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The Minecraft avatar of brentcopeland
Born (1974-01-18) 18 January 1974 (age 44)[1]
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Brent, @brentcopeland

brentcopeland, commonly refered to as his Twitter handle @brentcopeland,[2] or his personal name Brent Copeland,[a] is a Let's Play commentator and podcaster well known for The Shaft podcast. Brent participated as a guest in the Mindcrack Marathon 2014 UHC #ForTheKids event.

WesWilson hosted The Shaft podcast until episode 159 when he resigned to work on other projects.[4] Guude joined The Shaft as a host in episode 191.[5] Upon the closing of the Dead Workers Party in September 2014, Brent opened his own YouTube channel "atbrentcopeland" for Minecraft related videos, while The Shaft podcast will now be uploaded to its own YouTube channel "theshaftpodcast".[6]


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  1. According to the Yogscast Wikia page,[3] his given name is unknown, while his middle name "Brent" serves as his personal name.


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