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The Minecraft avatar of BigGunn
Country United States
Gender M

BigGunn is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He currently lives in Arkansas, USA.[1] He joined the server on September 2012 after he was invited by ShreeyamGFX.

Let's Play[edit]

Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Wannabe Fan Server SMP server "Wannabe Fan Server" 9 Aug 2012
MindCrack Fan Server SMP server "Mindcrack Fan Server" 1 Oct 2012
"Solar System Survival" "Solar System Survival" 2 Oct 2012 Complete the monument
Survival multiplayer "Blockheads w/PurpleNepenthe" 18 Nov 2012 Featuring iamluckey and PurpleNepenthe – the goal is to obtain all overworld blocks; first eight episodes are from Purple's perspective

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, BigGunn had a plot in the Greenwood neighborhood of Blockhaven and was in the process of building a giant tree on it. He lived in the "steampunk-themed" town in the most recent map.[2] He shared two villages with Purple outside spawn.[3][4]

Minecraft skin[edit]

BigGunn's clean skinBigGunn's covered Minecraft skin

Previous skin[edit]

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