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The 2018 Mindcrack Marathon was a 48 hour livestream marathon announced by Mindcrack on 21 November 2018 and held on 7-9 December 2018 at the N3RDFUSION headquarters in Seattle, Washington[1] to raise money for Extra Life, in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in their treatment and care of children afflicted by life threatening illness and injury. This was the fifth Mindcrack Marathon for Extra Life, and sixth overall, following the 2017 Mindcrack Marathon held in October of the previous year. The video announcing the 2018 marathon was released after a series of nine mysterious tweets that had revealed the date 2018 12 07[2]. The schedule was released on 3 December 2018[3]. In total, the event raised approximately $170,000 for charity[4].

During the event, two UHC matches were played, known as #ForTheKidsEleven and #ForTheKidsTwelve respectively. Both UHCs had multiple members and guests join in remotely from their homes.

Donor server[edit]

On 3 December 2018 the donor server opened, becoming available to any donor that gave a donation of at least $10[5]. Several members joined the server in streams in the week leading up to the marathon, and the server was shown multiple times during both the pre-stream and the 2018 marathon. It was announced ahead of the marathon that the $75,000 donation milestone would unlock a copy of the Season 6 Mindcrack server on the donor server, which became available as a portal at spawn once the goal was met.

2018 Mindcrack Spring Marathon[edit]

Schedule for the 2018 Mindcrack Spring Marathon

Instead of the normal Spring UHC earlier in the year, Mindcrack held a 24 hour Spring Marathon on 26-27 May 2018[6], which was streamed through the Mindcrack Twitch channel from various members. The Spring Marathon had a donor server up that donators could join if they donated at least $10[7]. The Spring Marathon included a UHC match known as #ForTheKidsTen, and the marathon raised just shy of $27,000[8].


The following members and guests attended the 2018 marathon in person, with some others joining remotely for specific segments.

Seth was away for the weekend of the marathon and was only able to attend for the LEGO segment.


Special Guests[edit]

AntVenom.png AntVenom
Breon.png Breon
ConeDodger.png ConeDodger
PliSkiNAKE.png Drew
HonneyPlay.png HonneyPlay
Cheeetozz.png Josh
Necomi.png necomi
Ryuski.png Ryuski

Marathon segments[edit]

Times are approximate.

Spring marathon segments[edit]

Times are approximate



  • During the 2018 marathon, it was discovered that both Arkas and Sevadus are ticklish.


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