Battleship Twister

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Example of a game of Battleship Twister at the 2016 Mindcrack Marathon.

Battleship Twister is a livestreamed activity that was first introduced as a Mindcrack Marathon Live Segment by SethBling at the 2016 Mindcrack Marathon. The game is a custom version of Twister that incorporates gameplay elements from Battleship.


Event Participants Archived stream
2016 Mindcrack Marathon Arkas, Coestar, Docm77, Millbee, Necomi, OMGchad, Pakratt0013, Pyro, SethBling
2017 Mindcrack Marathon AntVenom, BigGiantCircles, C418, Docm77, JSano19, Pakratt0013, SethBling, VintageBeef(commentator)
2018 Mindcrack Marathon AntVenom, Arkas, Coestar, Darkosto, HonneyPlay(judge), JSano19, kurtmac, OMGchad, Pakratt0013
2019 Mindcrack Marathon ashzification, Darkosto, Drew, HonneyPlay(only on mic), JSano19, OMGchad, Pakratt0013, Pyrao, SethBling, Soccermvp13


These rules are based directly on the rules described by SethBling. For the 2018 Mindcrack Marathon, there was a rule change where a team was not eliminated until all members of the team were eliminated, and one round at the 2019 Mindcrack Marathon was also played with that rule.

Requirements to Play:[edit]

  • 4-12 players; 4, 6, or 8 players are ideal
  • 2 Twister mats
  • 1 tall barrier that is at least the width of a Twister mat

Setting up the Game[edit]

  1. Mark the two mats with numbers so that each individual circle can be called out.
  2. Spread the two mats faceup on a flat surface within talking distance.
  3. Set up the barrier between the two mats so that it is impossible to see from one mat to the other.
  4. Players take off their shoes and set them aside.
  5. (optional) Designate an extra person as the non-playing referee to call out a team when a limb touches the ground.
  6. Divide up into two teams and position yourselves on the two mats according to the rules below.

How to Play[edit]

At the beginning of the game every player is required to put all four hands and feet on four different spots on their team's mat. Two players cannot use the same spot on the mat. Once they place their hand or foot on a spot, it cannot be removed unless it is called out. Once all players are positioned on their spots, the two teams take turns calling out a spot on the other team's mat.

  • The first team starts by having one of their players call out a spot on the other team by saying a color followed by a number.
  • If a player has a limb on a spot that the other team calls, that player must call out "hit" and remove the limb from that spot.
  • Once a limb is hit, it may not touch the ground again and is only allowed to touch other players.
  • If there is not a limb on a spot that is called, the team says "miss".
  • After a team receives a hit or miss, they then take their turn and call out a spot on the other team.

Being Eliminated[edit]

When a player touches the ground/furniture/barrier with a body part besides a hand or foot or with a hand or foot that has already been hit, or if a player removes a hand or foot without it being called out, that player's team is immediately eliminated and the other team is declared the winner.
Players can avoid elimination by resting their hit arms and legs on other players to keep them off the ground. It is possible for a player to get hit on all four limbs and still stay in the game by keeping themselves off the ground on top of other players.