Chat log (June 2012)/10

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VintageBeef joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey beef
VintageBeef hey there
VintageBeef im out!
VintageBeef lates
VintageBeef left the game.
BdoubleO100 later
BdoubleO100 hit the ground too hard
BdoubleO100 hit the ground too hard
Mhykol joined the game.
Mhykol oh hey it's bdubs
BdoubleO100 hey M to the kizzle
PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause late nighters
Mhykol how you been doing? I haven't seen you in a while
Mhykol Hi pause!
Mhykol pause :(
PauseUnpause Hello!
Mhykol <3
  • "Episode 48 - Double Death" (BdoubleO100, end)

PauseUnpause joined the game.
  • June 10th livestream (Nebris, start)
PauseUnpause nebs
Nebris hi
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey
Nebris hi
PauseUnpause left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Zisteau hidey ho neighbors
Millbee joined the game.
Millbee Hey guys
mcgamer joined the game.
mcgamer NEBRIS
mcgamer IN MY HOUSE
Millbee Mr mc =)
Nebris hi!
mcgamer ALERT
mcgamer So, that lapis
mcgamer Caught in the pranking actl
Nebris skpe
Millbee left the game.
Zisteau left the game.
ShreeyamGFX skype? what?
mcgamer He tried to prank me. Keyword, tried
ShreeyamGFX Ha ha
ShreeyamGFX Nebs I expected better of you ;)
ShreeyamGFX see ya
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Nebris left the game.
Nebris joined the game.
  • "Mindcrack Prank Wars - Caught Blue Handed" (mcgamer, end)
mcgamer left the game.
  • June 10th livestream (Nebris, end)

Zisteau hey Ad
adlingtont left the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 hey Z
Zisteau hey Pak
Zisteau burned to death

PauseUnpause joined the game.
Pakratt0013 afternoon, PuP
PauseUnpause heyo
Arkas joined the game.
Arkas Hey peeps
  • June 10th livestream (Arkas, start)
Pakratt0013 hia Arkie
Pakratt0013 actually haven't been on at the same time as you in a while...
Arkas yea
Zisteau went up in flames
Pakratt0013 again?!?
PauseUnpause haha
PauseUnpause lava mishaps?
Zisteau yep
Zisteau farming glowstone
Pakratt0013 doesn't sound like it...
PauseUnpause nebris has lots in that water thinger of his
Zisteau unsuccessfully farming glowstone
Pakratt0013 could ya use a hand?
Zisteau nah nearly done
Pakratt0013 k, offered...
PauseUnpause left the game.
Arkas hit the ground too hard
Arkas fuck me
Pakratt0013 oh, not you too...
Arkas I'm streaming btw,
Arkas Don't say nasty things
Pakratt0013 orly?
Pakratt0013 link or it didn't happen.
Arkas ./mc_arkas
just_defy joined the game.
Arkas twitch that is
just_defy nasty things
just_defy left the game.
Pakratt0013 twitch or ls...ah.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX oh god what is this abomination
ShreeyamGFX where are Nebs and MC?
Mhykol joined the game.
Pakratt0013 aaaaand it's a party.
Arkas Hey there
ShreeyamGFX hey Mhykol
Mhykol Yay party!
Mhykol hi ya'll
  • "33 - 'Punching People in the Face'" (Zisteau, end)
Zisteau left the game.
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Pakratt0013 awe...
Mhykol Hiya Pak
Pakratt0013hi gain mhykol
just_defy joined the game.
Pakratt0013 wb
Arkas Does anyone have some cobble we can use for the Arena?
Pakratt0013 yeah.
Pakratt0013 got 2 chests @ guudela...waitaminute.
Pakratt0013 doesn't Nebs have an unendin' supply?
just_defy hey
Arkas Oh yeah, that's true
Arkas I think Nebs still wants me to empty his chests
Pakratt0013 were that even possible...
Arkas Hey mhykol!
Mhykol hi arkas!
just_defy left the game.
Pakratt0013 lol...the Ghast is singin' along.
Arkas lol yeah
Arkas it does a pretty good job at it
Pakratt0013 O was startom
Pakratt0013 er,
Mhykol Hiya pak :)
Pakratt0013 I was startin' to think it was MC techno.
Mhykol my stream wanted me to show the ender farm
Pakratt0013 oh, hia
Pakratt0013 your armor blended w/ the ender pearls.
Pakratt0013 didn't see ya.
Mhykol lol
Mhykol :)
Pakratt0013 plenty to go around
Pakratt0013 wow...that is wierd.
Pakratt0013 you jus' entered the portal, didn't ya, Mhykol?
Mhykol yes
Mhykol what did it do?
Pakratt0013 as soon as you go to the mainland in the end, it slows down dramatically.
Pakratt0013 then picks up when you leave.
Mhykol haha
Pakratt0013 noticed a drop ealier, must be when you entered.
Mhykol yea cause only so many are spawned at a time
Mhykol yea
Pakratt0013 more the land mass allows for more areas to spawn.
Pakratt0013 was slain by Enderman
Arkas lol
Pakratt0013 ...lvl 50
Mhykol damn endermangs
Arkas that farm is waay too dangerous
Pakratt0013 but good rewards.
Arkas hit the ground too hard
Pakratt0013 lol
Arkas fck my life
Pakratt0013 that was strange seein' it here before your screen.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Pakratt0013 wb
Arkas Hey pauser
PauseUnpause sup
Mhykol hi pause
Pakratt0013 a lot of death today, apparently.
PauseUnpause death?
Pakratt0013 yup.
Pakratt0013 zist, arkie n' me so far...
PauseUnpause left the game.
Arkas Heya
Mhykol hi!
Arkas Mhykol, what stands do you think are best
Arkas these with the stairs, or without them
Mhykol I like the stairs better
Arkas yeah I agree
Pakratt0013 stairs more aesthetic, yeah.
Pakratt0013 blocks more functional, but we're all gonna be standin' around the ring lookin' down.
W92Baj joined the game.
Arkas Yeah, but the stairs give it a little 'seat' so to speak
W92Baj dudes
Arkas and a smoother slope
Mhykol baj!
Arkas Hey bajman
Pakratt0013 aestheticly pleasin'...they look good.
Pakratt0013 and hia Baj
Pakratt0013 and now, must eat...bbl.
Arkas Cya
Pakratt0013 left the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Arkas gayrain
Pakratt0013 no rain in the end...
Pakratt0013 what's the highest suggested enchant level for a bow again?
Arkas not 50?
Pakratt0013 oh that's right....thanks :P
  • June 10th livestream (Arkas, end)

Pakratt0013 oh, hia.

VintageBeef joined the game.
VintageBeef millbster!
Millbee Hey man!
VintageBeef welcome
Millbee Lamb & Beef dynamic duo
VintageBeef lol
VintageBeef joined the game.
Millbee Well this is awkward =P
PauseUnpause oh....
VintageBeef lol
PauseUnpause ummmm
PauseUnpause millbee, you recording?
Millbee yea
Millbee almost done
PauseUnpause sick matt damon texture pack btw
  • "Episode 04 'You Got Trolled'" (Millbee, end)
Millbee Oh it was so homoerotic
Millbee I loved it
Millbee I'm all done recording, you wanted anything?
VintageBeef pause made me do it!
VintageBeef come and see what he has done to me!
Millbee Oh i'm coming!
PauseUnpause ring ring
  • "Episode 120 - The Lost Footage" (PauseUnpause, end)
  • "Prank Wars - EP15 - A Baaaaaaaaad Day" (VIntageBeef, end)
Millbee was shot by Skeleton
PauseUnpause D:
VintageBeef oh noes
Millbee My wolf is useless
Millbee I'm off losers =P
PauseUnpause woah
PauseUnpause WTF
VintageBeef later mang
PauseUnpause im glad im staying with beef
PauseUnpause bye asshole
Millbee See ya killers
Millbee left the game.
  • "S2 EP80 - A Tribute" (VintageBeef, end)