Bucket of Caving

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The Bucket of Caving is mcgamer's Water Bucket. MC first mentioned this phrase in the 7/29/12 episode of his "Good Morning Mindcrack" series. In the same episode, he suggested that people make fan arts for the bucket.[1] The next day on the 7/30/12 episode, MC flashed four fan arts of the Bucket of Caving.[2] In order of appearance:

Artist Link
unknown unknown
thedasdet http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack/comments/xccc7/
bigguy1027 http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack/comments/xc54e/
unknown unknown

Similar to his usage of Bane of Arthropods, he uses this phrase whenever he uses the Water Bucket while caving.[3] With the ability to rename items using the Anvil, fans have requested MC to rename the bucket to the Bucket of Caving, but the bucket does not retain its name when the bucket is used.[4]


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