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This is a list of Aureylian's modded MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Aureylian on the MindCrack modded server using CrackPack.

CrackPack Season 1[edit]

This season is on the modded server's fourth map.

Video Notable events Featuring
20 May 2014 "CRACKPACK: Episode 1"
  • Introduction of the server
  • Surviving the nights, caving
  • Shows around the base
  • Travels to the other base with Sevadus with many detours in between
  • Attacks Pakratt
Docm77, Etho, Nebris, Pakratt0013, Pyro_FTB, sevadus, VintageBeef, WesWilson, W92Baj, Zisteau, Arkas, AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN, Biffa2001, BlameTC, Coestar