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The 2015 Mindcrack Marathon was a 48 hour livestream marathon held by Mindcrack (in association with Microsoft) on 6-8 November 2015[a] in San Francisco, California to raise money for Extra Life, in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in their treatment and care of children afflicted by life threatening illness and injury. This was the second Mindcrack Marathon for Extra Life, third overall, following the one held in September of the previous year.

Icon of the marathon, a combination of the Mindcrack logo and the Extra Life logo[3]

The overall fundraiser goal for the event was $200,000. As an additional fundraiser, a Mindcrack Extra Life t-shirt and hoodie was available on Teespring from 27 October to 12 November, with all proceeds going to Extra Life.[4]


The marathon was first announced during Sevadus' interview with Jeromy "Doc" Adams, the founder of Extra Life, at E3 2015 in June.[5] Guude revealed in a Mindcrack Server episode on 3 August that participants would be travelling to one location for the event.[6] On 2 October, Guude posted on Twitter that the event will be 48 hours long,[7] with 18 Mindcrackers attending.[8] OMGchad said that Delta Air Lines and Marriott Hotels & Resorts would be assisting with travel and accommodation arrangements.[9] Aureylian mentioned in a vlog that the marathon would be held sometime in November, and would feature a live UHC.[10]

During episode 124 of the Mindcrack Podcast released on 8 October, the marathon was confirmed to be taking place on 7-9 November at the Microsoft Loft in San Francisco, California.[1] During the same podcast, it was revealed that the marathon was originally planned for 19 October (Mindcrack's five year anniversary) at the Microsoft Loft in New York City, New York, but was dismissed because of timing issues. After its reschedule, Guude had intended to officially announce the marathon on the weekend of 3-4 October with a video touring the San Francisco Loft.[1] On 22 October Aureylian shared an image of some of the available prizes,[11] revealing some of the event sponsors.[12] The following day, Guude mentioned in a Mindcrack Server episode that only 17 Mindcrackers would be attending, one less than initially announced.[13] On 31 October, Guude teased images of packaged edible insects from BugGrub.[14]

The marathon was officially announced by Aureylian on 1 November via a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, listing 16 of the 17 expected attendees, all of the sponsors providing prizes, all of the stretch goals, and some of the donation goals.[15] The same day, mindcrackmarathon.com was published with a complete list of stretch goals and donation goals.[3]


In addition to the 16 Mindcrackers named by Aureylian in her announcement video, Arkas and SuperMCGamer were also later named as attending, taking the expected number of attendees to 18.[16] PauseUnpause later noted he would be unable to attend due to his 1 month old son.[17] 17 Mindcrackers attended the marathon, with 3 (Coestar, PauseUnpause, and Zisteau) participating remotely. CaptainSparklez also participated remotely during his guest appearance in the stream.



The marathon was streamed to the Mindcrack Network Twitch channel, with the stream and donation widget displayed on mindcrackmarathon.com, where schedule details and lists of donation incentives were available. The schedule first published on the site was heavily modified throughout the marathon. All times given are in Pacific Standard Time (UTC-08:00).[a]


$25 donors during the marathon were whitelisted onto a private Minecraft server. The highest cumulative donor throughout the event, AmethystRaindrop, was subsequently given guest access to the Mindcrack Server on 13 November.


Donation prizes were provided by Microsoft, Gameband, DXRacer, GUNNAR, Jinx, Electronic Arts, SteelSeries, Mine Chest, Razer, Mattel, Activision, and Bungie.[15] In addition, mindcrackmarathon.com also listed AirHeads, CreeperHost, LANFest, Superfight, Telltale Games, NewTek, TWiT, and Division Camera as sponsors.[3]

Outcomes and reception[edit]

$1256 had already been raised when the livestream begun.[24] Approximately $40,000 was raised during UHC #ForTheKidsTwo.[25] At the end of the 48 hours, the donation counter was sitting at $208,532.92. By the end of the livestream, the total had jumped to $208,555.00, with the Extra Life page finishing at $208,612.53 in the following hours. The Mindcrack Marathon was the second highest earning fundraiser for Extra Life in 2015, behind only Rooster Teeth's 24 hour livestream on 7 November.[26]

629 items were bought on Teespring,[27] raising an additional $10,000 for Extra Life.[28]

Guude shared a Google Forms survey asking for feedback on donation incentives and segments.[29]


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