Chat log (June 2012)/21

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AnderZEL Hello guys :)
W92Baj Its Pillagin time!
AnderZEL hell yes xD
Millbee Hey Anderz
Millbee Whoa what pillagin time?
W92Baj The Viking is here
AnderZEL when i burn rape and take all that beling to you millbee ;)
Millbee The more you know
Millbee Skeleton
AnderZEL Hehe xD
Millbee Awesome AFK kill
Millbee Skeletons need to learn some computer manners
AnderZEL lolxD
AnderZEL blew up
AnderZEL lolxD
W92Baj lol
Millbee It's crazy up in here
Millbee I hate creepers...all that BLOODY REDSTONE
Millbee That's it! Rage quit
Millbee left the game.
  • "S01 E31 Awww How Nice Of You Thank You Friend!" (AnderZEL, end)

thejims was shot by Skeleton
Etho haha
Guude lol
Etho just use armor man
thejims NEVEAA
thejims a bow and some arrows would probably work too
Guude hit the ground too hard
Etho haha!
thejims Beefing it up over there
Millbee joined the game.
Etho hey millbee
Millbee Hey peeps!
Millbee Ugh I already regret saying peep
  • "S3E318 - The Indian in the Clouds" (Guude, end)
  • "S2 EP84 - Only One Way Down" (VintageBeef, end)
  • "S01E101 - Don't AFK" (W92Baj, end)