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This is a list of AvidyaZEN's modded MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by AvidyaZEN on the MindCrack modded server using Feed the Beast and CrackPack.

Feed the Beast[edit]

Avidya's playlist for this season is "MindCrack: Feed The Beast". It occurred on the modded server's first and second map.

First map[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
24 Nov 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 001 - "Feed The BEAST!" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Explaining what Feed the Beast is
  • Gathering supplies
26 Nov 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 002 - "Twilight Fan!" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Reviewing his machines
  • Mining and exploring a maze in the twilight forrest
30 Nov 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 003 - "Bookmaker" Minecraft Gameplay"
1 Dec 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 004 - "Blame It On The RAIN!" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Recreating what he lost when he died
  • Moving a portal
  • Making a peat bog
21 Dec 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 013 - "End Of Days!" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • AnderZEL making his nuclear reactor explode
  • Avidya putting lava in his base and throwing diamonds into it
  • Anderz nuking his base with Avidya
  • Talking about the map reset

Second map[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
25 Dec 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 014 - "MindCrack Pack" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Fighting the Naga in the twilight forrest
  • Giving a tour of the community mineshaft and the rest of the spawn area
  • Working on clearing out an area under his plot and landscaping the area above
Docm77, monkeyfarm, Pyro_0
28 Dec 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 015 - "Change Of Plans" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Working on using turtles to clear area under his base
  • Making a Dude ranch
31 Dec 2012 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 016 - "Nominomi" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Mining for experience in the Nether
  • Researching elements with thaumcraft
4 Jan 2013 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 017 - "Relocation" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Making a railcraft tank for lava
22 Jan 2013 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 018 - "Relocation AGAIN" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Working on power for his new underground base
  • Growing mossy cobble
  • Fighting a Wither
AnderZEL, Pyro_0, W92Baj
29 Jan 2013 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 019 - "BurgerZEN" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Designing a system to spawn and cook cows
  • Setting up a collection and storage system
5 Feb 2013 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 020- "Automate ALL The Things" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Working on his storage system, quarry and jetpack refueling system
  • Making and setting up Energy Tesseracts
13 Feb 2013 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 021- "Wanderlust" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Discussing the quarry and his desire for an on call storage system
  • Taking over the village
20 Feb 2013 "AvidyaZEN MindCrack FTB - 022 - "Going Quantum!" Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Exploring in search of a portal gun
  • Fighting a Naga in the Twilight Forrest


Avidya's playlist for this season is "CrackPack with Friends!". It occurred on the modded server's fourth map.