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The Minecraft avatar of Alphonia
Born (1991-04-08) 8 April 1991 (age 28)[1]
Country United States
Gender F
Other names Alphy

Alphonia, also known as Alphy, is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. She joined the server on November 2011 after winning a slot through Guude's shirt design contest. Alphonia is no longer active on YouTube and occasionally streams on Twitch.

Let's Play[edit]

Prior to doing Let's Plays, Alphonia did not often finish the games she played. Doing Let's Plays allowed her to complete the games and accomplish goals.[2] She has several past Let's Play series on many games, including:

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Omgpop's Draw My Thing "Draw My Thing" 10 Apr 2012 Featuring dannychopsnz, darkphan, DireDwarf, InfctedMushr00m, Jason27, Morgwen, PimpingPanda, RainbowCrisp, sixelona, WrongtownClaw, zueljin
The Sims 3: Showtime "Sims 3: Showtime" 16 Apr 2012
Saints Row: The Third "AlphaShr00m plays Saints Row: The Third" 19 May 2012 Featuring InfctedMushr00m
Magicka "Magicka [Co-Op]" 21 Jul 2012 Featuring OmegaRainbow and thegardnerd
PokeMMO "Pokemon MMO" 4 Oct 2012 Featuring HiBoy
Castle Crashers "Castle Crashers" 15 Oct 2012 Featuring OmegaRainbow and zueljin
To the Moon "To the Moon" 18 Oct 2012
Pokémon3D "Pokemon 3D" 5 Jan 2013
The Sims 3: Seasons "Sims 3: Seasons" 26 Jan 2013
The Sims 3: University Life "Sims 3: University Life" 17 Mar 2013
Cube World "Cube World" 6 Jul 2013
Terraria "Alphy plays Terraria (SMP)" 22 Oct 2013 Featuring HorrorBiscuit
Garry's Mod - Trouble In Terrorist Town "Gmod - Trouble in Terrorist Town" 24 Mar 2014 "Are you the terrorist?", featuring HorrorBiscuit, Morgwen, OmegaRainbow, and zueljin
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
"The Great Cheese" "Minecraft CTM | The Great Cheese" 5 Jul 2012 CTM co-op with Jason27
"Deathly Lands 5: Intricate World" "Panda & Alphy CTM [Deathly Lands: Intricate World]" 5 Aug 2012 CTM co-op with PimpingPanda
Survival multiplayer with Mo'Creatures Mod "HOBOS vs WILD (Mo' Creatures SMP)" 17 Nov 2012 Featuring WrongtownClaw
"Dungeon Realms" "Minecraft - Dungeon Realms" 18 Feb 2013 Server-side mod creating a MMORPG, featuring OmegaRainbow, sl1pg8r, and zueljin
Modded survival single player "Minecraft: Dinosaurs (Fossil & Archeology Mod)" 30 Mar 2013 Plays with Fossils and Archeology Revival mod
Modded survival single player "Alcadia 2.0" 20 Jul 2013
Hypermine Feed the Beast server "Hypermine FTB" 31 Jul 2013 zueljin's FTB server
"WILD WEST" "Minecraft: Wild West Survival" 9 Sep 2013 Survival map featuring HorrorBiscuit and OmegaRainbow
Pixelmon modded survival multiplayer "Pixelmon SMP" 23 Feb 2014

Alphonia was featured on iHasCupquake's "Gamer of the Week,"[3] boosting her subscriber count dramatically. Alphonia is currently partnered with TGN on YouTube.[4]

Alphonia runs an Alphonia fan server, which was sponsored by her fan WrongtownClaw in October 2012. She holds contests to allow people to join her server.[5]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Alphonia held a video contest[6] and awarded Mr_NewGuy a slot in the Fan Server.[7] Before the 1.5 map reset, she had a plot in the Boulder Springs neighborhood of Blockhaven. Alphonia had built many structures for the community, including the community bakery[8] and the gladiator arena.[9] Outside town, she built a Ninja Village that could be accessed through the Orange tunnel in the Nether. She collaborated with OmegaRainbow and zueljin to build a King of the Ladder next to her arena.[10] Alphonia used badreams' music titled "Pulse Potion"[11] for her intro in her Fan Server videos since episode 5. The MindCrack logo used in her intro was a structure built at spawn town in the first map. Alphonia designed the Fan Server home page.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Alphonia's Minecraft skin

Previous skin[edit]

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