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The Minecraft avatar of Bufferzz
Country Denmark
Gender M

Bufferzz is a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server on June 2012 after he was invited by his friend TibTuner04.[1] He is a member of Madhouse Gaming, which includes the Madhouse SMP server.[2][3]

Let's Play[edit]

Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Madhouse SMP server "Madhouse Server - Minecraft LP" 11 May 2012
TerraFirmaCraft modded survival multiplayer "TerrafirmaCrack!" 14 Oct 2012

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Bufferzz participated in Seasons 7 and 8 of the Fan Server UHC and Season 1 of TerrafirmaCrack. Before the 1.5 map reset, he had a plot in the Greenwood neighborhood of Blockhaven. His first house design was also built on the MindCrack Public Server. It was built primarily out of spruce wood surrounded by jungle trees and leaves.[4] He rebuilt his entire home just before the map reset. Bufferzz lived in the "medieval-themed" town in the most recent map and rebuilt the house on it.[5]

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Jul 2012 "Minecraft - Madhouse Server EP 3: Herp & Derp!"
  • Introduces the server through the Madhouse server
  • Settles on a plot, gathers resources, enchants at the End
  • Flattens out his plot, builds his house
1 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Fanserver: [UNCUT!] Guudes birthday party! (Part 2 of 2)"
  • Continuation of last episode
See Guude's birthday party
1 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Fanserver: [UNCUT!] Guudes birthday party! (Part 1 of 2)"
  • Guude's birthday party
See Guude's birthday party

Minecraft skin[edit]

Bufferzz's skin

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