Chat log (June 2012)/9

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Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
Arkas oh no
Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
  • "EP 12: Football Talk" (Docm77, end)

Millbee joined the game.
Zisteau Hi Millbee
arkas Hey Millbee
Millbee Hey guys
W92Baj Mm, Caps and fat fingers. I do well
Millbee Aww I thought you were just that excited
  • "32 - 'Alchemy Shutter'" (Zisteau, end)

Millbee Oh hey Guude & Mc. Missed you while I was away
Guude hey millbee
Guude you scared the shit out of me baj
AnderZEL o ya reminds me hope you got my skype mesedge guude realy sorry i blame the boze
W92Baj :D
Guude haha no big deal anderz
AnderZEL good :)
Guude baj
Guude I am making it up here
W92Baj yus
Guude going through the tutorial step by step atm
W92Baj And I have made you one to study
Guude oh ok, thanks man
W92Baj It needs to be underground really
Millbee left the game.
Millbee joined the game.
Guude lol
W92Baj Throwing blocks at creepers doesnt help
Guude you got some friends down there
AnderZEL sorry caps :P
Guude well underground is realitive isn't it really
W92Baj fuuuu
Millbee was shot by Skeleton
Guude lol
AnderZEL hehe ;D
W92Baj looking good. I will leave you to it
Millbee Oh no! My villagers!
Guude thanks baj
AnderZEL mohahah my evil deads are done bed time god night all :)
W92Baj l8r
AnderZEL left the game.
W92Baj I am off too
W92Baj nn
Millbee See ya
W92Baj left the game.
  • "Good Morning Mindcrack - 6/10/12 - Speechless" (mcgamer, end)