Chat log (June 2012)/28

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VintageBeef joined the game.
VintageBeef howdy
BdoubleO100 hey beefey
  • "Episode 57 - The little details" (BdoubleO100, end)

Arkas Heya
VintageBeef hey there
Arkas oh shit, lvl 97 and getting chased by endermen
VintageBeef lol, why are you level 97
Arkas forgot stuff to enchant and too lazy to walk back
VintageBeef lol
Arkas took me 40 mins though, should have walked back
VintageBeef yeah
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX Hey
VintageBeef hello
Arkas yo
ShreeyamGFX Beef - are you okay with having your castle downloaded?
VintageBeef no prob
ShreeyamGFX alright then
Arkas dont give em my mothership eh?
ShreeyamGFX yep, I won't
Arkas sweet
ShreeyamGFX why, you storing babies?
Arkas yeah loads of illigal stuff
Arkas weed plantation etc
ShreeyamGFX your energy bill must be sky high
Arkas yeah
ShreeyamGFX jesus
ShreeyamGFX put some protection around this lava
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
Arkas anyone of you happen to have an eff4/5 pick for sale?
ShreeyamGFX no sorry
VintageBeef not me, sorry
Arkas too bad,
Arkas did two lvl 50ish enchants, unbr3 and the other one fort3 -_-
ShreeyamGFX in 1.3 hopefully it will be better
Arkas I hope so
ShreeyamGFX 1.3 sounds a lot like easymode to me, though
Arkas I aint complaining
Arkas enchanting is just a mess
Arkas in this version
ShreeyamGFX I agree with that
Arkas I mean to us it isn't that bad, but if you legitly level up to 50 by killing monsters and get unbr3,
Arkas that just aint fair
ShreeyamGFX yeah, hopefully it'll be more plausible in 1.3

VintageBeef hey there
Mhykol hiya beef
Arkas Hey M
Mhykol hiya Arkas
  • "S2 EP88 - Population Explosion!" (VintageBeef, end)

Millbee joined the game.
Millbee Oh I see ya =)
mcgamer Hey there.
Millbee Any Chance of sleeping the night away?
mcgamer Yeah, one sec
Millbee Cheers
mcgamer left the game.
Etho joined the game.
Etho hey millbee
Millbee Hey man
Etho left the game.
  • "Episode 16 'Speed Running & Pro Fighting'" (Millbee, end)