Etho v. B-Team

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The trial

Etho v. B-Team was a MindCrack court case that was heard on 28 September 2012. The court case arose from interactions between the B-Team and Etho.





Jury and Witnesses


thejims is the only participant who has not released a video.

Part 1
Reddit post
Part 2
Reddit post


Several members changed their skins for the trial. Many wore formal suits; all but Millbee's were identical. Guude mentioned that Zisteau made his suit[1] so it can be assumed that the other identical suits were from Zisteau. Generikb's skin represents a crippled hermit and Baj's skin represents a judge. Pakratt wore his Pondery robe, and BdoubleO wore his B-Team mob outfit. Etho didn't change his skin, instead he wore white dyed leather armor.


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