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This is a list of Aureylian's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Aureylian on the MindCrack server.

Post 1.6 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
15 May 2014 "MINDCRACK: Ep. 1 "Caught Flint Handed""
  • First video on the MindCrack server, revealing her as the "MindCrack Arsonist"
  • Tearing down Arkas' MindCrack Theatre with fire, mcgamer's assistance, and a permission slip from Arkas
19 May 2014 "Playing on the MindCrack server"
"Playing on the MindCrack server"
  • Livestream
  • Finishing taking down Arkas' theatre
  • Collecting snow, herding sheep and surviving a zombie attack
  • Excavating the mountain at her base, later with Arkas
24 May 2014 "MINDCRACK: Ep. 2 "Vechs' Villain Villa""
  • Collecting snow and touring Vechs' base with him
25 May 2014 "MINDCRACK: Ep. 3 "The Betrayal""
  • Continuing the tour ten shows her castle to Vechs
  • Talks about playing Minecraft vanilla survival and getting knocked off her castle by Vechs
28 May 2014 "MINDCRACK: Ep. 4 "Just Us Gals""
  • Tours Generikb's Mansion and buys it from him
30 May 2014 "MINDCRACK: Ep. 5 "Blame the Flowers""
  • Receives a gift of flowers from BTC
  • Tours BTC's builds with him
3 Jun 2014 "MINDCRACK: Ep. 6 "Adorabolical""
  • Mini-pranks Vechs by replacing random white carpets around his base with pink carpet
6 Jun 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 7 "A Gift for Baby B!""
  • Introduces her idea for The Mansion
  • Shows BdoubleO the room she built for his upcoming baby girl
10 Jun 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 8 "Real Men""
  • Tours parts of spawn and various builds with Baj as "Real Men"
19 Jun 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 9 "It's official!""
  • Helping Guude build the Aurey UHC statue
  • Discussing how she joined the server
20 Jun 2014 "GenerikB's Mansion Makeover ♥"
  • Livestream
  • Various maintenance tasks on The Mansion
  • Talks about her daughter, Boo
  • Looking for a store in spawn to buy quartz
27 Jun 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 10 "A Fixer Upper""
  • Shows changes and fixes made to The Mansion during her livestream
10 Jul 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 11 "Presents!""
  • Showing the Zeldathon room she made for MC Gamer
  • Talking about the format of Zeldathon Adventure
  • Showing Vechs the rec room and secret room she built for him
  • Discussing Minecraft playgrounds and the Mindcrackers as babies
mcgamer, Vechs_
17 Jul 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 12 "Good vs Evil""
  • Sev trapped in the Nether portal
  • Searching for string for Etho
  • Talking about the secret of season 5, good deeds, pronunciation of collab and makeup
Etho, sevadus
19 Jul 2014 "MINDCRACK: Episode 13 "Final Goodbye""
  • Clips from her favorite episodes on the server
BdoubleO100, BlameTC, generikb, Guude, mcgamer, sevadus, Vechs_, W92Baj

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "MINDCRACK Season 5: Episode 1 "A Fresh Start""
  • Introduction to Season 5
  • Trying to collect all the animals
See Beginning of Season 5
21 Jul 2014 "MINDCRACK Season 5: Episode 2 "I Hate Cows""
  • Herding cows with Vechs and generikb
adlingtont, AnderZEL, Arkas, BlameTC, generikb, Nebris, Pakratt0013, SethBling, Vechs_, W92Baj
24 Jul 2014 "MINDCRACK Season 5: Episode 3 "That was Fast!""
  • Tours the server with Vechs