50 Chades of A

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50 Cades of AZEL, also known as 50 Chades of A, was a book written by AnderZEL on the Mindcrack Server in August 2013, during the Season 4 map.[1][2] The book, which was intended to be named 50 Shades of Anders, is a parody of the 2011 erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. The numerous misspellings and grammatical errors can be attributed to Anders' non-native English and his dyslexia.


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The nigth is dark
chilling and hostile in
the north of Sweden. A
Viking tall and
handsome steps out of
the shower driping
wett of clean mounting
spring water. He
reatches for a towle
to dry his still driping
boddy. The mirror refects a smiling face

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say you did a hell of a
jobb ther buddy. Some
one is shouting softly
in the other end of
teh home "Com back
here my big boy" He
slowly dry himself of and takes another
glance in the mirror.
The face looking back
just got a big grin on
on it and he say

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"Time for the second
act" He steps out of
the bathroom in is full
frontal glory. Slowly
walks towards the
bedroom with a praude
step. When he gets
closer to the bedroom
the voice once again
shouts softly. "There
you are my BIG MAN"
The Viking takes the

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last few steps with
stride. The bed rock
like the sea when he
leaps in to it for the
waith of his boddy. Now
we see the blond bomb
shell who so sofly
shouted at him earlier.
She is a beauty like
any Swedish girl. She
smiles with a confident
bright smile

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knowing her lust for
Falukorv will be
fullfiled. The Viking
smiles back they start
kissing gently. Breaths
become deaper and
the kissing becomes
more heated. His hands
flowing ower her
boddy like how your
hand flow ower a car
with grate curves.

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breaths become
deaper and quicker.
She wispers i want it i
want it now. So he
reatches ower to his
nigth stand and grabs
the remote. She gently
press the Hdmi 1
button. The sweet
sound of mindcrackers
voices are heard its
UHC 13 on the TV. She
tells him

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"my big man pleas just
tell me how it ends" He
awnsers "no darling i
can't even tell you
The End


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