Chat log (June 2012)/11

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AnderZEL hello :)
Guude hey guys
AnderZEL damn it built the second tower to the wrong specs and finished half befor notising it xD
Guude lol
Millbee Ouch, that's rough
AnderZEL mm 1000blocks to cut down and rebild xD
Millbee Look on the brightside, at least you didn't finish the whole thing =P
AnderZEL word xD
AnderZEL i give uf for tonight see you guys :)
AnderZEL left the game.
Millbee Quick question Guude, are those spare station areas in the Nether free for anyone to use?
Guude yea
Millbee Awesome =)
  • "S3E315 - RFID" (Guude, end)

adlingtont welcome
Millbee Heya. thanks
just_defy joined the game.
just_defy hola
Millbee Hey
adlingtont hey
just_defy brb
just_defy left the game.
  • "102 - Updates" (adlingtont, end)

W92Baj joined the game.
W92Baj yo yo yo diggaz
Millbee Baj my brit bro!
W92Baj Millbs my welsh wonder
Millbee Oh I like it, I'm all flustered now =P
W92Baj sod those American-lites (hi JD). Lets elope
Millbee We can start our own wonderful land of British people. Where we all secretly hate each other
Millbee Because that's like totally are thing
W92Baj s no secret, you goat toucher
Millbee I never touch goats that's blasphomy
PauseUnpause joined the game.
W92Baj In other news - I have eaten far too much cheesecake
PauseUnpause farty?
W92Baj no, just a bit full
Millbee Only way to be
W92Baj People seem to want more L4D which is odd as no bugger watched it before
Millbee Really? I thought people didn't even care about that
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
W92Baj I am making a tea-room for my villagers
Millbee Crumpet room to?
W92Baj They can have scones and jam
Millbee I liek the way you think
Etho joined the game.
Etho hello
W92Baj I made loads of doors yesterday and have now found a chest full of them I could have used
Millbee Heya =)
Etho welcome to the server millbee!
Millbee Aw thanks Etho
W92Baj Hey E
Millbee Why did you have a chest full of doors Baj?
W92Baj Its from when I removed all the doors in my village
Millbee There I was thinking you a hoarder of some kind =P
Millbee That would make one hell of an episode of hoarders mind you
W92Baj You brought the weather with you Milly
Millbee So long as I don't bring the flooding to, I'm happy
W92Baj Guu has an ark. Its ok
Millbee Two of each country? We should fine then
Millbee Etho, you might have to battle it out with Pause and Beef for a place mind you
W92Baj and JD
Millbee Oh man...
W92Baj Shree and Ads can be England. I will join you in te Welsh cabin
Etho no canadians would make it on the ark, we would be to polite to take the spot from each other
Millbee I can accept that, just remember to talk about sheep allot
Etho left the game.
  • "Episode 05 'Millbee's Mutton Mail-Sack #1'" (Millbee, end)
Millbee I'm off, catch you later!
Millbee left the game.
just_defy left the game.
  • "S01E98 - Village life" (W92Baj, end)

BdoubleO100 not bad...just suspended 400 ft in the air
BdoubleO100 how are you
Mhykol damn - don't fall
Mhykol I'm good
Mhykol I toured your arena during my livestream Sunday - it's looking nice
BdoubleO100 ah thank you man
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
mcgamer joined the game.
mcgamer Hey guys
Mhykol hiya
Zisteau hi
Etho joined the game.
mcgamer Hey Etho. :)
Etho heyo
Mhykol hiya
BdoubleO100 hi MC hi Easy E
Etho how goes the arena?
BdoubleO100 coming along....zisteau hate it
Zisteau haha
BdoubleO100 ;)
Etho it's not up in the air so of course he doesn't like it
Zisteau I merely pointed out it wasn't structurally realistic
BdoubleO100 lol
Mhykol lol
Zisteau but I'm the one with a giant floating house
Mhykol it's not temporary
BdoubleO100 hahaha! im playin
Etho it's from the future zisteau, hidden nano tubing makes it strong like an ox
Zisteau what I said was the columns weren't needed to support the dome
BdoubleO100 hit the ground too hard
mcgamer <3
Etho lol!
BdoubleO100 welp...
Etho enderpearl fun?
BdoubleO100 attempting to type and letting go of shift
Zisteau some buttresses to support the wall supporting the dome might look cool
BdoubleO100 this is a PG show
BdoubleO100 ah...googled it. yea thats a good idea
Zisteau although the pantheon is just like your arena and has no buttresses, just thick as fuck walls
BdoubleO100 i will get a sand generator going then
Zisteau you know that door Pause has that goes up and back down?
BdoubleO100 yea
Zisteau the arena floor should have a bunch of those, so we can have a blank arena or one with cover
Zisteau just by flipping a switch
Etho bbl
Etho left the game.
BdoubleO100 love it....yea once it is done i would like to get some redstone stuff involved. might be hard to d
BdoubleO100 to do after the fact though
Zisteau I'll do it if you want
BdoubleO100 youre an angel....that part could happen any time though im sure
Zisteau ok
  • "Good Morning Mindcrack - 6/12/12 - Lapis Toppers" (mcgamer, end)
mcgamer left the game.
Mhykol left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Etho joined the game.
Nebris joined the game.
Etho hey nebs
Nebris hi
BdoubleO100 hi nebby
Mhykol hiya nebs
BdoubleO100 blew up
Etho xD
Nebris ouch
Zisteau KABOOM!
Mhykol uh oh
BdoubleO100 i died!
Etho bdub is playing in his super hostile world
  • "Episode 49 - 100% Invincible" (BdoubleO100, end)
Etho left the game.
  • "Episode 186 - Refresh the Nether Rail" (Mhykol, end)