Adlingtont's castle (Season 2)

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adlingtont's Castle on the MindCrack Vanilla Season 2 server was his second major build on both the Season 2 server and on MindCrack in general. He first showed an episode on the build after he had laid out most of the central structure, built a waterfall, and partially developed one of its towers; this episode was a soundless sped-up recording that he released on March 3, 2011.[1] He continued developing various regions of his castle for thirty-six subsequent episodes, constituting the majority of his time on the Season 2 server. Despite the time and effort input into the castle's construction, adlingtont announced on a July 7, 2011 episode that he would not finish the castle in time for the reset of the Season 2 server.[2]

At the time of the map's reset, major points of interest in the castle included the Storage Tower, the Train Bridge, the Grand Hall, the Astronomy Tower, the greenhouses and the Library. A massive lake in front of the castle took a considerable effort to excavate but was not completed by the time of the map reset. [3] Adlington added the "train bridge" connecting his castle to his Spawn tunnel in an episode he released on April 4, 2011.[4] There were plans to expand the bridge to a fully-fledged train station that never materialized.[3] Another point of interest lay in how adlington noted he had used 1,341 reeds to build the 149 bookcases necessary to completely furnish the castle Library.[5] The lake took a great deal of effort, prompting adlingtont to seek out the help of ShreeyamGFX and to harvest the resources for and craft the equivalent to a full inventory of TNT.[2] Adlington had considered the possibility of asking Guude to temporarily whitelist fans to assist him, but later decided against it to eliminate the potential for griefing.[6] The Astronomy Tower was the last major addition that adlington made to the castle and was mostly finished by an August 25, 2011 episode, the third-last episode he released on the Season 2 server.[7]


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