Chat log (July 2012)/2

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BdoubleO100 hey
Etho hey bdub
jsano19 hey bdub
Millbee Had my panic on then, kept saying I hadn't verified my username
jsano19 it said that to me too, ha
BdoubleO100 same\
Millbee Oh and hey Bbdub =)
BdoubleO100 hey gorgeous
jsano19 why thank you
Millbee I was like 'IT'S ME!'
jsano19 he he he
Millbee *Blush*
Millbee Can sheep blush?
Millbee I figure they don't have the brains to get embarassed. so I guess not
BdoubleO100 huge canadian flag in the middle of the arena
Millbee Haha, Canada day Eh?
BdoubleO100 yep
Millbee left the game.
BdoubleO100 hey etho....bring me 4 stacks of beef whenever you get free
Millbee joined the game.
Millbee Wow I only wanted to log out for a second, no t doing tha again
BdoubleO100 tough getting back in?
Millbee Yea I had to restart Minecraft quite a few times
BdoubleO100 sucks
Millbee Sure does
Etho you didn't say please!
Millbee Haha
Etho after all my scolding you still are not using manners
Millbee Minecraft has to earn that please
Millbee It's a mind game, we will see who gives in first
mcgamer joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey MC
mcgamer Hey there
Millbee Mc gamer!
Etho hey MC >:D
BdoubleO100 hey MC its safe there at the arena if you need a place to stay
mcgamer You are too sweet. <3
Etho yes come to the arena
Etho go to the arena*
BdoubleO100 the first battle!
mcgamer Hmm...
mcgamer Etho, if I duel you in the arena, and you win, will it count as my one kill?
Etho that doesn't coincide with the rules
mcgamer You made the rules. :<
mcgamer was slain by BdoubleO100
mcgamer :(
Etho lol!
BdoubleO100 pay me
mcgamer Pay you what? D:
Millbee In lapis? =P
BdoubleO100 someone else is paying me
mcgamer What
Etho bdub wants you to pay attention to him
BdoubleO100 thats all i can say
BdoubleO100 ummmm....sorry
mcgamer :(
BdoubleO100 i was hungry!
mcgamer My bow? :O
jsano19 left the game.
mcgamer Thank you
BdoubleO100 i want peace
mcgamer Just admiring your craftsmanship. Continue sir.
mcgamer Alright, to home I go
BdoubleO100 thanks for stopping by...come again any time
Mhykol joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey mhykol
Mhykol hello
Etho hey mhykol
Mhykol hiya
mcgamer Liking your build Millbee, gotta go record now though.
mcgamer left the game.
Millbee was slain by Spider
BdoubleO100 dang
Millbee GAHHH
Etho lol
Millbee Always spiders, they know I fear them
  • "Episode 59 - I Work For Etho" (BdoubleO100, end)