Blindfolded LEGO Building

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Blindfolded LEGO Building is a livestreamed activity in which SethBling dictates LEGO instructions to Sevadus, who attempts to assemble the set while blindfolded. In addition, Seth faces away from Sev as he builds, making him unable to correct any possible errors. The segment originated during the 2015 Mindcrack Marathon in Los Angeles, and has reappeared in all subsequent Mindcrack Marathons as Mindcrack Marathon Live Segments and during Mindcrack's monthly 24 hour streams. During the monthly streams and the ]2018 spring marathon, Seth and Sev collaborated together in person at the N3RDFUSION studios in Seattle. During the second segment at the 2018 Mindcrack Marathon Seth was not available, so instead Guude became the person reading out instructions.


Event LEGO set Guests Archived stream
2015 Mindcrack Marathon Minecraft - The Cave (21113) Aureylian, AvidyaZEN, Guude, OMGchad
DC Comics - Batman: Man-Bat Attack (76011) Docm77, Guude, JSano19, Mhykol, Nebris, OMGchad, Pakratt0013, Pyrao, W92Baj
April 2016 monthly stream Blue Racer (31027) AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN, Docm77, Guude, Millbee, Zisteau
May 2016 monthly stream Cargo Heli (31029) Guude, Mhykol, PauseUnpause
August 2016 monthly stream Desert Racer (42027) AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN, Docm77, Guude, Nebris, PauseUnpause
2016 Mindcrack Marathon Utility Shuttle (60078) Docm77, Guude
2017 Mindcrack Marathon Segment 1 Puppy Parade (41301) Docm77, Guude, OMGchad
2017 Mindcrack Marathon Segment 2 Rapunzel's Best Day Ever (41065) Docm77, Guude, OMGchad
2018 Spring Mindcrack marathon Carnotaurus Gyroscope Escape (75929) Docm77, Guude, Mhykol, Nebris
2018 Mindcrack Marathon Segment 1 Forest Tractor (60181) Aureylian, Guude
2018 Mindcrack Marathon Segment 2(Guude replaces SethBling) ATV Race Team (60148) Aureylian
2019 Mindcrack Marathon Mythical Creatures (31073) Guude