Chat log (May 2012)

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This is the chat log of the MindCrack server for May 2012.

May 2012
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AnderZEL hello ther ark
Arkas Hey
VintageBeef joined the game.
Arkas Hey beef
VintageBeef hi arkas
AnderZEL hello ther beefy :)
VintageBeef lol, hello you crazy swede
Arkas swede?
AnderZEL yes im swedish :_)
Arkas I'e been to sweden last week
Arkas survivaling in the woods
Arkas super fun time ofc
AnderZEL awesome lycky you to be in sutch a fine country! :)
VintageBeef that sounds awesome
Arkas yeah, been to Växjo aswell :P
  • "S01 E08 It's a Secret" (AnderZEL, end)

W92Baj Has the 'compensating' comment come up often?
W92Baj Hey G
Guude hey there
Nebris nope
W92Baj It should. You clearly have a tiny wng :D
W92Baj *wang
Nebris down right miniscule
W92Baj word
Etho hey guude
Guude howdy
W92Baj Are the kittens ripe yet Etho?
Etho full grown and annoying me
W92Baj Bag em up and send em out to the restaurants
W92Baj you still sand gathering Etho?
Etho ya it's ok ;)
Etho thanks for guarding
Etho baj
W92Baj E
Etho entertainment over hear
W92Baj gathering the risky way
Etho for sure
Nebris hit the ground too hard
W92Baj oop
Etho ups
Nebris forgot to look at my health before i jumped down
W92Baj oops
Etho lol
W92Baj was trying to set the tnt
Etho here
Etho I spaced it too close
Etho much more enjoyable way of doing it
W92Baj perhaps not quite as efficient
Etho it's not, but there is a lot of sand out there
W92Baj true
W92Baj I wish the villagers did something
Guude I am sure the german felt the same way about the jews
Etho like be able to dig sand?
W92Baj I guess Guude isnt recording :D
W92Baj Yeah,well, farm etc
Etho I guess he is
Guude lol
Nebris hit the ground too hard
Etho same thing?
Nebris k, now i'm just being reckless
W92Baj Have you thought about putting some floors in?
W92Baj You still out there E-pants?
Etho no, I'm at the hub right now
Etho full of sand
W92Baj I bet
Guude hit the ground too hard
W92Baj Waheeey
Etho snap son
Guude yep
Guude not sure what even hit me
W92Baj the ground
Guude lol
Etho too hard
Etho I'm off, laters
Nebris cya
W92Baj cya
Etho thanks for the sand baj
Etho left the game.
Nebris left the game.
  • "S3E299 - Third Shift" (Guude, end)


Etho joined the game.
Etho hit the ground too hard
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
Zisteau joined the game.
PauseUnpause Hey zisteau
Zisteau hi guys
Etho hey zist
VintageBeef hey man
Zisteau fancing see you online
PauseUnpause sup?
Zisteau payback will be a bitch
PauseUnpause ?
VintageBeef whatcha talkin about?
Etho whatcha upto zisteau?
Zisteau I will get you for this
PauseUnpause u r 2 cute
PauseUnpause 1 man army, against team canada?!?
Zisteau boats are a nice touch
Zisteau my 1st prank is already planned
Zisteau but I will get you all afterwards
PauseUnpause there is some mystery in the wording of that sentance
PauseUnpause prank 1 of us first, and then get the rest?
Zisteau what are you guys up to?
PauseUnpause nothing, just fixing some stuff at my place
VintageBeef digging holes
Zisteau I mean now that you've provoked me
Zisteau did you really mix up my sheep?
Zisteau I will get you for this
Zisteau you in a call?
PauseUnpause lol yeah
BdoubleO100 joined the game.
Zisteau want to add me?
VintageBeef k
BdoubleO100 hi
PauseUnpause heyo
BdoubleO100 im gunna work on the arena a bit
Etho coolio
PauseUnpause nice, whatchy going to add?
BdoubleO100 not sure....a circle
PauseUnpause for indians?
BdoubleO100 exactly my thoughts
Zisteau left the game.
  • "Team Canada Visits Zisteau" (PauseUnpause, end)
    "EP13 - Back Together Again" (VintageBeef, end)
Zisteau joined the game.
Zisteau hit the ground too hard
BdoubleO100 you beefed it up man
VintageBeef lol
thejims joined the game.
BdoubleO100 Jimmer
thejims lets see here, john isnt it?
Etho hey jims
VintageBeef hey there
BdoubleO100 correct as usual
thejims i've got a brother and dad named john :P
  • "Episode 16: Pranking OCD Zisteau" (Etho, end)
thejims whats everyone up to tonight? buildin and mining?
PauseUnpause this and that
BdoubleO100 arena
Etho mostly that
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
VintageBeef left the game.
PauseUnpause where is that arena?
BdoubleO100 behind the ark
thejims O_o
thejims that big MC sign?
thejims so thats NOT mc gamers house?
BdoubleO100 lol
BdoubleO100 its off center :(
thejims that smiley is off center too, do you see it complaining?
BdoubleO100 its not
BdoubleO100 THANK YOU
PauseUnpause this looks badass
BdoubleO100 gracias
Etho I like the stairs
BdoubleO100 trying to make an entrance but dont have a good brain
BdoubleO100 call?
BdoubleO100 you got skype jims?
thejims yeah man
thejims but my gf is watching tv so you wont be able to hear me well >D
BdoubleO100 no prob
thejims go ahead and gimme a ring tho, i can keep up in chat
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
  • "Episode 32 - I have friends" (BdoubleO100, end)

PauseUnpause still up?
Zisteau yeah
  • "Episode 94 - Home away from home?" (PauseUnpause, end)

Arkas Hey beef
VintageBeef hello
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Arkas Hey pup
PauseUnpause hey
Docm77 joined the game.
VintageBeef hey doc
Docm77 hey guys
Arkas hey
thejims heya doc
Docm77 i had the power to make it day
Docm77 ha
Docm77 now thatis gone
Docm77 all your fault, hehehe
Arkas lol
adlingtont joined the game.
Arkas Hey ad
Docm77 hey
adlingtont hey guys
Arkas left the game.
thejims left the game.
Docm77 left the game.
Docm77 joined the game.
  • "S2 EP65 - Lots To Do" (VintageBeef, end)

Guude hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef ha!
W92Baj joined the game.
Guude guess I am not the only one getting lag all of a sudden
Pyro_0 nope
Guude anyone xp grinding?
Zisteau hi doc
Docm77 thanks;-)
Zisteau :)
W92Baj I am in the middle of the ocean. It got a bit sticky
adlingtont I was, relogged and all the zombies were gone, now I'm not
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 .o/
W92Baj I cant remember which way I was sailing now
Pakratt0013 ...don't usually wave to so many people...
W92Baj Hi P
adlingtont (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Pyro_0 lol
Pakratt0013 good one.
adlingtont I really didnt think that would work in minecraft
Pakratt0013 P so...what's goin' on?
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
Nebris joined the game.
Nebris sup?
Mhykol hiyo
Pyro_0 hey.
Pakratt0013 hai
Docm77 im fishing
Docm77 under water
Mhykol I'm recording :)
Pakratt0013 neat.
Docm77 nice and quiet
Pyro_0 left the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
Nebris P i thought ya'll were killing the dragon
thejims P tomorrow nite
Docm77 cant we do it today
Docm77 i have to do a nightshift tomorrow night
Mhykol :o
Docm77 ti have to start working at 8 pm gmt
Docm77 that is 2 pm eastern
adlingtont isnt that 3 eastern?
Docm77 or three
Guude left the game.
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
Docm77 5 hours or is it 6
Pyro_0 >_<
W92Baj 5
Docm77 ok, so it would be 3 pm eastern
Guude joined the game.
Guude P who all are we missing
Guude P dont want to exclude the ppl that wanted to do it tomorrow
Mhykol P ?
Docm77 etho
Nebris P beef and pause
adlingtont P shree.. korokouro
Guude P I dont think etho could do it tomorrow
Guude P so I think he was going to miss it either way
Guude P oh yea we are missing, beef, pause, bdouble, mcgamer
Guude P kurt
Guude P that is a lot of people
Docm77 yeah
Zisteau P I wasn't going to be on for long, but if we're going to do that now I'll stay around
adlingtont P doc tell them you have to slay a dragon
Guude P I think we shoudl wait for everone that planned on tomorrow
Pyro_0 P what time you doing it at?
Docm77 i wsh i could
Guude P 7pm est
Pyro_0 P tonight?
Docm77 but nightshift is not easy to find someone to do it for me
Guude P no tomorrow
Pyro_0 P timezones, no idea. lol
Docm77 basically impossible
Nebris 22 hours from now
adlingtont man mhykol has so much to cut from his recording right now
Pyro_0 P I guess I could stay up. It's the weekend.
Mhykol I'm not cutting anything :P
PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause wtf
PauseUnpause why so many people?
Pakratt0013 PuP!!!
Mhykol hi pause
Docm77 hey
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
Nebris P if we can get beef kurt and b00 now...
Pyro_0 nopenopenopenope
Pyro_0 i forgot to set spawn again
W92Baj Its nicer now
Pakratt0013 less talkie, more flyie, Pyro.
Guude you fixed spawn baj?
W92Baj I made a tunnel
PauseUnpause do ghasts spawn in 4 high rooms? or 5?
Guude 5
thejims 4
adlingtont 5
Pyro_0 4
W92Baj 3
Pakratt0013 lol
thejims 16
PauseUnpause D: I think I was logged on since this morning, rode back and died in my 4 high room
Pakratt0013 wiki says 5^3
PauseUnpause there goes my fortune 3 pick along with my amazing fortune 3, unbreaking 3 and eff 4
PauseUnpause ./vomit
Nebris ooo, cocoa!
Mhykol left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Zisteau left the game.
PauseUnpause bbl
PauseUnpause left the game.
Docm77 yeah, need to a cat..yes
  • "Episode 171 - Redstone Headache" (Mhykol, end)
Pyro_0 later lol :P
Docm77 gnight everybody
Guude later doc
W92Baj we saw it in your vlog
Pakratt0013 'night doc!
Docm77 left the game.
Nebris left the game.
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
W92Baj All the cool kids are doing it
Mhykol peer pressure
Pyro_0 :(
Pakratt0013 Pyro, it's hard skydivin' in a game without the ability to make a parashute.
Mhykol true dat
Pyro_0 So many random holes in my nether tunnel
Pakratt0013 but I applaud your determination.
W92Baj is that a euphamism?
Pakratt0013 would it matter to you if it was, Baj?
Pyro_0 I hope this drop doesnt kill me D;
Pyro_0 yay
Pakratt0013 awe...
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
Pyro_0 ok
adlingtont that one did
Pakratt0013 not to dissapoint the fans!
Pyro_0 yep
Pakratt0013 brb, gotta rec on test world for a bit.
Pakratt0013 left the game.
  • "Episode 172 - Push Button, Raise Floor" (Mhykol, end)
Mhykol done :)
Pyro_0 was slain by Zombie Pigman
Pyro_0 wat
Mhykol oh great
Pyro_0 Man. That was g.
Pyro_0 embarassing.
Pyro_0 was slain by Zombie Pigman
Pyro_0 LOL
Mhykol need a hand?
Pyro_0 There was 5 of them I killed 4.
Pyro_0 Im good xD
Mhykol got him for you :)
Pyro_0 thnx
Mhykol oh guude - it appears pyro isn't showing up in IRC - not sure about the website though
Pyro_0 This account only got added to the whitelist today.
Mhykol ahh
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Guude P you wanna do some sniping tonight pause?
PauseUnpause P sure!
Mhykol pause!
PauseUnpause brb
PauseUnpause left the game.
Guude owned
Mhykol :(
PauseUnpause joined the game.
adlingtont lol
Mhykol :'(
Guude joined the game.
Pyro_0 Gonna sleep here, ttyl.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
W92Baj A whole day of sailing looking for the right land and none found :(
W92Baj Better luck tomorrow I guess
W92Baj Later all
Mhykol yea good luck :)
adlingtont see ya
W92Baj left the game.
Mhykol later ya'll
adlingtont see ya
Mhykol left the game.
  • "thejims' secret Mindcrack vault redstone wiring" (thejims, end)
Nebris joined the game.
Nebris left the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 whelp, was gonna record, but now it's rainin' so hard IRL, I can't do it.
thejims that keeps you from recording?
thejims i just accidently recorded like 1hr 30mins
Pakratt0013 thunderstorm, rain on skylight over head, yeah.
thejims totally went to cook diner afk and everything
Pakratt0013 heh
Pakratt0013 I could get kicked off by this thing any moment, so I'm probably gonna go play BoI until it's over.
adlingtont I've recorded an hour of mooshrooms
Pakratt0013 nice.
Pakratt0013 bbl I guess.
Pakratt0013 assumin no power outages.
Pakratt0013 left the game.
thejims lol damnit enderman
thejims why u gotta port into my redstone room
thejims they can pickup wool with redstone on it cant they?
adlingtont I dont think they can pick up wool
thejims left the game.
Etho joined the game.
  • "101 - Mooshroom Madness" (adlingtont, end)


AnderZEL how long have you bean on youtube?
Pyro_0 mmm since 2008. i posted call of duty vids from 2008 - 2011
Pyro_0 then minecraft from 2011 - 2012 and just random games here and there
Pyro_0 i got bored of COD, it sucks now
AnderZEL damn! i uploaded my first video in 2010 xD
Pyro_0 xD
AnderZEL BF3! :D
Pyro_0 haha yep
Pyro_0 incredibleorb old me you suck! haha only joking
AnderZEL hehe xD
AnderZEL im the BF3 Boss :D
Pyro_0 :P
AnderZEL but minecraft scrub nubb xD
Pyro_0 haha
AnderZEL im gonna record a bit now :9 dident want to record ower drugs sex and bose chatt xD
Pyro_0 hahah no worries :)
Arkas joined the game.
AnderZEL hello :)
Arkas Hey guys
mcgamer joined the game.
Pyro_0 hey.
Arkas Hey mc
AnderZEL hello :)
mcgamer Hey there!
mcgamer Going to be farming some trees for awhile...
Pyro_0 I'm digging a 6 wide, 6 high nether tunnel D:
mcgamer That sounds... "fun"
Pyro_0 extremely.
Pyro_0 gonna grab some food bbl.
Pyro_0 left the game.
mcgamer You know how it is, now there is TONS of apple drops.
  • "S01 E09 Super intresting Video Action... Not" (AnderZEL, end)

mcgamer joined the game.
Nebris so where do we go?
Mhykol I'm bedding you pause :P
PauseUnpause eww
Mhykol imma die
Nebris tee hee
Pyro_0 gonna try and get my stuff :(
PauseUnpause you guys are bringing armor?
Mhykol P I'm going no armor!
Mhykol I'm so naked
Pyro_0 P What are we killing this with though, seriously lol
Mhykol P fists are out only weapon
Nebris been making an epic set just for this occasion
Mhykol P I should come with butter armor
VintageBeef joined the game.

Nebris so can we all get in a call?
Mhykol Hello IRC - quit talking about us ... I see you
just_defy P i have a lot of potions too
Pyro_0 YES.
thejims it takes like 2 minutes for em to despawn
Pyro_0 kk
Pyro_0 my stuff yes.
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Nebris 13 of us so far
Pyro_0 Is there a skype call going?
just_defy si
Pyro_0 Invite when ya can.
Zisteau ready for UHC season 9 guys?
Mhykol I thought this was season 10
Mhykol err..umm P?
Nebris still cant believe thejims won 7 and 8
Zisteau no season 8 was a two parter
just_defy im glad we are starting with all diamonds armor this time
Mhykol and a stack of golden apples
Guude I just hope we don't have that same glitch where 5 ppl die at the start again
W92Baj Did you add Notch to the database so his chat is logged?
Mhykol best idea ever
Nebris guude disabled chat, we can speak freely again
just_defy yeah guude, thats the only reason baj won season 8
Pakratt0013 make sure everyone has saddles for the start this season!
Zisteau we should call season 8 "The Passion of the Wheat"

W92Baj joined the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
just_defy joined the game.
Pyro_0 my cabbages.
Zisteau joined the game.
kurtmac joined the game.
Pyro_0 was slain by Cave Spider
Pyro_0 wat.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
thejims joined the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Mhykol greetings
Pyro_0 hi
just_defy hello thar
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
thejims P how do you get to this... stronghold of ours?
Zisteau P I assume we're going to meet up in the town or hub somewhere first
W92Baj My stronghold has no eyes in it
Mhykol P Bring nothing but a bed right?
PauseUnpause that a differnt account?
Pyro_0 Yeah I had account issues.
Zisteau P bring whatever you want, just no swords/bows on boss
Mhykol P ok
Pyro_0 P No swords/bows Why?
W92Baj you can bring stuff, just not swords or bows

PauseUnpause give me 5 min then we can start the mindcrack olympics
just_defy P joshua balentine?
thejims P yup
just_defy P added to call. just pick up
BdoubleO100 joined the game.
thejims P it aint ringing me yet
Nebris lol
Guude P I am not seeing you in my skype, aren't you Josh Ballentine?
just_defy P hmmm... maybe someone else has to add you
thejims P yeah and i just messaged ya too
Mhykol So are we ready to start the B00 hunt?
W92Baj You get a 30 second headstart Bdubs
W92Baj RUN
Guude P anyone missing from the call?
Mhykol left the game.
Pyro_0 left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
mcgamer left the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
mcgamer joined the game.
BdoubleO100 left the game.
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
BdoubleO100 joined the game.
W92Baj left the game.
W92Baj joined the game.
Mhykol left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Pakratt0013 was slain by Enderman
thejims left the game.
thejims joined the game.

Mhykol joined the game.
thejims joined the game.
just_defy joined the game.
Nebris joined the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
kurtmac joined the game.
W92Baj joined the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Nebris fell out of the world
BdoubleO100 joined the game.
Nebris left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
W92Baj was slain by Enderman
VintageBeef joined the game.
PauseUnpause fell out of the world
VintageBeef fell out of the world
Nebris joined the game.
BdoubleO100 was slain by Ender Dragon
Guude was slain by Ender Dragon
kurtmac fell out of the world
VintageBeef left the game.
VintageBeef joined the game.
kurtmac left the game.
kurtmac joined the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Guude left the game.
Guude joined the game.
Nebris left the game.
Nebris joined the game.
Guude was slain by Enderman
Pakratt0013 blew up
Mhykol was slain by Enderman
BdoubleO100 where do i go from the nether intersection?
Guude baj's place
Guude past the first portal
W92Baj Behind village portal
BdoubleO100 gracias
Pakratt0013 was slain by Enderman
Guude hit the ground too hard
kurtmac was slain by Guude
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
PauseUnpause was slain by Enderman
Pakratt0013 was slain by Enderman
PauseUnpause was slain by Enderman
Guude was slain by Enderman
W92Baj was slain by Enderman
Pakratt0013 was slain by Enderman
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
Nebris was slain by Enderman
VintageBeef was slain by PauseUnpause
thejims was slain by PauseUnpause
Nebris left the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
Nebris joined the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause was slain by Enderman
PauseUnpause was slain by Enderman
VintageBeef left the game.
VintageBeef joined the game.
W92Baj left the game.
W92Baj joined the game.
thejims hit the ground too hard
Nebris was slain by Enderman
Nebris was slain by PauseUnpause
thejims was slain by Enderman
PauseUnpause was slain by W92Baj
  • "thejims slays a dragon on the MindCrack server" (thejims, end)
Pyro_0 left the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
  • "S2 EP66 - Congrats Guude!" (VintageBeef, end)
Nebris was slain by Silverfish
  • "Episode 170 - Dragon" (Mhykol, end)
  • "S3E300 - 300th MindCrack - 1000 Videos - 60k Subscribers!" (Guude, end)
  • "Mindcrack Slays The Dragon!" (just_defy, end)
  • "The Dragon" (mcgamer, end)
  • "Episode 95 - Downing the Dragon" (PauseUnpause, end)
  • "S01E88 - chlamydia" (W92Baj, end)
mcgamer left the game.
Mhykol cheater!
  • "Number Twenty - 'Mindcrack Guild World First Boss Kill'" (Zisteau, end)

Pyro_0 lol
just_defy no way!
  • "Pakratt's Collections 23: Guude's 300th!" (Pakratt0013, end)

Mhykol joined the game.
Mhykol P 6pm eastern?
just_defy unbreaking III
just_defy P yes
Mhykol P ok :)
VintageBeef left the game.
just_defy left the game.
Mhykol left the game.
  • "045 - Fus Ro Dah!" (Nebris, end)


Zisteau joined the game.

PauseUnpause good evening
PauseUnpause morning, etc...
Zisteau 'ello
Zisteau just got another damn fortune pick
PauseUnpause :( I was afk in the nether and lost all my shit
Zisteau that sucks
PauseUnpause came back yesterday, I was dead and nothing but holes
Mhykol joined the game.
Mhykol ok - I love this eff 3, unbreaking 3 pick
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Mhykol was slain by Cave Spider
PauseUnpause haha
Mhykol bastards
Mhykol good news is I found a, so far, double cave spider spawner right under my base
Zisteau nice
Mhykol got one of them lit up so far
PauseUnpause P mcgamer pranked me
Mhykol P haha - he said he pranked someone
Zisteau P it was you? he said team canada before logging off
Mhykol P what did he do?
PauseUnpause P I have several hundred wooden pickaxes in random chests everywhere
Zisteau P hahaha
Mhykol haha
PauseUnpause P my prize for being hte ultimate miner -_-
Mhykol P nice
Mhykol was slain by Cave Spider
Mhykol I need to take a weapon with me it appears :P
Etho joined the game.
PauseUnpause hey etho
Zisteau hi etho
Etho heyo
PauseUnpause you missed a good game of DvZ
Etho oh did you play?
PauseUnpause yeah
Mhykol I need to play DvZ sometime
Etho he went to bed?
PauseUnpause mhmmm
Zisteau I have to redye all my sheep again
Zisteau the water system lags the game out so much they all swap pens
Etho again?
Zisteau I made a drainage system to gather all the sheared wool in one spot
Zisteau totally worthless until mobs splashing in water don't cause lag
Zisteau of course I learned that after the fact
Etho lol
Etho yeah, you probably have like 50 sheep there
Zisteau way more than that, I bred more
Zisteau about 130ish
  • "Mindcrack Prank - My Prize!" (PauseUnpause, end)

VintageBeef hey doc
Pakratt0013 hai doc
Docm77 hey guys
  • "Mindcrack SMP | Docm77 | #2" (Docm77, end)

Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 Hey Nebris.
Nebris hi pyro
Nebris wait a sec
Nebris thats a new name
Pyro_0 Yeah I had account issues. Had to use my back-up
Pyro_0 I migrated my account a while back to a Mojang acc.
Pyro_0 They've made everyone sign in who migrated with their Mojang email. I forgot mine derp.
Pyro_0 So I emailed customer service but it could take 4-6 weeks for a reply -.-
Pyro_0 afk xp grinder.
kurtmac joined the game.
Nebris hi
kurtmac hello
Docm77 joined the game.
Docm77 left the game.
W92Baj joined the game.
Pyro_0 Hey.
Pyro_0 brb afk xp grinder lol.
  • "Mindcrack 046 - Watching Grass Grow" (Nebris, end)
W92Baj dudes
kurtmac is the sun glitchy?
W92Baj yup
kurtmac fierce lag
  • "SMP #008 - Material Transport Service" (kurtmac, end)


Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 yo.
AnderZEL lol new acont? :)
Pyro_0 yep.
AnderZEL nice :D
Pyro_0 :p
AnderZEL was slain by Enderman
Pyro_0 *clap*
AnderZEL REVEGEGE letoy jenkins!
AnderZEL i got him :)
  • "S01 E10 Some Tims I Just Nead To Focus To Realy Get Things Done" (AnderZEL, end)

ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
Pyro_0 hey
ShreeyamGFX hey there
mcgamer Shree Come to -300, -600 or my house nether rail thing and dig
mcgamer Please
mcgamer Help
mcgamer Please
Pyro_0 why lol
mcgamer Bring dirt.
ShreeyamGFX One sec, recording
ShreeyamGFX I'll be glad to help you out later though
mcgamer Come record and bring dirt
thejims joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey there
thejims i heard mention of underwater too, should i bring a resp helm?
ShreeyamGFX oh, mcgamer building underwater?
ShreeyamGFX that's not original, man
Pyro_0 left the game.
ShreeyamGFX if you're doing that, then gravel is better
thejims shut it ShreeyamGFX
ShreeyamGFX lol
thejims someones been busy in the nether
ShreeyamGFX hey
ShreeyamGFX I'm here
ShreeyamGFX and still recording
ShreeyamGFX I brought a respiration helmet if anyone needs it
mcgamer Hey Shree, and Jims, what's your favorite fruit?
ShreeyamGFX oranges
ShreeyamGFX mcgamer, you got a respiration helmet?
mcgamer NO
ShreeyamGFX you want one?
mcgamer NO
thejims tacos
ShreeyamGFX lol
thejims anyone actually bring a bucket?
ShreeyamGFX rofl
ShreeyamGFX nope
ShreeyamGFX neat place you have
ShreeyamGFX with the upside down house and all
  • "Challenge Mindcrack - Nebris and the Water - E7" (mcgamer, end)

Guude blew up
Nebris ?
Nebris so kurt is the new kururururrurur
Nebris left the game.
Guude tried to swim in lava
just_defy joined the game.
just_defy boner
  • "S3E301 - Failed Caving Experiance" (Guude, end)


adlingtont joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey ad
adlingtont hey

thejims joined the game.
W92Baj jibs
thejims jab
VintageBeef hi
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause bonjour
W92Baj P pick up the phone pause
just_defy left the game.
just_defy HELLO
VintageBeef hi
  • "S2 EP67 - Short Episode Fail" (VintageBeef, end)

W92Baj left the game.
just_defy how long do chickens take to grow up?
Zisteau dunno
Pakratt0013 I that the start of a joke?
just_defy to get to the other side
just_defy some random person on a forum says 30 minutes
just_defy thanks google
Zisteau that sounds too slow
Zisteau thats a day and a night and a day
just_defy well i just planted a bunch of chickens. that was like 20 minutes ago and they are all still babies
just_defy hahaha! they all just turned into big chickens all at once
just_defy i guess 30 minutes is about right
Pakratt0013 ...alright, time for a test fire.
thejims Pakratt0013 blows up.
Pakratt0013 LOL....yeah, probably...
  • "Episode 97 - I Quit" (PauseUnpause, end)


just_defy joined the game.
just_defy hello thar

just_defy I once drowned in a pakkratt video trying to swim up from a hole in the bottom of the ocean
just_defy lol
just_defy I lost a lot of good stuff that day
Docm77 where yea at? can you lend me a crat?
just_defy im at my castle thing. ill come give you one
Docm77 thanks man
Docm77 lol
just_defy be there in like 30 seconds
Docm77 k
just_defy here
just_defy lol
Docm77 thanks a tobn buddy
just_defy np
just_defy ttyl
just_defy left the game.
Docm77 lata buddy
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 hia doc!
Docm77 hey
Pakratt0013 nice mob trap in UHC :P "Mindcrack SMP | Docm77 | #3" (Docm77, end)
Docm77 left the game.
just_defy joined the game. "24: Gladiators and Sheryl" (Pakratt0013, start)
just_defy hello there
Pakratt0013 hia
just_defy whatcha up to?
Pakratt0013 rec
just_defy hello pakratt fans
just_defy penis
Arkas joined the game.
Arkas Hey JD, pakker
Pakratt0013 hia Arkie
just_defy shhh pakratt is recording
just_defy hey

Arkas Hey bdub
BdoubleO100 hey ark!
adlingtont joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey ads
adlingtont hey
Arkas wb
adlingtont ta
Arkas left the game.
BdoubleO100 LOL
adlingtont hi
BdoubleO100 damn creeper
adlingtont nice place
BdoubleO100 thank you
BdoubleO100 still not sure about it
adlingtont no?
BdoubleO100 50 stacks of tnt?
adlingtont haha
adlingtont i like the glowstone behind the stairs
BdoubleO100 glowstone!?
BdoubleO100 ahhhh! thank you
BdoubleO100 any suggestions?
adlingtont well it needs an arena :P
BdoubleO100 ah!
BdoubleO100 ill get right on it
adlingtont maybe chuck in some of the other sandstones
BdoubleO100 gracias!!!
BdoubleO100 ah!! the other sandstone
BdoubleO100 nice
  • "Episode 33 - 50,000 'subscibersness'" (BdoubleO100, end)


Arkas joined the game.
Arkas Hey beef, ads
VintageBeef hey there
adlingtont hey
AnderZEL joined the game.
AnderZEL Hello! :D
VintageBeef hi there
adlingtont hey
AnderZEL Dan you said you wanted to sell a fortune pick in a MC episode not longa ago you still have it?
VintageBeef no, sold it to etho. lol
AnderZEL derp :P
AnderZEL wow lagg
VintageBeef yeah
AnderZEL chopped a whole tree down and i came back xD
VintageBeef lol
AnderZEL gona go bye bye guys :)
VintageBeef later
Arkas cya
AnderZEL left the game.
  • "S2 EP68 - Nosey Neighbor" (VintageBeef, end)

adlingtont ill set something up over the other side of the room
ShreeyamGFX alright, see ya
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX I have an idea
adlingtont ya?
ShreeyamGFX you could hook up XOR gates across each latch here
ShreeyamGFX although that would be very big and bulky
adlingtont try it, ill work on the minecraft idea
ShreeyamGFX no, it's like, super big
adlingtont hmm ok
ShreeyamGFX and you'd better need a limiter
PauseUnpause joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey pause
PauseUnpause hey shree
Arkas Hey pup
PauseUnpause Hey arkles
PauseUnpause fudge you guude
PauseUnpause and hello addles
adlingtont left the game.
Guude eat a dick
PauseUnpause haha
ShreeyamGFX how nice
PauseUnpause <3
ShreeyamGFX ooh
ShreeyamGFX wait ad left
ShreeyamGFX I got this now
ShreeyamGFX he left with the track...
adlingtont joined the game.
adlingtont good ol' BT internet
ShreeyamGFX yay
ShreeyamGFX I have a plan, ad
ShreeyamGFX this plan is very plan-like
ShreeyamGFX and I thought this through
ShreeyamGFX I think
Guude adlington did you steal beef's child?
adlingtont the egg? no
ShreeyamGFX Guude thanks for putting netherrack here
ShreeyamGFX really helps me to see the redstone
adlingtont it was me
adlingtont most of it
ShreeyamGFX why?
adlingtont so I knew where the floor was
ShreeyamGFX at the expense of my eyes bleeding
ShreeyamGFX anyway I got this
adlingtont you dont need themaw
ShreeyamGFX got any water?
ShreeyamGFX spray it!
adlingtont wait
adlingtont ok
mcgamer joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey there
adlingtont oh i dropped it :P
mcgamer Greetings
adlingtont did you pick up a button
ShreeyamGFX es
ShreeyamGFX yes*
ShreeyamGFX okay, got any tracks?
adlingtont yes
ShreeyamGFX delicious
Guude P ad that was a cool hiding spot
PauseUnpause P I'm recording btw
Guude P eat a dick
adlingtont P good job finding it, I thought it was tough
PauseUnpause episode 100 title Mindcrack Episode 100 - Eat a dick
Arkas P awesome
Guude P well with me having 1 thick walls I knew you would have to tie it to either s button or pressure p
ShreeyamGFX I may be overcomplicating things somewhat
ShreeyamGFX P so, when you press a button, all the powered rails fire up
  • "Episode 100 - 100 EPISODES!!" (PauseUnpause, end)
PauseUnpause left the game.
ShreeyamGFX P then, the correct button will nudge the cart along
ShreeyamGFX P The incorrect one will send it on a reset rail
adlingtont the correct button will turn the rail so the cart goes the right way
ShreeyamGFX yes
ShreeyamGFX got a cart?
ShreeyamGFX awesome
ShreeyamGFX got a detector rail too?
ShreeyamGFX thanks
ShreeyamGFX more rail (powered + reg)? :P
ShreeyamGFX I have this all figured out now
adlingtont you'll have to make it
ShreeyamGFX I'll go nab your iron then
adlingtont plenty of it
adlingtont there might be some more rail reg down there
ShreeyamGFX sweet
  • "S3E302 - Search Warrant" (Guude, end)
ShreeyamGFX now, the real difficult is powering the rails here
adlingtont mine seems a lot easier...
ShreeyamGFX what's it do
adlingtont everything
Guude left the game.
adlingtont just need to wire up the buttons
adlingtont i think i have it
ShreeyamGFX demonstrate
adlingtont may i take the cart?
ShreeyamGFX go ahead
adlingtont so it should get to the other end
ShreeyamGFX the code is what?
adlingtont too far
ShreeyamGFX you might need a monostable to control the tracks
ShreeyamGFX aka pulse shortener
adlingtont yes
adlingtont man
ShreeyamGFX not enough powered rails?
adlingtont the pulse is too long
ShreeyamGFX use one of these
adlingtont ya
adlingtont i just dont want to rewire it now :P
adlingtont I'll let you work out yours
  • "Fire in the Cave! - E8" (mcgamer, end)
ShreeyamGFX awesome!
ShreeyamGFX woops
ShreeyamGFX forget to invert
ShreeyamGFX one sec
adlingtont god
ShreeyamGFX ha ha
adlingtont what would happen if you stayed on the plate
ShreeyamGFX the same thing as if you just stood on it
mcgamer blew up
ShreeyamGFX want to experiment?
adlingtont the track turns off?
adlingtont sure
ShreeyamGFX one sec
ShreeyamGFX I need to hook up power rails to the detectors
  • "More Monsters!? - E9" (mcgamer, end)


Arkas everywhere I go people ask me why I don't make videos
VintageBeef yeah man, they want to see those builds in progress
Arkas I'm planning to buy a new mic soon and get things done so I can record me something
VintageBeef cant wait
Arkas I think you did miss my storage room, where I have about 10 double chests for each individual item
VintageBeef glad i missed it then cuz i would be super jealous
Arkas lol
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX Beef, what do you mean by "Shree doesn't record much"?
ShreeyamGFX I try to put up 2 videos a week bro :P
VintageBeef ok, recording now anyway so ttyl
ShreeyamGFX :(
ShreeyamGFX bye
VintageBeef later
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Arkas hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef lol
Arkas this game is hard
  • "S2 EP69 - Still Nosey" (VintageBeef, end)


Zisteau left the game.
  • "#5" (Docm77, start)
Zisteau joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX What is studying?
Guude left the game.
Docm77 was slain by Cave Spider
Zisteau ouch
ShreeyamGFX any of you lagging?
Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
Zisteau not noticeably
ShreeyamGFX I see
ShreeyamGFX porbably my internet then
Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
ShreeyamGFX probably*
ShreeyamGFX ha ha Doc
Zisteau need help there Doc?

Zisteau blew up
Docm77 was slain by Cave Spider
ShreeyamGFX can you unbind F2?
Zisteau no idea
Docm77 was slain by Cave Spider
ShreeyamGFX left the game.

Pakratt0013 well, have fun...IRL calls.
Pakratt0013 left the game.
  • "#5" (Docm77, end)

thejims sup
adlingtont joined the game.
thejims ADS
ShreeyamGFX he yad
ShreeyamGFX hey ad*
adlingtont JIMS!
adlingtont hey
ShreeyamGFX thanks for the circular gallifreyan lettering of me
adlingtont glad you like it :)
ShreeyamGFX do they have doctor who in canada?
thejims i think that shows universal
ShreeyamGFX woah
adlingtont yup pretty much
ShreeyamGFX woah
adlingtont shown on the same day too
thejims hmm
thejims not sure what happened here but damnit man
thejims i dont know how many ticks its supposed to take
thejims unless im mistaken, some repeaters just vanished
ShreeyamGFX so I wasn't doing something wrong?
thejims 4 are missing
thejims hmm and i dont have any in stock.. where did i leave those
ShreeyamGFX I think it's twelve ticks
thejims ......
thejims that is so off
ShreeyamGFX maybe 12 repeaters?
ShreeyamGFX I don't know
thejims its somewhere around 23 repeaters
thejims 2 punches to kill, ima leave it at that
thejims i wonder how that double blaze farm is coming along
ShreeyamGFX Etho's?
thejims yeah
ShreeyamGFX I hope he doesn't attract any ghasts by his secret door
ShreeyamGFX If they shoot at him, they shoot at my tunnel too :
thejims he has a secret door?
thejims oh lol
ShreeyamGFX not anymore
Arkas joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX Arks
Arkas Hey dudes
thejims now its a party
ShreeyamGFX no, 5 is a party
Arkas you need at least 5 for that
thejims oh sorry, now its an orgy
Arkas but y'all know I count for two
thejims y'all? where are you from Arkas
ShreeyamGFX Denmark
Arkas I'm foreign
Arkas as in not american

ShreeyamGFX like a trade booth?
adlingtont yup, leave one take one kinda thing
  • "S3E23 - Map Room" (ShreeyamGFX, end)

adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
Nebris joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey nebs
Nebris howdy
adlingtont The Enchantment Exchange is now open in the Nether Hub
BdoubleO100 is that a shop!?
Nebris ooo
adlingtont Yup, trade unwanted enchantments for wanted Enchantments
  • "Episode 35 - Symmetry" (BdoubleO100, end)


PauseUnpause what rhymes with splief?
Mhykol grief
mcgamer Spleef?
PauseUnpause mhykol got it
mcgamer Kappa
PauseUnpause hint hint wink wink
mcgamer You better not be at my house
PauseUnpause too far
mcgamer Alright
mcgamer I am still on Canadian Watch
mcgamer One already blew up my monument to Etho
Mhykol so much string
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Mhykol wb
PauseUnpause Mc Gamer and the case of the missing lapis
mcgamer NO
mcgamer D:
Mhykol bwahahahaha
mcgamer Give me a minute, I'm dealing with the obsidian.
mcgamer D:
Mhykol I'm watching your stream - HI MC'S STREAM!
PauseUnpause mhykol, you in need of any lupis?
Mhykol I can use everything mc has
Mhykol You are welcome MC :P
Mhykol y u no mumble?
mcgamer Alright, where are you>?
PauseUnpause now why would I tell you that?
Mhykol I'm in my cave spider grinder
PauseUnpause fyi, you are super cold
PauseUnpause this is not merely a prank, but rather a slight taste of what is to come ;)
Mhykol so this entire room would look awesome encased in lupis wouldn't it?
Zisteau joined the game.
PauseUnpause Zeatsoo
Zisteau hi guys
mcgamer Zisteau help, he took it. He took it all.
Mhykol hi zisteau
Zisteau who took it?
Mhykol mc you on a skype call with dew or something?
mcgamer Pause, he took it. He took...
mcgamer My lapis! D:
Zisteau haha
mcgamer Now I am on a manhunt
Zisteau anyone recording?
mcgamer Yep
Mhykol mc is streaming
PauseUnpause it's a huge me
PauseUnpause map**
PauseUnpause hhaha
mcgamer darn it pouse i am upset rite now and i will dislike all ur vidz
Mhykol oh shit son
Mhykol that sounds like a threat
PauseUnpause hahahha
Mhykol or a birthday card
Mhykol I can't tell
PauseUnpause one sec zisteau
Mhykol mc - I think you are going the wrong way
Mhykol so many spiders
Mhykol btw mc - you should drag me in
PauseUnpause LEAVE IT ALONE!
mcgamer left the game.
mcgamer joined the game.
mcgamer <3
  • "Pause Trolls MC Gamer... LIVE!" (mcgamer, end)
PauseUnpause tried to swim in lava
PauseUnpause haha
*mcgamer claps
PauseUnpause well my pick should be there if you want to mine the obsidian
PauseUnpause and you can take a cart back
PauseUnpause haha
Zisteau drowned
Zisteau intentional, got pranked
Zisteau hit the ground too hard
adlingtont joined the game.
adlingtont just wanted to say I wont save you :)
adlingtont left the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
PauseUnpause McGamer and the case of the missing Lupis: Ends Meet
mcgamer Thanks for the help adlington! :D
adlingtont No problem :)
PauseUnpause The 2nd part of the story ;)
mcgamer You better not be pranking me... again?! D:
PauseUnpause Pranking? This is just 2 guys having a little fun :D
mcgamer You will pay :(
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
PauseUnpause was slain by mcgamer
PauseUnpause haha that means war
Mhykol haha
mcgamer drowned
Mhykol ROFL
PauseUnpause grab my pick and we'll be even
mcgamer Deal
PauseUnpause there is a pick
mcgamer was slain by PauseUnpause
PauseUnpause it's funny, cause like I said, this isn't even a prank ;)
Zisteau hit the ground too hard
PauseUnpause Stop beefing it up
PauseUnpause dont worry about the lapis, I promise to bring it home
PauseUnpause I'm bringing it to a breeding stable
Zisteau building at the build limit has its risks
PauseUnpause been awhile since we all done a ctm map
Mhykol yea
Mhykol I miss Mashed Potatoes!
Mhykol I'm killing spiders
Mhykol there - at level 45
Mhykol let's see what enchant my diamond pick gets
adlingtont remember, if you dont like it you can use the enchantment exchange!
Zisteau WTS fortune 3 picks, WTB silk touch
Mhykol BAH
Mhykol level 45 and all I got was Eff IV
PauseUnpause lololol
Zisteau trade you a fortune 3 pick
Zisteau for real
Mhykol sure
Zisteau where are you?
Mhykol heading to nether hub
Zisteau k
mcgamer Thank you Pause. Was fun <3
PauseUnpause :D
mcgamer Alright, going to play anything else, adios.
PauseUnpause peace

VintageBeef P maybe we can get a bunch of us together tomorrow night for a golf tourney
VintageBeef P since we are not recording UHC
BdoubleO100 P awesome
W92Baj dirt a layer above the water, wood half slabs under them, remove dirt.
W92Baj Add something that looks like barrels
BdoubleO100 extended piston as a motor?
W92Baj you better get killing those endermen Beef
W92Baj Its a pontoon you a boat, silly
VintageBeef i can do that. i think pak has a bunch of pearls too
W92Baj *not
BdoubleO100 they have motors
W92Baj Not in my world
W92Baj I dont think I have seen sun since being on here
W92Baj cats again
VintageBeef just kill em already
W92Baj I may have to
VintageBeef ask bdubs, he knows all about killing cats
PauseUnpause joined the game.
BdoubleO100 PunP
pauseunpause sup
W92Baj Lemmiwinks
VintageBeef sup homes
W92Baj :D We were all thinking it
adlingtont joined the game.
VintageBeef hi ads
adlingtont hey
W92Baj Its now a prty
W92Baj P.R.T.Y prty
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX did someone say party?
W92Baj nope
VintageBeef hey shree
ShreeyamGFX hey
W92Baj Where you at beef?
VintageBeef castle. building
VintageBeef where did you come from
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj ladder tower
VintageBeef oh
W92Baj look
W92Baj goes right under
VintageBeef is that what you wanted to show me?
VintageBeef yeah
W92Baj yeah
VintageBeef gotta explore that
W92Baj mhmm
BdoubleO100 you at castle beef?
VintageBeef yeah
BdoubleO100 i visit
VintageBeef sure, bring empty pockets, i have some sandstone for you
BdoubleO100 :) :) :)
BdoubleO100 is it okay that i am recording?
VintageBeef yeah no prob
BdoubleO100 gorgeous right here
BdoubleO100 oh heavens!
VintageBeef thats the back
VintageBeef lol
BdoubleO100 thank you so much angel
adlingtont my castles real cool too... *forever alone*
BdoubleO100 lol i will see it too ads
W92Baj too much fire there
ShreeyamGFX my underwater house is cool as well :(
BdoubleO100 did i hit ya baj?
W92Baj not even close :p
pauseunpause your mom is cool
BdoubleO100 lol
VintageBeef lol
BdoubleO100 what do you think if i slay these cats for you?
VintageBeef lol
VintageBeef dont do it
VintageBeef resist the urge
W92Baj skellies upstairs
VintageBeef not well lit enough
W92Baj lol
VintageBeef you killed my cat?!?!?
W92Baj I may have killed your cat
BdoubleO100 no i promise
W92Baj I have plenty you can have
VintageBeef it was baj, shot him with an arrow. poor kitty
ShreeyamGFX I think I killed one too
ShreeyamGFX ages ago
W92Baj Back to the golf course
W92Baj those greens wont tend themselves
VintageBeef lol
ShreeyamGFX you have a golf course?
BdoubleO100 kills cat then goes golfing to celebrate
W92Baj um nope
VintageBeef somebody doesnt watch baj's videos
ShreeyamGFX D:
BdoubleO100 ooooooooo
W92Baj yeaah
ShreeyamGFX I had an exam this morning, cut me some slack :(
W92Baj It was 3 days ago man
ShreeyamGFX I'll watch it now
ShreeyamGFX I feel guilty
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj dont bother
BdoubleO100 beef i will bring you stone in return
VintageBeef he doesnt want your pitty views
VintageBeef no need bdubs, got lots in storage
BdoubleO100 i will bring you a record
VintageBeef lol
VintageBeef please dont
W92Baj and take your diamonds
BdoubleO100 LOL
ShreeyamGFX hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef yeah!
  • "Episode 36 - 'It's Minecraft Day!'" (BdoubleO100, end)


mcgamer Where are you friend? The stream demands me to hunt you down and say hello.
BdoubleO100 in a sand pit behind the arena
BdoubleO100 just look for a man in a 5x20 hole
BdoubleO100 6x20 now
mcgamer G'day! :D
BdoubleO100 8x20 :/
BdoubleO100 gday! my favorite
mcgamer A gift for you. Have a good day. :D
mcgamer I am trapped. Game over.
BdoubleO100 ill try to eat it
BdoubleO100 need to get hungry first
BdoubleO100 i can eat it now
mcgamer Work up a sweat
mcgamer Good work.
BdoubleO100 poisoned me
mcgamer Keep it up sailor.
mcgamer Don't die.
mcgamer :D
BdoubleO100 later brother
mcgamer We need to discover a sand-dupe bug already.
BdoubleO100 agreed
mcgamer That's what I am grinding for as well. The deserts on Mindcrack aren't going to exist after us.
BdoubleO100 we will have all sand
  • "Episode 38 - Nice Back Yard" (BdoubleO100, end)


BdoubleO100 joined the game.
BdoubleO100 hey anderz and ads
AnderZEL hello :)
adlingtont hey
adlingtont fixing up my rail just for you!
BdoubleO100 lol it might be just fine and i might be stupid
adlingtont (it was actually broken) it worked fine
BdoubleO100 i will tour it out when you say its clear
  • "S01 E17 Intro And House" (AnderZEL, end)

Nebris howdy
ShreeyamGFX evening
ShreeyamGFX or, afternoon for you, nebs
Nebris here comes a lag spike
ShreeyamGFX sleeps?
ShreeyamGFX in
ShreeyamGFX ty
Nebris cant, afk in spider grinder
ShreeyamGFX Baj did you do it?
W92Baj Afk in grinder
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.

BdoubleO100 hey shree
ShreeyamGFX hey
Arkas hey sh
ShreeyamGFX hey arks
Arkas Hey bdub, is it OK if I use the one diamond that's in one of the arena chests for an
Arkas enchanted shovel to clear out the pit?
BdoubleO100 be my guest
Arkas sweet
BdoubleO100 what do you think of the height? go higher?
Arkas hm
BdoubleO100 i like the height but i have to close the backside of the entrance off at this level
Arkas what if we do this height and build a circular roof that's sort of higher in the middle
BdoubleO100 like a dome kind of?
Arkas yea sort of
Arkas maybe more like a cone
BdoubleO100 ah i see...yea that could be cool
Arkas but kinda flat
BdoubleO100 yea half slabbed out a bit
Arkas and the middle would be open,
Arkas like a colloseum
Arkas the inner part of the roof would be higher than the entrance roof thing,
Arkas so you could build the entrance roof inwards to meet up with the circular roof
Arkas if that makes any sense
BdoubleO100 yea i think thats cool.... i may need your help on that one a bit
Arkas sure I'll help
ShreeyamGFX can you sleep?
BdoubleO100 i can
Arkas I can
  • "S3E24 - Crisps" (ShreeyamGFX, end)
ShreeyamGFX in
Arkas can Z?
ShreeyamGFX I think he's recording
Zisteau I've been afk farming xp
ShreeyamGFX ah
ShreeyamGFX Sleep?
Zisteau sure
Zisteau now?
ShreeyamGFX im in
Arkas in
Zisteau cin
Zisteau in
BdoubleO100 in
BdoubleO100 out
Zisteau in-n-out
BdoubleO100 sex
Zisteau burger
BdoubleO100 lo
BdoubleO100 l
Arkas oops
ShreeyamGFX unhealthy
BdoubleO100 just so everyone knows....i terraform like a boss
ShreeyamGFX come flatten this mountain? :)
BdoubleO100 that doesnt require art
ShreeyamGFX lol
Arkas whats the radius of the outer circle, including the sandstone wall?
BdoubleO100 ummmm....
Arkas lol I can count it out if you dont remember
BdoubleO100 76 not including the inner circle
BdoubleO100 i think 38 on each sife
BdoubleO100 side
Zisteau BOO, by the way, if you use photoshop or paint or whatever to make circle blueprints, they're not
Zisteau always symmetrical
BdoubleO100 i found that out quickly
BdoubleO100 lol the are correct at some sizes though right?
Arkas P is boss
Arkas P it has no limit
Zisteau P I like
BdoubleO100 P judging by what you build i have to agree
Arkas P doesn't plotz has a limit of 100 radius?
Zisteau P don't know, never needed a circle that big
ShreeyamGFX I'm recording dudes
Zisteau P I really like the isometric view for sphere blueprints
BdoubleO100 hey ark
Arkas jo
BdoubleO100 this wall is going to go in i think
ShreeyamGFX all 1500, Z
Arkas go in the entrance?
Arkas or the pillar
BdoubleO100 well i just think it needs to recess a bit...not sure if that messes with what you are doing
Arkas it won't
BdoubleO100 k
Arkas I agree with you on that though
BdoubleO100 oh good
  • "S3E25 - 7 segments" (ShreeyamGFX, end)

PauseUnpause was shot by Skeleton
W92Baj pow
W92Baj right in the kisser
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
Mhykol joined the game.
Mhykol allo
W92Baj hey
  • "Mindcrack Prank Wars 01" (Nebris, end)

Mhykol left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Mhykol left the game.

Mhykol left the game.
Etho joined the game.
Etho heyo
Zisteau hey hey
  • "Episode 105 - Aboriginal Chat" (PauseUnpause, end)


mcgamer Darn texture packs.
Etho cheater
mcgamer Had my green screen tp on, had to disable it. ;)
mcgamer Beefy<3
VintageBeef yeah
mcgamer Just saying hello. :D
VintageBeef oh, hello... again. What's your angle here?
mcgamer Angle?
VintageBeef yeah you sound suspicious
mcgamer Suspicious, me? Nah!
VintageBeef i am off for the night. later dudes
VintageBeef left the game.
mcgamer G'night
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 .o/
Etho hey pak
mcgamer Evening
Pakratt0013 hia
mcgamer Btw, 7/8 done emptying water.
Pakratt0013 cool.
Pakratt0013 gettin' there.
Pakratt0013 so...I jus' trapped a hill to blow up as mobs spawn and walk over pressure plates...
Pakratt0013 anyone wanna watch fireworks?
mcgamer Unfortunately, not, doing a recording right now. :(
Pakratt0013 oh...I should probably do that.
  • "Enchantilicious! - E10" (mcgamer, end)

Etho second one will be easy to copy
Nebris sweet
Etho left the game.
Etho joined the game.
Etho dang internets!
Mhykol damn sneaky creepers
PauseUnpause left the game.
Nebris left the game.
Mhykol mc you like lapis right?
mcgamer :D
Mhykol I have at least 5 stacks plus whatever else laying around
mcgamer Can I come and pick it up? D;
Mhykol yea you can have some
Mhykol lapis in this chest
mcgamer How much can has? D:
Mhykol as much as you need
Pakratt0013 oh, you shouldn'tve said that...
Mhykol lol
mcgamer There, I'll leave you with that
Mhykol ok :)
mcgamer Thanks so much! :D
Mhykol np :)
mcgamer Also, a bro tip: Never offer MC as much lapis as he wants.
mcgamer In addition, I want all of Nebris' everything
Mhykol I mined it for you :)
mcgamer Etho is BEST at blaze farm
Etho left the game.
mcgamer :(
Pakratt0013 hah!
mcgamer Love you too Etho. D:
Pakratt0013 MC, you you have a Fortune III pick for lapis yet?
mcgamer Nope, never once really "used" a grinder on this server
Pakratt0013 hmm.
Mhykol I have one at my base you can use
mcgamer Only in my latest episode do I work on my enchanting room
Pakratt0013 I have a ForIII+ pick that's nearin' it's life expectancy for normal could have that.
Pakratt0013 now...where'd I put it?
Etho joined the game.
  • "Episode 176 - Netherbrick Box" (Mhykol, end)

PauseUnpause blew up

VintageBeef sup
PauseUnpause hey
PauseUnpause i too got pranked
VintageBeef P use P
PauseUnpause P fuuuu forgot
VintageBeef P what did they do?
PauseUnpause P it was beautiful
VintageBeef P ok...
PauseUnpause P zisteau put his face down my entire railway near my portal
PauseUnpause P so I ride though is face 9 times
PauseUnpause P with rainbows
VintageBeef P with wool?
PauseUnpause P yeah
VintageBeef P thats pretty cool
VintageBeef P about to record so no talky talky
mcgamer joined the game.
mcgamer Good afternoon.
VintageBeef hello
  • "Episode 106 - Zisteaus Face" (PauseUnpause, end)
  • "EP14 - Another One Enters The Fray" (VintageBeef, end)

mcgamer Oh hey guys, just grinding the spider farm (I found it at last)
Nebris endoplasmic reticulum
Nebris idk what that is, but it sounds dirty enough
Nebris left the game.

mcgamer Alright, just making sure. Just hoarding them so I can splash potion them at once.
Guude what ppl online dont get is we have pretty much the best hardware you can get, the lag we get in UHC
Guude isn't from the server, it is mod related
Guude I just haven't bothered wasting my time arguing with them
mcgamer Yeah, understandable.
Etho joined the game.
mcgamer Evening sir.
BdoubleO100 hey Easy
Etho hey guys
Guude hey
mcgamer Alright, lv 50 enchant. Take 3.
mcgamer Alright, Eff IV - Fortune III
Etho not bad
Guude tried to swim in lava
BdoubleO100 :/
Etho snap
Etho time for a commercial break!
Guude haha
BdoubleO100 lol
Guude hmm
Guude I have a mess here
Etho did you lose the sword?
Guude yea
Etho =/
  • "Episode 39 - Baj 1 - Bdub 0" (BdoubleO100, end)
BdoubleO100 need help?
Guude haha, nah I am ok
Guude just misplaced some lava
BdoubleO100 ah....i love you
Etho he needs dr. phil, he's traumitised
Guude hahaha
BdoubleO100 im fixing your door before i leave
Etho bbl
Etho left the game.
BdoubleO100 gunna get this edited so baj can do his thing
BdoubleO100 left the game.
  • "S3E304 - Reed Walls & Post UHC" (Guude, end)


AnderZEL hello :)
adlingtont hey
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
VintageBeef joined the game.
AnderZEL hello :)
VintageBeef hey there
adlingtont hey
PauseUnpause joined the game.
AnderZEL hello pause :)
PauseUnpause hey anderz
  • "S01 E18 Enchanting Is a Pain!" (AnderZEL, end)

Etho I think when I get both of these working it'll get you from 0 to 50 in 20 to 30 mins
VintageBeef sweet
Pakratt0013 hmm...
Etho indeed
Pakratt0013 I think I got some single player testin' to do.
Etho what you up to?
Pakratt0013 I'm tryin' to make a skeleton game in Guudeland...I think I mentioned it.
Pakratt0013 I put it off to blow up that hill...
Etho agg
Etho ahh*
Pakratt0013 that, and I needed to mull over what the heck I was doin'.
Pakratt0013 alright, brb.
Pakratt0013 left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
VintageBeef hi mhykol
Etho hey mhykol
Mhykol hello beef and etho
Mhykol I need slimeballs for a project - know where I can grab a handful?
VintageBeef i think there is a slimefarm at the community mine in town. cant be sure though
Mhykol I'll look
Mhykol yes there is
Mhykol got some now - thanks :)
VintageBeef np
Mhykol P Pyrao's diamond blocks at his nether rail are just begging "take and hide me"
VintageBeef lol. recording
Mhykol well there goes that idea :P
Etho P I noticed one missing the other day lol
Mhykol P I was thinking of replacing them with light blue wool
Mhykol P and just putting them in a chest in nether spawn to see how long it took him to find them
Mhykol brb
Mhykol left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013, I gotta stop tryin' to fly after bein' in creative...
Mhykol Yay - my nether portal is what my viewers call "etho'd" :)
  • "Episode 177 - Magic Door" (Mhykol, end)
Mhykol I'm impressed on how well it works
Mhykol left the game.
  • "S2 EP72 - The Story of PauseUnpause" (VintageBeef, end)


BdoubleO100 joined the game.
mcgamer Good morning
BdoubleO100 hola
  • "5/25/12 - Dawn of a New Day" (mcgamer, end)
mcgamer left the game.

AnderZEL im gona go have a good friday night dan :)
VintageBeef cool, later
AnderZEL left the game.
  • "S2 EP73 - Good Deeds" (VintageBeef, end)

PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause etho
PauseUnpause you should totally look at my stream
Etho hey bro
Etho your stream you say?
PauseUnpause mhmm
PauseUnpause g2g though
PauseUnpause just checking out something
PauseUnpause left the game.
  • "5/26/12 - Shouldn't Be Alive" (mcgamer, end)


PauseUnpause joined the game.
Docm77 hey man
PauseUnpause howdy doc
Docm77 we need to share track bro
Docm77 i ran into your track in the nether
PauseUnpause haha really?
Docm77 wanna hook up a track selection system to it
Docm77 you will not be affected
Docm77 you can ride is as usual
Docm77 so are you ok with ahring track in the hub?
PauseUnpause yeah, no problem
Docm77 sweet
Docm77 did you ride your track lately?
PauseUnpause left the game.

ShreeyamGFX woops
ShreeyamGFX left grinder on
ShreeyamGFX sorry
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
  • "Mindcrack 048 - Announcements" (Nebris, end)

mcgamer hit the ground too hard
Nebris tee hee
BdoubleO100 BOOM!!!
  • "5/27/12 - UHC Thoughts" (mcgamer, end)


ShreeyamGFX hey
VintageBeef greetings
BdoubleO100 hey guys
ShreeyamGFX who took all the picks in the enchantment exchange?
VintageBeef ?
ShreeyamGFX it's cleaned out
ShreeyamGFX empty
VintageBeef i blame nebris
ShreeyamGFX don't we all
VintageBeef bbl
VintageBeef left the game.
ShreeyamGFX bye
ShreeyamGFX dammit
Nebris joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey Nebs
ShreeyamGFX anybody got eff/unbr picks?
BdoubleO100 no
ShreeyamGFX :(
Nebris asking the guys that need large quantities of obsidian?
ShreeyamGFX ha ha
ShreeyamGFX I got efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, fortune 3, twice
Nebris ooooo gimme
ShreeyamGFX soon
BdoubleO100 shree your diamonds are at the arena if you need them this instant
ShreeyamGFX I'll grab them later
ShreeyamGFX I saw your video
BdoubleO100 i can bring to you later
ShreeyamGFX it's cool
ShreeyamGFX Neebs I'm at your hub
Nebris i just saw you pass beneath me
ShreeyamGFX ha ha
BdoubleO100 lol
Nebris ooooooo, ty
ShreeyamGFX I accept bitcoins
BdoubleO100 you guys are so cute
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
Nebris left the game.

Docm77 hey b
BdoubleO100 yo yo!
W92Baj Bubbles
W92Baj Doc - Shoulda filled the inside of that mushroom with blocks first before moving it
  • "Episode 41 - That's MY Mower!" (BdoubleO100, end)
BdoubleO100 brb
Docm77 would have helped;-)
BdoubleO100 left the game.
W92Baj :D
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Docm77 lata guys
Docm77 left the game.
W92Baj cya
  • "S01E92 - Flocking hell " (W92Baj, end)

ShreeyamGFX P Where does Bdubs keep his diamonds?
W92Baj P dunno
W92Baj P there were some in the secret room downstairs
ShreeyamGFX P I will just strategically attack the record shop then
W92Baj And lo, the lord said 'Let there be lag'
ShreeyamGFX and the lord saw that it was good
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Docm77 joined the game.
Docm77 hey guys
Nebris hi
W92Baj Hey Doc
  • "Mindcrack 049 - Polishing" (Nebris, end)

PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause P I heard your herpes were flaring up, you going to be ok?
Arkas joined the game.
Arkas Hey nebs, and ||>
Nebris hi!
Arkas hey
Mhykol joined the game.
Arkas watcha up to
Mhykol Greetings!
Nebris livestreaming and giving people a tour of your awesome base
Arkas Hey M
Arkas I see,
Mhykol Hey I'm livestreaming too :P
PauseUnpause Mhykol, I heard your hemeroids were acting up, you ok breh?
PauseUnpause forgot the P
Mhykol Better now
PauseUnpause fuck
Mhykol thanks for the buttpaste you like to use
Mhykol it works wonders
PauseUnpause glad it worked
PauseUnpause Nebris, maybe we are cousins!
PauseUnpause we gotta check out our family trees
Arkas A lot of my family moved to canada after WOII, so who knows pause
Arkas you still at my base nebs?
Nebris nope
Arkas oh ok, tell your audience I'm taking it down ;)
Nebris stop destroying your beautiful stuff and just build new awesome stuff somewhere else
Arkas I tried,
Arkas but I already got this platform set up to where I want it,
Mhykol popsick!
PauseUnpause those are my carts
PauseUnpause I make a buttload cause someone keeps jacking myne
PauseUnpause left the game.
  • "Nebris Derps! (May 27th)" (Nebris, end)

Mhykol 300 spiders - think I'll kill the server?
Arkas nah
VintageBeef joined the game.
Nebris howdy
PauseUnpause beefy boy!
VintageBeef hey guys
Mhykol hiya beef!
Arkas Hey B
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef yes!
Arkas lol
PauseUnpause I beef'd it up
Mhykol we're going to have to rename it to doing a pause soon
PauseUnpause lol
VintageBeef you sure did
Mhykol Pause did you do the raindance again?
PauseUnpause RACIST
  • "Episode 107 - Changing the past" (PauseUnpause, end)

Mhykol hi guude - I'm streaming
Arkas Hey G
Guude hey guys
Guude lol I like how you say that so quickly to prevent me from saying anything offensive
Mhykol or anything private :P
VintageBeef he's just lookin' out for you
mcgamer joined the game.
Mhykol was slain by mcgamer
VintageBeef oh snap!
mcgamer Darn homeless kids, wandering into my house.
VintageBeef get him mhykol!
mcgamer left the game.
mcgamer joined the game.
mcgamer left the game.
Mhykol left the game.
VintageBeef bbs
VintageBeef left the game.
VintageBeef joined the game.
Guude hey
VintageBeef you lookin' at me?
Arkas hey
Arkas bbl guys
Arkas left the game.
  • "S3E308 - Double Rainbow" (Guude, end)


W92Baj joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey Baj
W92Baj Bonjourno
ShreeyamGFX I was just talking about you in my video
W92Baj How sexeh I am?
ShreeyamGFX you are very sexy
W92Baj I know this
W92Baj Need to buy my car tax today *cries
  • "S3E26 - History" (ShreeyamGFX, end)


Arkas joined the game.
VintageBeef hi arkas
Arkas Hey beefman

Arkas wb
VintageBeef y
VintageBeef ty
PauseUnpause joined the game.
VintageBeef hey there
PauseUnpause sup
Arkas Hey pause
PauseUnpause i hate your new portal
VintageBeef lol
PauseUnpause I haven fallen too many times
VintageBeef no way up now
PauseUnpause D:
PauseUnpause payment
VintageBeef gonna make a way up now
PauseUnpause I forgot some of the items last night to make splash health pots
  • "S2 EP75 - My Rap Name" (VintageBeef, end)

Arkas also, the circle and seating don't seem to match up
BdoubleO100 yea its not exact
BdoubleO100 i kind thought the way they sloped up at the ends looks kinda cool
Arkas yea
Arkas I'm afraid it will look awkward in the unfinished parts though
BdoubleO100 like in the open corners?
Arkas yeah
BdoubleO100 yea....thats where i was thinking the massive columns could go and then build around them
Arkas Can I try an alternative perhaps?
BdoubleO100 please do
Arkas allright, give me a min
BdoubleO100 i prefer your eye for design to mine....i have just been building to keep it going
Arkas I know what you mean
Arkas left the game.
Arkas joined the game.
Arkas got any birch wood?
BdoubleO100 no :/
Arkas alright ill get some
BdoubleO100 creeper blew up on chests....thats why they are in a different location
Arkas lol
BdoubleO100 i feel ya
Arkas It can be lowered one if you like
BdoubleO100 i dont think it thought was that the stairs should be on a different level
BdoubleO100 whether its higher or lower doesnt matter i dont think
Arkas well this way the stair's act more like acces to the seats I think
Arkas stairs*
BdoubleO100 thats just what i was thinking
Arkas brb
BdoubleO100 k
Arkas I'll work in it in a bit, don't worry ;)
Arkas on* it
BdoubleO100 no worries
Arkas left the game.
  • "Episode 42 - Thanks Doc!" (BdoubleO100, end)

Nebris joined the game.
Nebris hola
Zisteau hey there
  • "27 - 'Slime Station and UHC Recap'" (Zisteau, end)

adlingtont joined the game.
Nebris fell out of the world
Mhykol rofl
W92Baj lolz
Nebris left the game.
Mhykol aww :(
Mhykol I'm sad I laughed now
W92Baj Rrraaagequit
Zisteau wow
Zisteau just found a ravine, and the entire bottom is a lava lake
Zisteau I'm in heaven
Guude lol
Mhykol wow
Guude bbl
Guude left the game.
  • "Episode 179 - Ask Not Ax" (Mhykol, end)