Baj's base (Season 2)

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The alien-like tower above Baj's underground base.

W92Baj's base on the Season 2 MindCrack server was carved from the ground underneath an small lake. Although his base's functional components, such as his storage and mineshafts, were mostly underground, the base's most marked characteristic was an aboveground tower.

The tower, which resembled an alien arcology, was comprised of a central tower that widened towards a round, lava-lit, glass-domed platform at its top. [1]


By his seventh video on the server on 17 May 2011, Baj had already finished mining and relocating his material from a previous interim base called Basecamp Alpha, and started discussion his plans to construct the tower of the build.[1] Over the next five episodes, Baj continued to work on the tower, posting speed builds, until his thirteenth episode on May 26.[2]

In the next episode, Baj showcased the furnishings he had added to his base, including a big screen television set and a central wooded garden beneath the tower dome. The entrance to his nether portal was placed in the center of the wooded area. During the same episode, Baj left his base to scout possible locations for his next base.[3]


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