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The 7 Days to Die Mindcrack Server is the private 7 Days to Die server that the core Mindcrack members play on. The server was launched on 4 January 2016 and is currently on its third world. Only one in-game day passes every real-life day.


Following three seasons of 7 Days to Die from Team 7 Days to Die, AnderZEL explained in a new singleplayer Let's Play that the Mindcrack multiplayer sessions would return after the next major update of the game is released.[1] Guude began his own singleplayer series a few days later, reaffirming what Anderz had previously explained.[2]

In episode 41 of his series, Guude revealed that the upcoming 7 Days to Die map would be a survival world that stays online continuously, similar to their Minecraft Let's Play world, the Mindcrack Server. He said that 20 Mindcrackers had voiced their interest in the server.[3] was expecting the server to start in January 2016.[4][5] On 3 January 2016, Guude announced that the server would be starting the next day.[6] He revealed that only one in-game day would pass every real-life day,[7] while also listing all of the interested participants; the list named 21 Mindcrackers (of which there was 24 at the time), excluding only kurtmac, SethBling, and SuperMCGamer, and also listing former Mindcracker paulsoaresjr.[8]


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