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BlingMart was a shop created by SethBling on Season 4 of the Mindcrack Server. The shop itself was located in spawn next to Town hall, and was made to resemble a gumball machine. The structure's glass dome was initially filled with colored sheep, which caused considerable lag.[1] The sheep were later replaced by colored wool blocks.[2] The shop sold items such as redstone blocks, Wither Skeleton skulls, and beacons in exchange for diamonds, while also purchasing iron and enchanted books in exchange for Seth's diamonds. A double stair extender that Seth himself designed was used as the shop's entrance.[3]

Zisteau later created BlingerMart next to the original BlingMart, parodying Seth's video.[4] Zisteau's video was voted Best Role Play and Best Solo Video of Season 4 by /r/mindcrack.[5] The build was also voted Best Prank of 2014.[6] A later collaboration between Zisteau and Seth on the Season 5 server led to speculation of a BlingestMart being constructed.[7]


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