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The Minecraft avatar of W92Baj
Artistic representation of W92Baj's Minecraft avatar

Baj from a vlog.
Personal name Martin
Born (1973-05-09) 9 May 1973 (age 51)[1][2]
Country United Kingdom (England)
Nationality English
Gender M
Other names
  • Baj
  • Lord Baj

W92Baj, known simply as Baj, or his personal name Martin,[3] is an active member of Mindcrack since May 2011, having joined the Mindcrack Server after placing second in the second contest.[4]


"W92" is from an old Counter-Strike clan tag. Baj himself can be seen in real life in a video he has shown of his old clan from the late 90's.[5] His nickname is "Badger," and was shortened to "Baj" to fit on arcade scoreboards which tend to accept only three letters.[6] Baj went to college to learn graphic design[7] and his first job was in graphic design.[8] He is a print designer by trade.[9] Baj is a resident of Leeds in West Yorkshire but is originally from the South East of England.[10]

Baj's first major public appearance was at the 2012 London Meetups. A closeup picture of his facial hair was tweeted by Guude,[11] and later Baj was visible in the background of Guude's meetup information video.[12]

Baj appears to be suffering effects of Dysthymia. He has stated that "I have had [depression] most of my life. Most of the time it is managable. But sometimes events happen that can trigger lapses."[13] Dysthymia being a form of depression with less severe but longer-lasting symptoms. He has said that he "handle[s] it well," aside from a time in late 2012 or early 2013 in which he had suicidal thoughts.[14] He describes that loneliness and the fear of the future have factors in his depression, but he assures everyone that "indeed it will pass. It will come again and it will pass again."[15]

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of W92Baj

W92Baj has been interviewed by the German Minecraft Pros.[6]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Dead Island "Dead Island" 8 Sep 2011
Left 4 Dead 2 "Dead Island" 29 Feb 2012 Featuring Millbee, PauseUnpause and VintageBeef
DayZ "DayZ" 9 Jul 2012
Black Mesa "Black Mesa" 25 Sep 2012
FTL: Faster Than Light "FTL" 7 Dec 2012
Far Cry 3 "Farcry3 co-op" 11 Dec 2012 Featuring Guude
Arma 2 "Arma2: Wasteland with PauseUnpause & Anderzel" 17 Feb 2013 Featuring AnderZEL and PauseUnpause
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers "Tiny and Big" 19 Apr 2013
Mirror's Edge "Mirrors Edge" 31 May 2013
Cube World "Cubeworld" 5 Jul 2013
We Love Katamari "We Love Katamari" 26 Jun 2013
Rise of the Triad "Rise of the triad" 17 Aug 2013
Spelunky "Spelunky Shorts" 10 Nov 2013
How to Survive "How to Survive" 13 Nov 2013
Starbound "Starbound" 2 Dec 2013
FTL: Faster Than Light "5 minute FTL" 13 Jan 2014
Sleeping Dogs "Sleeping Dogs" 18 Jan 2014
Garry's Mod 19 Jan 2014 Playing various Gmod game modes. Featuring many, including AvidyaZEN, Coestar, Guude, Juicetra, Millbee, OldManWillakers, PauseUnpause and Pyro_0.
Fract OSC "FRACT OSC" 22 Apr 2014
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 11 May 2011
Survival single player "Baj's Quest for Everything" 22 Nov 2011
Secrets of the Paragon Island "Pargon Island" 9 May 2012 Featuring VintageBeef
MineZ "MineZ" 1 Aug 2012 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See MineZ
Super Hostile #14: Waking Up "Waking Up" 12 Aug 2012
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 14 Nov 2012
Dungeon Realms Modded Survival multiplayer "DungeonRealms" 20 Feb 2013 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See Dungeon Realms
Pile of Bodies Survival "Pile of Bodies" 25 Feb 2013
Pantheon "Pantheon with Coe, Avidya and Nebris" 7 May 2013 Featuring Avidya, Nebris and Coestar
PVP and survival games "PVP and survival games" 1 Nov 2013
Happy Love "Baj and Biffa play Happy Love CTM" 8 Oct 2013 Featuring Biffa2001
PlayMindcrack server "PlayMindcrack" 13 Jan 2014


Baj joined the server in May 2011 after submitting a video for Guude's contest.[16] Baj created his current YouTube channel in order to join the contest.[17] His first major builds, which took place on the Season 2 server, included an alien-like arcology and a cathedral. On the Season 3 map, Baj had many large properties spread throughout the server, including a refurbished village with a nearby golf course and a temple in the middle of an ocean.

Baj was the second person on the server (after Guude) who was given op power. He became op because VintageBeef was stuck above the Nether for days while Guude was at MineCon and Beef needed someone to get him off the roof. Baj was the easy choice for Guude.[18] Baj doesn't abuse his power and only uses it sparingly. One such occasion is when he enabled Creative mode in order to disable Pakratt's noise machine prank on Team Canada. Baj had teleported members occasionally, such as when all the participants are needed at Guudeland for the start of UHC season 7.[19]

Baj is a member of Team Nancy Drew.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Baj's skin is based on a bastardized World War II UK paratrooper uniform.[20] He changed his skin to get a camouflage-look for UHC Season 3.[21]

W92Baj's Minecraft skin

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]

Baj's previous Minecraft skins include an eyeball wearing a tux, a nude man, and the character No-Face from the Japanese animated fantasy film Spirited Away.[22]


  • Baj is (or at least, was previously) allergic to alcohol.[24]
  • Baj is a fan of the American crime drama TV series Life.[25]
  • Baj is one of the members who have "op" status on the MindCrack Server.[26]
  • Baj was previously in a relationship with Let's Player BlueBayou.[27]

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