Baj's Temple

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The exterior view of the temple as of June 1, 2012.

W92Baj's temple was an island shaped like the head of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and was built on the Season 3 vanilla server. Baj revealed the completed temple on an episode that he released on January 14, 2012. The island was sufficiently remote as to warrant Baj to add directional markers towards the build.[1] The growth of trees on top and vines hanging downwards simulated hair while the mouth of the island constituted the dock and entryway into the temple. Pressing certain buttons caused the temple's "throat" to open, allowing a visitor to enter the lava-walled central chamber of the structure. A button would cause the lava to part, allowing one to leave the chamber without incident.[1] The lava-concealed passage led to a grand spiral staircase with water and lava highlights.[1] Another branch of that same hallway linked to a glass underwater viewing platform equipped with a boat dispenser that would allow someone to depart directly from a fencegate-protected exit.[2]

Atop the temple exists a number of spawning pads that drop mobs to their deaths at a receptacle within the structure itself.[1] A track spreads from the base of the spiral staircase for a long distance but did not connect to anything.[1] The temple had access to melon and pumpkin farms as well; Baj reworked these on an episode that he released on September 5, 2012.[3]

On a video that Baj released on February 9, 2012, he discovered that Nebris had added a mustache to the tower. Baj enjoyed the look of the mustache and let it stay.[4] He had removed it shortly before an episode that he had released on June 17, 2013, one of his last episodes before the Season 4 server reset.[2]



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