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Cats are relatively new pets in Minecraft. They were introduced to the game in Minecraft 1.2. Cats can be tamed by feeding wild Ocelots with Raw Fish and can only be found in Jungle biomes.

Name Owner Found Status Brief description
PawsUnpaws Guude 1 Mar 2012 Deceased
KurtJKat PauseUnpause 14 Mar 2012 Deceased KurtJKat was a black variant of the cat and was found in a jungle to the southwest of PauseUnpause's base. Pause built a room in his base specifically for the cat. KurtJKat teleported to Pause while he was caving with Beef and drowned to death.
Gargantuan Zisteau 19 Mar 2012 Deceased Gargantuan was an orange variant of the cat that Zisteau found while on the search for jungle saplings. He is named after the gargantuan amount of time it took to tame him.[1] PauseUnpause accidentally pushed him into a wall where he suffocated.[2]
Goober Zisteau 11 Jun 2012 Deceased Goober is a Siamese variant of the cat, found after the death of Gargantuan.[3] Goober traveled with Zisteau on foot to spawn. Zisteau traveled too far from Goober over water and has left Goober behind.[4] He is considered deceased due to the fact that he was in the Season 3 map, which was deleted when Season 4 started.
Geezer Zisteau 1 Jul 2012 Deceased Geezer was a black variant of the cat. He lived off-camera and lived alongside with Goober. Geezer burned to death in lava after he teleported into the mines.[5]


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