2019 Mindcrack Marathon

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The 2019 Mindcrack Marathon was a 48 hour livestream marathon announced by Mindcrack on 1 October 2019 and held on 25-27 October 2019[1] in Chicago, Illinois to raise money for Extra Life, in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in their treatment and care of children afflicted by life threatening illness and injury. This was the sixth main Mindcrack Marathon for Extra Life, and seventh overall, following the one held in December of the previous year.

During the event, two UHC matches were played, known as #ForTheKidsFourteen and #ForTheKidsFifteen respectively. During both UHCs multiple members and guests join in remotely from their homes.

Donor server[edit]

On 22 October 2018 the donor server opened, becoming available to any donor that gave a donation of at least $10[2]. Several members joined the server in streams in the week leading up to the marathon, and the server was shown during the Preshow in the 2019 marathon.

2019 Spring Mindcrack Marathon[edit]

Schedule for the 2019 Spring Mindcrack Marathon

Like the previous year, Mindcrack held a 24 hour Spring Marathon on 13-14 April 2019[3], which was streamed through the Mindcrack Twitch channel from various members. The Spring Marathon used the same donor server as the 2018 Mindcrack Marathon with a reset whitelist which donors could join if they donated at least $10. The Spring Marathon included a UHC match known as #ForTheKidsThirteen.


The following Members, VIPs, and Guests attended the 2019 Mindcrack Marathon in person:[4]


VIPs and Guests[edit]

Breon.png Breon
ConeDodger.png ConeDodger240
Darkosto.png Darkosto
DireDwarf.png DireDwarf
HCJustin.png HCJustin
HonneyPlay.png HonneyPlay
OnlyBentley.png OnlyBentley
Soccermvp13.png Soccermvp13
Unrulybabs.png unrulybabs

Marathon segments[edit]

Times are approximate.

Spring marathon segments[edit]

Times are approximate



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