Chat log (June 2012)/24

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Nebris hi
Etho hey nebs
W92Baj hey
Mhykol hiya nebs
Etho did you see the game rules nebs?
Nebris ?
Etho in your bedroom
Nebris i'm busy on my tower. havent been below in a while
Nebris well, i guess i have omething fun to do
Etho let me know if you need a better explanation, I had a tough time fitting it all
W92Baj I dont think I can watch the TV any more
Etho why's that?
W92Baj Penalties against Italy
W92Baj Its the Eurosoccerball
Mhykol futbul?
Millbee Englang are going down =)
PauseUnpause more like lameball
Mhykol lulz
AnderZEL hello nebris and etho :)
Etho heyo viking man
Mhykol anderz :(
PauseUnpause damn soccer hooligans
AnderZEL damn caps xD
Mhykol <3
AnderZEL going afk agen brb :)
Etho it's hard to care about soccer when canada is so bad at it
Mhykol oh burn
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
Mhykol oh wait you're canadian
W92Baj you are in good company here :)
Mhykol I'm sorry :P
ShreeyamGFX Baj you watching the match?
Nebris well etho, i've read the sign
PauseUnpause anyone have clay they dont want?
W92Baj behind the sofa Shree
Mhykol sorry pause I have no clay
ShreeyamGFX the only way to watch England do penalties
Etho you understand the game nebris?
Nebris i do indeed
Nebris bring it
Etho I'll give you some time to act on the deal of killing the other 2
Nebris i wont need it, canadian scum
W92Baj oooooo
ShreeyamGFX burn
Etho if mc kills you I get to kill you 3 times then
ShreeyamGFX phew, Italy missed
W92Baj you are a little delayed
ShreeyamGFX I'm watching live scores
ShreeyamGFX I can't bring myself to see the match
W92Baj sweet jebus
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
PauseUnpause ttyl
PauseUnpause left the game.
Millbee Aww poor England =)
W92Baj At least we qualified, eh Millbs
Millbee Haha we might aswell not even try with Football
Mhykol oh man 4 episodes recorded so far

Mhykol lol
Mhykol actually the reason american football is called that is because the ball is a foot long
W92Baj I thought it was the thickness of the padding
Millbee Well I just learned something
Mhykol TIL!
Millbee Pfft Padding, stick them in a Rugby game
W92Baj quite
thejims no i mean like slide kicking people can hurt if you hit em good enough
W92Baj Can break toes :D
Millbee Can bruise egos
ShreeyamGFX the small ones
W92Baj Ooo me metatarsal
thejims left the game.
ShreeyamGFX brb
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Mhykol left the game.
Nebris been quiet, etho
Nebris trying to torment me?
AnderZEL im of for the night have a good one guys :)
AnderZEL left the game.
Etho cya man
Nebris cya
Etho you are not very observant nebris
Nebris hehe
Etho I'll let you live this time but I had you in the palm of my hand
Nebris just gonna keep dropping one liners from the comfort of your base?
  • "054 - Etho's Game" (Nebris, end)

W92Baj did he send you the photos too?

Mhykol Surgical Simulator like Sim City is a Mayor simulator
Millbee Don't you have to destory alien robots inside the body at one point?
W92Baj like SimCity is a gritty real-life total immersion game
Mhykol sounds legit
Etho dude of your surgeon doesn't have the power to slow down time you should really switch surgeons
Pyro_0 haha
Etho P zisteau pranked me :o
Pyro_0 You also gotta use surgical tools to deactivate a bomb in the first game
Pyro_0 P ahahhahaha
W92Baj P was it a goodun?
Etho P it was a kind one
W92Baj P :(
Etho P and a good one, but not as extensive as beefs for sure
Pyro_0 dog
W92Baj tree
Pyro_0 cat
Etho car
Pyro_0 Listening to some vidya gaem tunes and dog came up randomly by c418
Nebris left the game.
Nebris joined the game.
Pyro_0 wb neb
W92Baj how can I accidentally wash away some redstone and end up one piece short?
Etho it gets destroyed if the water flows down on it
Etho from the side it doesn't
W92Baj buggernips
Pyro_0 I thought you said burger nips.
W92Baj dont be silly
Pyro_0 Guy in my sixth form we used to call burger nips.
Pyro_0 In retrospect he had pepperoni nipples.
Pyro_0 somewhat.
W92Baj o.O
Millbee Is it weird that I'm hungry now?
Pyro_0 I have pepperoni pizza in the fridge.
W92Baj Nipples do that to me too
Millbee I could go a nice burger nip
W92Baj recording E?
Etho you know it
W92Baj good good
Etho someones at a mob farm
W92Baj not I
Pyro_0 nor I
Millbee Nope
Nebris night time, isnt it?
Etho I suspect nebris
Etho were you/are you nebris
Nebris no
Pyro_0 Might be mhykol. I think he is afk
Mhykol worry - yea
Mhykol sorry*
Etho it's no problem, I'm just wondering if my hunch was correct
Etho you were at spiders?
Mhykol no - just forgot I was logged on lol
Nebris not very subtly trying to find out where i am?
Etho it's easy to find you nebris, I just need to wait till night and look for the glowstone lighting

Etho P I wasn't expecting it so soon
PauseUnpause P yeah, he took a long time to get beef after me
Pakratt0013 P what was obsidianized?
Etho P he built like 17 portals all over
PauseUnpause P whats down here?
Etho P secret things
Etho P it never ends btw
Pakratt0013 oh yeah, I've dug into that to my place before.
Etho the rail line?
Pakratt0013 while ago.
Pakratt0013 connectin' Guudeland to my dark room.
Etho ah
Pakratt0013 P man, what is it about lava walls taht makes you want to walk into 'em?
PauseUnpause P iunno, they look inviting though
Etho P I think it's the gentle motion
Pakratt0013 P at least he left the diamond...
Etho say hello
PauseUnpause hello
Pakratt0013 hello
  • "Episode 26: Decorator Prank" (Etho, end)