Chat log (June 2012)/18

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Zisteau joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey Z
Zisteau hello
thejims joined the game.
BdoubleO100 jimmay
thejims bdub ma man, hows it hanging
BdoubleO100 very nice
thejims building some nice stuff?
BdoubleO100 its all crap!
thejims good thing they havent invented smellovision yet then
thejims hey
thejims hey you there
thejims bring me some good i'm at half of a meatthing
thejims need food
thejims under stairs
thejims in arena
thejims hey
BdoubleO100 need food?
thejims yeah
thejims TY
thejims your my savior
BdoubleO100 any suggestions here?
BdoubleO100 Zisteau hates it
thejims screw taht guy
BdoubleO100 ;)
Zisteau haha
Zisteau not what I said
BdoubleO100 lol im playin
Zisteau I merely implied that I hated it
BdoubleO100 LOL
thejims is it not perfect enough for you?
thejims i like it so far, its big and roung
thejims round*
thejims just like my gfs tits, so no complaints
BdoubleO100 oh goodness the younglings
thejims i was wondering if it'd be cool if i ran a river by one side of it
BdoubleO100 that would be very cool
thejims i'll plot something out with jackolanterns then :P
BdoubleO100 YES
thejims oo and leave them there after i make it so the rivers kinda lit up, i bet that'd look badass
thejims at night
BdoubleO100 that would be sick
thejims ykno what
thejims the roof reminds me of the ss enterprise
BdoubleO100 like the one video that guy made?
thejims yeah
BdoubleO100 lol
  • "Episode 52 - The SS Enterprise" (BdoubleO100, end)

Docm77 burned to death
AnderZEL joined the game.
AnderZEL left the game.
AnderZEL joined the game.
AnderZEL hi doc :)
Docm77 hey man
Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
AnderZEL awww xD
Docm77 you viking, what are you doing?
AnderZEL finishing my monster xp towers :)
AnderZEL btw say hi to all the subs first time your in a mindcrack server video :)
Docm77 Do you have a sign at the hub so i can find your base?
AnderZEL yes i do blue and yelov portal game thingy dingy :D
AnderZEL gate*
Docm77 ah, i will come for a visit;-)
AnderZEL nice :D
AnderZEL i have no rail rode tho xD
AnderZEL so a long sprint :P