quakenet.org/hermitcraft.

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