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The Minecraft avatar of AxlRosie

Rosie preparing for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Born (1991-01-17) 17 January 1991 (age 29)
Country Brazil
Gender F
Other names Rosie, Rsy, AxlRosie91, Axl_Rosie, RosieSpazz,[1] DameRosie[2]

AxlRosie, also known as Axl_Rosie, simply Rosie, or her personal name Nádia,[3] is a Brazilian Let's Play commentator and artist well known for her depiction of the Mindcrackers' Minecraft avatars created in August 2014.[4] Her work was chosen to be used on signature cards for Mindcrack conventions and meetups,[5][6] and was later integrated into[7]

Rosie attended the MindCrack Party at MineCon 2013 and PAX Prime 2015 with the Mindcrackers.

Reddit submissions[edit]

AxlRosie has submitted numerous drawings on Reddit, many of them based on the members of Mindcrack.

Submission Date
"[kurt fanart] The Art of Docking" 18 Dec 2012 kurtmac
"Dance, Beef! Dance!" 20 Dec 2012 VintageBeef
qbRw-s71F-Rwq2zd.jpg "Kurt's 'Like a Glove' - Buzzcut edit!" 29 Dec 2012 kurtmac
P_KA4H9FgoDjkbjc.jpg "Puppy McWolfington" 15 Mar 2013
Zzidl1J9nJzC3gnr.jpg "Vechs' Channel Art" 1 Aug 2013 Vechs_
X1SnOOG-BiOZCicL.jpg "Vechs' Mindcrack Season 4 Title Card" 8 Aug 2013 Guude, PauseUnpause, Vechs_, Zisteau
HQNJjgN5LvcO3ZGP.jpg "Pony Vechs art has existed for about a year now, actually. :V" 11 Sep 2013 Vechs_
fryMlbvSZYs7dbAu.jpg "Levitating Island of Awesomeness for Kurt" 7 Oct 2013 kurtmac
rfhKj-hdRBCD9J-z.jpg "Sad Genny Loves his House" 20 Oct 2013 generikb
sHf6jS1saoxU6JRe.jpg "IRL Gift for Kurt at Minecon!" 11 Nov 2013 kurtmac
LkXFWSW2RsEeCxrV.jpg "A Few Pictures from the Mindcrack Dinner." 13 Nov 2013 Guude, PauseUnpause, Vechs_, Zisteau
AuHf8o9ECoYvD7c6.jpg "Zisteau Came In Like a Wrecking Ball..." 4 Dec 2013 Zisteau
du3zovuqN1ThONKS.jpg "Sir Kurt, FLoBathon fanart~" 1 Mar 2014 kurtmac
"New SHIRTS design by Rosie up at the FLoB Spreadshirt store! :D" 28 Mar 2014 kurtmac
"Guude x Phone, from GameVidExpo" 28 Mar 2014 Guude
3qx6YFVGuV-PwXfC.jpg "Puppy McWolfington Rework!" 21 Jun 2014
UguMecZu76Piu6LU.jpg "President Guude 2014" 18 Jul 2014 Guude
umFRIUecTaUo9ib5.jpg "28 Mindcracker Faces!" 7 Aug 2014 All members of Mindcrack (originally did not include OMGchad or thejims)
grhktCF8Zp0GbA_o3C2VN8L4uCA4CXm05u-3OrhobqE.jpg "New FLOB loot design by Rosie!" 11 Sep 2014
wDCHJhnQ18F0bJf_SBX5FzmhMN9jgyc21W8xBjdjPFw.jpg "TheJims' Squarey Head icon!" 17 Sep 2014 thejims
lLvmA79DDfm7YGAQ_RU2esitQ4ez-MOFv97K1NiXQx8.jpg "My ultimate Farlander goal has come true: A FLoB postcard!" 22 Oct 2014
tMDWpHH7McScvnAFgxrBwWFGOEioQd4Gk86E50EKy6E.jpg "New Art for OMGChad's channel!" 31 Oct 2014 OMGchad
7xT9DTutg1gko2qP_ddVfJ-KuMJA2aGBved9tA4jFEk.jpg "Kurt's "Jungle Boy" art" 9 Dec 2014 kurtmac
7BEAlIu89n7vnCQVZmQFEXmpCoQpB_32t7zqKkQVVc8.jpg "OMG, it's Chad!" 10 Dec 2014 OMGchad
xN1-6GFO6kv_919SUroV15LE6lMwmI8t-NjuE0jT5_w.jpg "Little MC!" 16 Dec 2014 mcgamer



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