Chat log (June 2012)/6

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AnderZEL hehe hi Z :)
AnderZEL want some wisky?
Zisteau some whisky? sure
AnderZEL fax or email? ;)
Zisteau god I wish you could email alcohol
AnderZEL ya me 2 in sweden a regular 70cl 40% vodka cost about 25$ :/
AnderZEL most other eu countrys like 13$
Zisteau wow
AnderZEL mm imagin wisky then xD
Zisteau you can get 750cl of swedish vodka in the US for 25$
AnderZEL what what 7.5 liters?!
Zisteau sorry, 750ml
AnderZEL thats like 2 galons isent it?!
Zisteau we don't use cl here, I misread what you typed
AnderZEL aha :)
AnderZEL i was like damn that cheep :P
thejims joined the game.
thejims hey you guys
AnderZEL hello :)
Zisteau hey ther
Zisteau e
Zisteau left the game.
  • "S01 E25 Fail AnderZ" (AnderZEL, end)

Zisteau joined the game.
Etho joined the game.
Etho heyo
Zisteau heyyyyyyyyyyyyy
mcgamer hey
  • "24 Hour Mindcrack Marathon! - Bring Silver to Zeldathon!" (mcgamer, end)
mcgamer And goodbye. :D
mcgamer left the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX evening dudes
Etho hey shree
Zisteau hi Shree
ShreeyamGFX Zisteau I implemented an auto-kill for my slime farm so you can just AFK there
Zisteau ah cool
Zisteau and stand next to it and pick up slimeballs?
ShreeyamGFX yep
Zisteau Shree sells slimeballs down by the sea shore
Etho lol
ShreeyamGFX My slime balls bring all the Zisteaus to the yard
ShreeyamGFX or is it Zisteaux?
Zisteau haha
Zisteau so I just threw a splash potion of damage at the ender ender and got 0 exp from it
Etho lol, yup they teleport like if you shoot them with a bow
Zisteau even if they die? damn
Etho just with damage potions though, poison and other ones work
ShreeyamGFX enderman let my cows out
Zisteau will a poison potion kill them?
Etho no
ShreeyamGFX it'll get them to 0.5
Etho you need to smack them all
Zisteau damnit! I just made 18 splash damage potions
ShreeyamGFX ha ha
ShreeyamGFX if only we were playing UHC
Etho hey
ShreeyamGFX wasup
Etho how's it going?
ShreeyamGFX good, thanks
ShreeyamGFX I love this enchanting bench
Etho yeah, me too
Etho still under construction
Zisteau where are you?
Etho blaze farm
Zisteau ah
ShreeyamGFX How much XP does it take to get to 30?
Etho need to run the wiring for it and it will be functioning
Etho umm, level 30 is between 2000 and 3000
ShreeyamGFX ah, okay
Etho not sure what it is exactly
ShreeyamGFX so it'll be super quick in the next update?
Etho level 40 is 3000ish
Etho depends if the change it or not
ShreeyamGFX ha ha, ghasts just won't leave you alone
  • "31 - 'Ender Endererer'" (Zisteau, end)

Pakratt0013 .o/
Mhykol \o.
W92Baj \o/
Mhykol |o|
Pakratt0013 .o?
Mhykol *o/*
Mhykol wtf are we doing?
Pakratt0013 I never know...
Pakratt0013 ...I jus' spent quite a while minin' Netherbrick to fill 5 missin' blocks...
Mhykol lol
Pakratt0013 ...and I had 2 stacks the whole time.
Pakratt0013 you may now laugh.
Mhykol HAHA
Mhykol :P
Pakratt0013 hey, I got the Skeletal Assult game workin'...either of you wanna test?
Mhykol recording atm, but maybe in a bit :)
W92Baj Busy too I am afraid
Mhykol hit the ground too hard
W92Baj Making good video
Pakratt0013 o_O
Mhykol woops
Mhykol lol
  • "Episode 183 - Detecting Night" (Mhykol, end)