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This is a list of AnderZEL's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by AnderZEL on the MindCrack server.

Post Beta 1.8 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "AnderZEL on The Mindcrack Server".

Video Notable events Featuring
17 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E00 My Friend VintageBeef Show Me Around The Mindcrack Server! :D"
  • First MindCrack video
  • A tour with VintageBeef around the server
19 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E01 A Fail Beginning and A Warm Welcome!"
  • Receiving a gift from Pyrao
  • Dying due to a pig, attempting to recover his items and dying again
  • Finding food and rescuing VintageBeef's mooshrooms
20 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E02 A Girls Best Friend"
  • Caving
21 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E03 I Claim This Land For Sweden!"
  • Caving, specifically for obsidian to craft an enchanting table
  • Crafting the table and enchanting tools
  • Harvesting wool and building a Swedish flag to claim land for his new base
23 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E04 Damn Beef!"
26 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E05 ChipMunk Rage! (Angry Anders Is Sounds More Nice This Way ;)"
  • Continuing to clean up VintageBeef's prank
  • Repeatedly setting himself on fire, and dying by fall damage
several times
28 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E06 Aww What a Good Friend!"
  • Receiving a gift of feather-falling boots and pet chickens from VintageBeef
  • Exploring west of his base in search of a "great evil" indicated on a sign
  • Continuing work on his base's mud wall
  • Talking about his channel and about his little brother
30 Apr 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E07 Im A Farmer Viking!"
  • Searching for solutions to his food shortage, including animal herding and bonemeal collecting
  • Talking about the Swedish taxation system
  • Setting up a wheat farm at his base
2 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E08 It's a Secret"
  • Vaguely talking about a plan that would require 110 stacks of dirt
  • Digging a secret chamber whose entrance is concealed by a painting
3 May 2012 "Mindcrack Prank Wars E01 Mine Is Really Bigger Beef"
  • Retaliation for VintageBeef's earlier Canadian flag prank
  • Building Swedish flags across many of Beef's creations; dying Beef's sheep blue and gold; and creating a massive Sweden-shaped pool in Beef's castle with a gold cross emblazoned across of it
4 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E09 Super intresting Video Action... Not"
  • Branch mining for resources in order to build his house
  • Telling a story about his first channel, "AnderZEL", which was banned by YouTube because of supposed AdSense irregularities
6 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E10 Some Tims I Just Nead To Focus To Realy Get Things Done"
  • Continuing to mine
  • Talking about his poor reading and spelling skills
  • Herding chickens and expanding the animal pens
  • Battling an Enderman
9 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E11 Maybe Time To Build Home?"
  • Flattening out an area in preparation for building his house
  • Discussing issues on Twitch that caused him to postpone livestreaming until further notice
  • Talking about the most recent UHC
  • Beginning construction on his house and tower
12 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E12 How Mobs Sound"
  • Continuing work on the base's tower, a future mob grinder
  • Talking about the changes in mob AI
  • Collecting wood and sand to build his house
14 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E13 Mob Tower Almost Done"
  • Continuing work on the tower; setting up the technical aspects of its mob grinder
  • Talking about an antenna he ordered to improve his poor Internet connection
  • Building a walkway to the tower mob grinder
17 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E14 Let's Have a Talk"
  • Branch mining
  • Talking about UHC 6
19 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E15 Glitch Monsters!"
  • Work on the ground floor of the mob trap
  • Dealing with mobs glitching through the floor
21 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E16 Sexy Pig Time"
  • Building a mob elevator in the tower
  • Bantering with his brother, who just returned from work
23 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E17 Intro And House"
  • First video featuring his new intro
  • Aesthetically tweaking the mob grinder and working on the house
  • Talking about UHC, including Etho's early release mistake
  • Telling a story about a friend named Fredrik and how he got caught shoplifting candy as a child
26 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E18 Enchanting Is a Pain!"
  • Grinding enough XP to do his first high-level enchant on the server
  • Working on building the façade of his house
  • Talking about his use of racist jokes, and reactions from different demographics in his viewer community
  • Unsuccessfully attempting to enchant his pickaxe with Fortune
28 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E19 Pig and Chicken get a New Home"
  • Finding that VintageBeef fortune-mined his diamond ore stash, leaving the diamonds as a gift to Anderz
  • Showing off the inside of his now-furnished house
  • Setting up new pens for his pigs and chickens
  • Hatching four chickens from a single egg
29 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E20 Im Gona Kill Your As*"
  • Exploring a ravine/mineshaft complex
31 May 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E21 The Special Chest!"
  • Continuing with caving
  • Talking his favorite music, and about how he communicated with Swedish band Sabaton, and how they gave him permission to use their music
  • Getting jumped by cave spiders
2 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E22 Hitman Join Me and The Bill Voice Is Bourne"
3 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E23 Nether Time!"
  • Traveling to the Nether and exploring a Nether fortress
  • Giving Guude a shoutout and announcing an upcoming UHC
  • Attempting to brew, and then realizing he never collected netherwart
4 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E24 Mr Nice Guy"
  • Giving some Gold Blocks for BdoubleO's Arena
  • Exploring the Arena and the Ark
7 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E25 Fail AnderZ"
  • Traveling to the Nether fortress to gather Nether Warts
  • Attempting to brew damage potions for his mob tower
  • Accepting requests on a prank from his viewers
14 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E26 Busy Beaver Anders"
  • Showcasing progress on his base
  • Talking about plans to redo his mob grinding system
  • While digging, telling a story about setting off an illegal homemade firecracker, triggering an angry lecture from a neighbor
15 Jun 2012 "Prank Wars E02 Etho Prank Gift"
17 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E27 Thank You Mr Green *enis With 4 Tiny Balls"
  • Attempting to optimize the spawner in a second mob spawning tower
  • Talking about joining in on Docm77's livestream and about a recent prank pulled on Etho
  • Repeatedly being attacked by creepers
18 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E28 Surprised AnderZ Turn Down Your Volume ^^"
  • Showcasing his progress, including having torn down his first tower and his adjustments to his second one
  • Sustaining repeated creeper blasts while continuing to work on the second tower
  • Accidentally unleashing hordes of mobs from his tower
18 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E29 A German Friend Gives Nice Tips and Trix"
  • Giving Docm77 a tour of his base
  • Getting advice from Docm77 on revising the mob grinder
20 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E30 Mass Murder"
  • Continuing work on his mob grinder
22 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E31 Awww How Nice Of You Thank You Friend! ^^"
  • Checking out a gift from Docm77, who built out Anderz's rail line
  • Continuing work on his mob system
24 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E32 F U Brain I Will Still Make Videos"
  • Showing an AFK room that he built after frustration with dying while mob grinding
  • Mining out a basement
  • Going to the Enchantment Exchange in search of a pick
  • Harvesting sand while advertising for his Battlefield video series, and discussing playing Day Z
26 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E33 Everyone Can't Like You"
  • Finishing the roof of his house amid viewer complaint
  • Talking about how he isn't ashamed of his opinions and mannerisms despite Internet hate, then talking about Internet hate in general
  • Encouraging people, especially younger viewers, to ignore anyone who hates them because of their appearance
  • Talking about his religious views, and why he dislikes religion
  • Enchanting
28 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E34 Pause Have a Strange Home"
  • Visiting Pause's home
29 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E35 Fail Red Stone"
  • Struggling to build a melon farm using redstone
  • Discovering that someone had placed a button above his TNT block
  • Enchanting
30 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E36 ABBA Rules?" VintageBeef
4 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E37 Pirates?"
  • Talking about his views on Internet piracy, the affordability of video games, and people who use AdBlocker
  • Caving
6 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E38 My Favorit TV Shows"
  • Continuing to cave
  • Talking about his favorite TV shows, especially Game of Thrones among others
8 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E39 Don't Trust Me"
  • Talking about his views on abortion
  • Encouraging his viewers to continually question whether or not peoples' views and facts are right, including his own views
  • Talking about his disdain for the term "fan"
  • Working on finishing aspects of his base
11 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E40 Story Time When AnderZ Got Fired From His Job"
  • Talking about how he altered the color of his in-game grass
  • Telling a story about an internship and job--his first source of employment--and getting fired because of a misunderstanding with a bad boss
  • Continuing work on his base
12 Jul 2012 "Prank wars E03 Viking invasion"
  • Gathering dirt
  • Covering Guude's village with a hill and adding viking touches
14 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E41 This Is How Things Work"
  • Discussing the recent prank on Guude's village and apologizing for Noah's death
  • Continuing work on his base
  • Discussing the nature of YouTube comments and likes/favorites
  • Explaining the reason why he calls subscribers who like and favorite his videos "polerchs", derived from the Swedish "polare" equivalent of "homie", and the importance of "polerchs" to every YouTuber
16 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E42 Caving Baby!"
  • Caving for resources
18 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E43 How A Youtube Video Is Made"
  • Explaining the process and extensive work that goes into making YouTube videos
  • Showing off and farming spider eyes from his haphazard cave spider grinder
20 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E44 When i Win You Win"
  • Touring Nebris' base
  • Announcing a giveaway of a copy of Minecraft for any commenting longtime subscribers
24 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E45 The Barn Surprise Piggy!"
  • Building a barn to more reliably contain his animals
  • Spending considerable time attempting to herd animals
26 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E46 I'm Like A Jack Hammer!"
  • Searching the Nether briefly for glowstone for use in streetlights
  • Breeding the barnyard animals
28 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E47 Face Cam is BACK! Mohaahah"
  • Featuring his facecam, a jury-rigged actual camera whose footage he edited in after the video
  • Working on the area around his portal
29 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E48 Give Me Some Rum!"
  • Making aesthetic adjustments to his house
1 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E49 Quick 1.3.1 Look :)"
  • Quickly exploring several changes to XP as the MindCrack Vanilla server updates to 1.3.1
  • Accidentally mining all of his diamond ore with his non-Fortune pickaxe
2 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E50 ABBA Rules With Beefy Second Go!" VintageBeef
5 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E51 Beefy's Place Is Looking Good Ps FU Beef with your lava!"
  • Making potions
  • Visiting VintageBeef's castle and getting surprised by lava in his redesigned Nether portal room
8 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E52 Getting Wood Story Time"
  • Talking about plans to build out a harbor complete with a Viking ship
  • Harvesting sand
  • Talking about why and how he first got into YouTube, including how his first video (on diamond-seeking) achieved 500,000+ views
13 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E53 Damn You Nebris!!!!!"
  • Removing Nebris' button and setting off TNT in his house
  • Fixing his house
  • Progress around his base
15 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E54 Beefy And His Daddy Get A Home"
  • Herding animals, including long-sought-after cows
  • Building a cow pen in honor of VintageBeef (and the baby cow named in his honor), who invited him to the server
17 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E55 Viking or Medieval Village Taking Form"
  • Starting work on the Viking Village's first structure
  • Talking about his absence from the last UHC because of his brother's birthday party
  • Telling the story of how VintageBeef invited him to the MindCrack server, and retelling the story of his previous YouTube profile "AnderZEL"
  • Talking about success on YouTube, why it is difficult to achieve, and why he would not normally work with YouTubers if they have few subscribers
20 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E56 The Light Of My Life"
  • Continuing work on the Viking Village, including the house and a new lighthouse
  • Enchanting
  • Talking about the newly released The Avengers film
22 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E57 Why Is It So Hard!"
  • Continuing work on the village lighthouse
24 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E58 Caving Time!"
  • Encountering a trapped snowman
  • Caving
  • Talking about his favorite foods
25 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack FUN TIME In GUUDE LAND! part 1" Etho, generikb, mcgamer, Millbee, Pakratt0013, VintageBeef, W92Baj
26 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack FUN TIME In GUUDE LAND! part 2" Etho, generikb, mcgamer, Millbee, Pakratt0013, VintageBeef, W92Baj
28 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E59 Big Lake Party and Viking Ship"
  • Talking about accidentally deleting the second caving episode
  • Continuing work on the Viking Village, including a longboat
  • Talking about a huge local summer lake party called Storsjöyran
29 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E60 Viking Ship Looking Better Thanks All Polerch's!"
  • Revising the village longboat based on viewer suggestions
  • Discovering that he had been pranked by Etho
30 Aug 2012 "Prank wars E04 Ninja Attack!"
  • Finding his base covered in redstone and buttons courtesy of Etho
  • Getting surprised by potion dispensers
  • Cleaning up Etho's prank
31 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E61 A Friday At The Harbor"
  • Building the village harbor's port house
2 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E62 Im Tired Of Jumping!"
  • Building a rail line between his base and the village
  • Telling a story about his shaved chest, one about a big pimple, and asking his viewers which one is true
  • Touring his base to get newly subscribed viewers from Etho's channel up-to-speed
4 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E63 WTF Is This!?"
  • Caving
  • Sharing his opinions on feminism
  • Discovering a water stream running over a lava pool without forming obsidian
6 Sep 2012 "Parank Wars E05 Crazy Cat Lady Need Some New Friends"
  • Leaving ice, snowmen, chickens and iron golems for Docm77
6 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E64 Im Getting My Diamonds Back and I need Your Ides!"
  • Immediately following a livestream
  • Continuing to cave in an attempt to recover from a death after the last episode and during the livestream in which he lost all his valuables
7 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E65 Taco Friday Polerch's House and a Full Stack of Episode"
  • Showing his progress on building since the last episode, including a rail line to his mine
  • Showing how his recent caving has restored his losses
  • Continuing work on the village
9 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E66 A Sheep Home And A not So Cheap Home"
  • Showing off-camera building progress, including a longhouse/sheep pen
  • Starting to build a house to host the village's Viking chief
11 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E67 Jarl Mansion Almost Done!"
  • Continuing work on the mansion
  • Harvesting spruce wood
  • Sped-up footage of continued work on the mansion
13 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E68 O Nooooooo Creeper!"
  • Showcasing progress on the Mansion and making design decisions
  • Getting blown up by a creeper and then slain by an enderman
14 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E69 Friday Caving Time! and Gay Rant"
  • Caving
  • Discussing swear words, including ones derogatory to gay people, and what they mean to him
17 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E70 I Here Bye Declare The Jarl Mansion Done!"
  • Unveiling the finished Jarl Mansion and a tunnel connecting it to the main base
  • Sustaining multiple premature creeper blasts
19 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E71 The Well and The Creeper"
  • Making little adjustments across all his builds per viewer suggestions, including building a well
  • Nearly drowning himself in the well, then getting assaulted by mobs and later getting killed by a skeleton
23 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - Mindcrack S01 E72 Hello There Little Friends"
  • Enchanting
  • Revealing his secret project as a villager breeding operation, complete with an emerald grinder.
  • Moving a villager Jarl into the Viking Village
25 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E73 Two Houses and Villager Zombie's"
  • Talking about a mischievous visit from Etho as well as a fight with and miniprank by PauseUnpause
  • Showcasing a new house in the village and building a second one
  • Talking about changes caused by the server's update to the newest snapshot of Minecraft
  • Getting killed while attacking an enderman with scant armor
27 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E74 Hunt For The Golden Carrot With DocM77"
  • Helping Docm77 in his search for carrots to breed his pigs. Farming a zombie dungeon, going caving in a mineshaft, then farming at Anderz' base
  • Farming carrots with Doc
29 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E75 Surprise Ravine!"
  • Cleaning up a prank of wool scattered across his base, left by mcgamer as part of his "Thursday Trickery"
  • Caving, including an unexpected ravine
29 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack Witter Boss Fight" See Slaying of the Wither
1 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack TrialEtho Vs The B Team Part 1" See B Team Trial
2 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E76 Child Hood Story Time and Creeper!"
  • Discovering a deep cave beneath his villager spawning area
  • Telling a story about his time at a dagmamma, a type of Swedish home daycare kindergarten, where he was repeatedly bullied
  • Working on the village forge; suffering repeated creeper blasts
3 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Trial Etho Vs The B Team Part 2" See B Team Trial
5 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E77 The Gardens Of Babylon"
  • Breeding new villagers using Docm77's infinite villager spawner design
  • Starting to convert his villager spawning area into his take on the Gardens of Babylon
  • Telling a story about his childhood treehouse, and the importance of parenting that is not overprotective
7 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E78 How To Get My Green Grass and New Intro!"
  • New intro
  • Showing viewers how to change the color of grass in Minecraft by editing program files
  • Exploring the cave he previously discovered below the Gardens of Babylon
10 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E79 Time To Fight The Wither!"
  • Fighting Wither skeletons and other Nether mobs
  • Attempting to fight the Wither
11 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E80 Revenge! With My Good Friend Mr Beefy"
  • Collecting Wither skulls with Beef
  • Fighting a Wither
16 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E81 ABBA Rules With Beef For The Glory Diamonds Gold And The Nether Star!"
  • ABBA Rules caving to win the star
  • Talking about his growing up and Star Trek
17 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E82 Many New Things Loving The Anvil"
  • Admitting he miscounted his ABBA Rules, which caused him to lose the match
  • Building a house in the village
  • Talking about how popularity on YouTube does not mean that everyone who watches is a fan
19 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E83 Im The Enchantment King!"
21 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E84 Damn I Got Guuded"
  • Finding that Guude built one of his trademark Gs above the Swedish flag above the Jarl Mansion
  • Returning to VintageBeef's castle in search of his bounty, stopping at the Lapis Exchange and the tiki bar on the way
  • Continuing work on his village
23 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E85 2 New Building And Story Time The Spider!"
  • Showcasing new village structures built off-camera
  • Talking about why he discontinued his Main World Minecraft in favor of emphasizing Mindcrack
  • Telling a childhood story where he encountered a massive spider while returning from oyster diving, the cause of his continuing fear of spiders
  • Talking about fishing in a neighbor's lake for bass
25 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E86 Story Time with AnderZEL Child Hood Friend"
  • Telling a story about his time at Fyrås Grundskola, about how he made his closest friend--Mikael, the only other boy in his class--and about the gaming, shooting and lake bathing that they did together while growing up
  • Harvesting sand and working on the Gardens of Babylon
26 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E87 Friday Caving Tacos And A Story"
  • Caving
  • Telling the story of how the Taco Friday tradition started between him and his brother
28 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E88 Let's Clean Up Nebris Mess And Story Time "Party""
  • Using TNT to flatten a hill, then converting the result into an extension of the grassland biome
  • Working on a new village building, later described as a lighthouse tower
  • Telling the story of when he first moved out of home and into his first apartment, and of all the parties he had during that time of his life
  • Talking about how he became extremely popular in the area for his parties and how he was elected the honorary member of a fraternity
30 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E89 Youtube Tips and Trix Plus Other Things"
  • Showcasing the off-camera work completed since the last episode, including a windmill, the previous video's build, and a new house
  • Working on and finishing the new house
  • Using an exploit to force-grow tall trees
1 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E90 Mindcrack Server Is Back Online Hell Yes! :D"
  • Returning to the server in the wake of Hurricane Sandy
  • Showing progress on a building he built during the livestream while with PauseUnpause
  • Making numerous small adjustments to the Viking Village and the Gardens of Babylon wall
2 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E91 Friday Caving With Retarded AnderZEL"
  • Caving
  • Advising his subscribers on how to adapt to changes in YouTube's structures
4 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E92 ABBA Rules With Etho Live Stream Recording" Etho
5 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E93 A Bigger House Is never Bad"
  • Enchanting
  • Working on a new house in the village
  • Discussing the importance and relevance of likes, comments and subscriptions
7 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E94 But Spider You Are Not Steve!?"
  • Having his minecraft hijacked by a spider
  • Branch mining
  • Going to the End for the first time ever to farm ender pearls and getting slain
11 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E95 Wither Revenge!"
12 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E96 O No The B Team Have There Eyes On Me Now! and Thor's Hammer"
  • Building a large-scale replica of Thor's hammer
  • Telling a harrowing story about being stranded while lake fishing in a storm with Mikael, his childhood friend
  • Entertaining a visit from BdoubleO100 in which Anderz gets interrogated about a recent prank on the Arena
14 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E97 Super Long Caving Episode Lots Of Fun"
  • Caving
  • Telling the story about when he was bit by a horse
16 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E98 Friday Build. My Beacon's Home Inside Thor's Hammer"
  • Finishing Thor's Hammer, a new home for his beacon
  • Telling a story about a wild gaming night
18 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E99 Installing The Beacon and Making Some Trading Huts"
  • Putting a beacon in below Thor's Hammer
  • Talking about his views on who gets into heaven and hell
  • Talking about Minecon Paris
  • Building huts for the villagers with whom he trades
22 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E100 Bad Day General Rant and Fixing Small Things Around The Village"
  • Talking about his bad day yesterday, Minecon alcohol, Hamas, and TV shows and astronomy, among other topics
  • Continuing work on the Gardens of Babylon
23 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E101 House Building 101 You Get It? ;)"
  • Working on another house in the village
24 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E102 Trouble In Villager Town"
  • Moving villagers into the Viking Village
  • Fighting off zombies assaulting the villagers
26 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E103 The Oasis and Villager Mistake"
  • Announcing a contest to make him a new intro
  • Accidentally killing the villager who held cheap trades for Bottles O' Enchanting
  • Adding features to his first oasis, building a second one
  • Talking about whether or not he should join the Feed the Beast server
30 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E104 Friday Caving! :D"
  • Caving with overpowered armor
  • Talking about his experience so far on the Feed the Beast server
6 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E105 The Wizards Tower"
  • Talking about Feed the Beast and Disney's buyout of LucasArts, among other topics
  • Building a tower
9 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E106 Ender Peals Needed"
  • Going to the End to farm Ender pearls
  • Enchanting
  • Working on the tower
12 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E107 Damn Gypsy Skelly!"
  • Farming Wither skulls
14 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E108 Friday Wither Fight!"
  • Prepping to fight the Wither
  • Fighting and defeating the Wither
21 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E109 Friday Gift Giving"
  • Prepping Christmas gifts for the other Mindcrackers
  • Exploring the subway system
  • Checking gifts to him at Spawn
26 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack - S01 E110 Time To Open My Presents! :D"
  • Opening Christmas presents
  • Talking about his Christmas
  • Looking for presents at his village
4 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack - S01 E111 I Saw Him I Saw Him He Is Real!"
  • Checking Spawn again to see if Docm77 had left a present for him
  • Stumbling into Etho's Nether hub expansion
  • Searching for and finding the infamously elusive jsano19
  • Exploring Spawn village and Guudeland
9 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack - S01 E112 Spawn Castle Building Fail And Them Damn Creepers!"
  • Announcing that he will be part of a podcast through GameStation
  • Starting to work on a castle at the Spawn village
25 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack - S01 E113 A House At The Beach" Docm77
27 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack - S01 E114 Snowfall With Generic Bdubs Etho Mcgruber and Mr Cheep"
  • Playing Snowfall in Guudeland with other Mindcrackers
generikb, BdoubleO100, mcgamer, Etho, Millbee
9 Mar 2013 "Friday Fun On The Mindcrack Server! :D" See MindCrack PVP at The Lens
15 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack S01 E115 Back To Where It All Started With Beef And Abba Rules Hard Core"
  • Challenging VintageBeef to ABBA Rules in leather armor only
  • Restarting after Anderz accidentally and immediately kills Beef seconds into the match
21 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack S01 E116 Round Tour And A Long Trip"
  • Giving a full tour of his base for the 110,000+ new subscribers he acquired in the months since his previous videos
  • Leaving his base in search of horses
  • Encountering abandoned hidey holes in various parts of the world
26 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack S01 E117 LAST Server Round Tour With Every One! :D" Season 3 Server Tour See Season 3 Server Tour
29 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack S01 E118 Ladders And Water" See Missile Silo King of the Ladder
1 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S01 E119 The End Of Season 1 Now Season 2 Begins"
  • Final video on the Season 3 MindCrack server
  • Sending everything he has built to Valhalla--setting his entire base and village ablaze and detonating TNT in places
  • Setting the Swedish flag ablaze last, burning himself to death atop of it

Post 1.6 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "Mindcrack Season 4".

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Minecraft S04 E01 The Beginning UHC Mode and Death #5"
  • Beginning of Season 4
  • Giving a tour of the progress at spawn and showing the land he's staked out
  • Talking about his livestream and his plans with Doc
  • Removing Etho's anvil scaffolding
The participants of Beginning of Season 4
3 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E02 The Secret Plan!"
  • Discussing plans with Docm
  • Exploring a mineshaft and caving for resources
4 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E03 - (Reuplode Working 720p)Animals Mine And The Nether" See Entering the Nether
6 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E04 - The Dragon Shall Die Or Not?" See Killing the Enderdragon
8 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E05 - The Rood And Saving Private DnA Doc"
  • Leaving some supplies for Beef
  • Explaining that Facebook is taking up too much time and he has to stop answering messages
  • Making a highway
  • Rushing to save Doc from zombies
  • Rescuing his horse from the ravine
10 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E06 - I Own Paulsoaresjr Mohaha!"
  • Caving
  • Working on the retaining walls to support the road
  • Adding directional signage to the roof
12 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E07 Flying Beef and Etho Save FAIL"
  • Hunting for a Wither skull
  • Nearly starving in the Nether and being saved by Etho
  • Looking at Etho's laboratory
Etho, VintageBeef
13 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E08 Will We All Wither Away!?" See Slaying the Wither
14 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E09 Some What Round Circle"
  • Expressing awe at seeing Etho reach one million subscribers
  • Attempting to repair a build by Docm77 that had partially burned down, but later abandoning it because he didn't know its original design
  • Laying out a large and somewhat cylindrical outline in a small bay, the beginnings of his future base
  • Presenting the saddle shop at spawn as an alternate build for when construction at his base burns him out
  • Telling a story about Justin Carter, an American teen who was jailed for joking about shooting people and who may go to jail for 80 years, and why this infuriates Anders
17 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E10 DnA Ready For GamesCom!"
  • Visiting Docm's burned-down build
  • Deciding with Docm to name their collaboration as "Team DnA"
  • At his zombie grinder with Doc and talking about how both are being sponsored by Ubisoft to visit Gamescom
  • Talking about UHC 12 and JL2579
  • Caving by Docm's house and securing a large number of dungeons
18 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E11 Sleipner Is Gone RIP"
  • Talking about the death of Sleipner, his horse, who died during Anders' recent livestream, and the discovery of his new horse Mjölnir; adding the clip in the livestream when these events occurred
  • Setting up a memorial for Sleipner, comprised of a dirt mound and a gold block
  • Noting that VintageBeef's new base is following almost exactly the same lines as Anders has planned, much to his dismay; as a result, discontinuing his build and choosing to focus his efforts on his Spawn building
  • Touring Spawn, including the future sight of jsano19's Emergency Department
  • Tearing down his outlines for his new base and reclaiming all the stone brick used to build the project; discussing the new plan for a base he would like to build
19 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E12 Quickest XP Farm Bost and Caving Like A Boss"
  • Reinstating his Season 3 introduction because he forgot to edit a new one for the episode
  • Explaining the loss of all his gear as a result of death by baby zombie
  • Enchanting new gear
  • Talking about a creeper damaging his zombie grinder and showing footage of the incident; talking about optimizations made to the grinder
  • Going caving for diamonds to compensate for his diamond shortage and ending up with 27 diamonds
  • Noting that the "Baj" in W92Baj means poop in Swedish
21 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E13 AnderZEL's Horsery Tm"
  • Talking about his planned trip to GamesCom
  • Showing his temporary house, a massive island floating in the sky
  • Getting surprised by the vision aspect of the Aqua Affinity enchant
  • Building the Horsery™ and trapping a zombie clerk with great difficulty
23 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack: Minecraft - S04 E14 Sssss Kaboom?"
  • Enchanting bows, finally getting one with Power IV and Punch II
  • Experimenting with ways to use water to give him a safe passage to the build, and decorating the house with flora and ores
  • Talking about his planned trip to GamesCom
  • Repeatedly dealing with mobs inside his temporary house, including several frantic dealings with creepers
24 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E15 -314 +135 + 770" BdoubleO100
26 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E16 Horsing Around With Docm77 and Mini Prank With Etho"
  • Talking about how JL2579 lingered on the MindCrack server for quite some time after UHC 12 ended
  • Heading out with Docm to tame new horses; dying off-camera by suffocating in a wall
  • Fighting hordes of mobs on horseback
  • Naming his horse "Mjolner" and seeing Docm name his horse "Schmetterling"
  • Pranking BdoubleO100 with Etho by putting 3D string pixel art on top of his house
Docm77, Etho
28 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E17 My House Its Beautiful!"
  • Visiting Pyro_0's library to buy enchanted books
  • Explaining that the correct spelling in Swedish for his horse is indeed Mjölner and not Mjölnir
  • Working on a house atop the floating island
30 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E18 Double Nether Portals"
  • Complaining about the heat wave striking Sweden
  • Forging a working Nether portal link that will allow him to move quickly up to and down from his base
  • Adding directional signs in the Nether to his house, Guude's base, Guudeland and VintageBeef's base
1 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E19 Team DnA Baby and Pyros Erotic Novel"
  • Adjusting the decor of his Nether portal room
  • Helping Docm cure a baby zombie villager and naming him "Little Bugger"
  • Being contracted by Pyro to produce the erotic novel "50 Shades of Anders" for the "Pyro Publishing Co.", which will not be opened or read until it is purchased; joking about BdoubleO100, generikb, or Etho being the ones to purchase the book
  • Dropping off the completed book at Pyro's bookstore; reading the first page of the book as a teaser
  • Exploring Spawn, accidentally seeing the Onionling prank in front of EthoCorp Laboratories, and noting W92Baj's changes to the bridge that Anders built earlier
Docm77, Pyro_0
2 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E20 Viking Dictator"
  • Explaining the recent absence of his Feed the Beast episodes
  • Trapping a sheep that wandered through his Nether portal
  • Adding a balcony to his house and hiding his island Nether portal inside a mountain peak
  • Talking about him and FPS games, including how he plays Counterstrike and Battlefield 3 competitively
4 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E21 Automated Horse Stable"
  • Planting trees atop his floating island
  • Accidentally planting a large tree that obscured his balcony view
  • Replacing the shore of his floating island lake with sand
  • Building a stable for Mjolner that automatically opens when a horseback rider attempts to enter or exit the structure and automatically forces an entering rider of his horse
5 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E22 Abba Rules With A Twist"
  • ABBA Rules caving with VintageBeef with a twist; Anders would receive all of Beef's clay if victor and Beef would receive a prize from the Horsery for free
  • Dying
  • Getting inadvertently set aflame by VintageBeef
7 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S04 E23 Army Of Dead"
  • Working on a marble pavilion for his ground-level portal across the highway from the stable
  • Getting repeatedly assaulted by a horde of zombies while working on the pavilion and while in the Nether
  • Showing the completed stable, which he finished off-camera
  • Coming to Docm77's rescue after Docm gets repeatedly slain by his house
Docm77, paulsoaresjr
8 Aug 2013 "‪Mindcrack S04 E24 15 Year Old Anders And The Moped‬"
  • Showcasing work on the floating Food Island and on the lower portal pavilion
  • Continuing work on the Food Island
  • Telling a story about his 15 year-old self purchasing a badly hand-painted moped, accidentally burned his ankle on its exhaust, tinkering and enjoying his time on the moped, and becoming upset when a classmate irreparably vandalized his moped
  • Changing his language interface into Swedish to test to see what the word for bread would be, and finding that it was "brön"

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack S05 E001 - Lake ZEL"
  • Introduction to Season 5
  • Exploring
  • Looking at what has been done since he left for the night and caving in a new ravine
  • Showing his starter hut and claiming Lake ZEL
See Beginning of Season 5
22 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack S05 E002 - Suck It Z!"
  • Discovering the monument to Sunggles the rabbit over his lake
  • Improving Zisteau's lake
  • Enchanting
24 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack S05 E003 - Big Hole and Neighbours"
  • Explaining why he is emptying his lake
  • Visiting Beef's house
  • Enchanting
jsano19, VintageBeef