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Calamity Town was Zisteau's town on the PlayMindcrack server. He began creating the town in April 2014 as a "spiritual successor" to the Wasteland Village, one of his major builds on Season 3 of the Mindcrack Server. Unlike Mhykol's Bouncy Castle and SethBling's Basketball (which were the only two public towns at the time), the landscape and storyline of Calamity Town continually evolved via player interaction.[1]


In his first episode, Zisteau describe the storyline of Calamity Town as the inhabitants of the town (villagers) fundamentally disagreeing on the future of the town. A wizard/warlock desires to cause calamity through inanimate means (hail, fire, etc.), while a witch/dryad desires to cause destruction through life (giant trees, monsters, etc.).[1] Viewers were asked to vote for who the initial settler of the town should be; a blacksmith or an alchemist.[2] The blacksmith was announced as the favorite.[3] Hex von Dacenstein (an iron golem named for a German wine Zisteau sampled at Epcot) arrived via airship, though he didn't offer any quests as planned.[4]


Players were initially restricted to an adjacent viewing platform[1] until the island was decorated with grass, trees, and lakes, at which point a bridge was built to allow access.[2] An area on the underside of the island, known as "the underhang", became a somewhat-secret area for players to gather. OldManWillakers closed off the area due to an "order [from] Jarool",[5] subsequently posting a screenshot to the unofficial, fan-run subreddit /r/TheUnderhang.[6] Players that had disconnected from the server in that area were imprisoned in iron bars as a result.[5] In a video uploaded on 4 May, OldManWillakers (pretending to be Jarool) showcased the new underhang used to "praise Jarool".[7]

Zisteau announced that the blacksmith would be the first inhabitant of the town, but mentioned that the relevant plugin for the character was still being developed.[3] He described a quest that the blacksmith would ask of the player; parkour to the top of the mountain, obtain a particular item, and trade that item for a specialised tool used to inconvenience other players.[3] Clouds of wool were built high above the island.[3] The NPC arrived via an airship that Zisteau designed, though the plugin was still not yet ready.[4] In the clouds, Zisteau build Das Upperhang as a hangout location.[8]


Notable events
20 Apr 2014
  • Giving a brief explanation of the PlayMindcrack server
  • Explaining the plans for Calamity Town
  • Using WorldEdit to to create a mountain
23 Apr 2014
  • Refining the mountain
  • Adding dirt to the base of the mountain
  • Creating springs, carving streams, planting trees and making caves and adding snow
9 May 2014
  • Showing the mountain parkour course and explaining the first quest
  • Working on the Artificer's airship
22 May 2014
  • Explaining why the first quest isn't implemented yet
  • Building cloud parkour


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