AnderZEL's tower

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AnderZEL’s tower was a component of his base on the Season 3 Vanilla server that served as his primary mob grinder. It was the first major build that he completed during his time as a MindCracker, having been started at the same time as his house. Anderz started to flatten out a mountain during the 11th episode he released on the MindCrack server, a video that went public on 9 May 2012. He laid out the foundations for his house and the tower during this episode but opted instead to start building the façade of the tower.[1]

Anderz worked on the tower over the next five episodes, constructing a stack of spawning pads and a mob elevator within.[2] He was finished with the tower by his seventeeth episode, which he released on 23 May 2012.[3]


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