Chat log (May 2012)/10

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Arkas joined the game.
Arkas Hey beef, ads
VintageBeef hey there
adlingtont hey
AnderZEL joined the game.
AnderZEL Hello! :D
VintageBeef hi there
adlingtont hey
AnderZEL Dan you said you wanted to sell a fortune pick in a MC episode not longa ago you still have it?
VintageBeef no, sold it to etho. lol
AnderZEL derp :P
AnderZEL wow lagg
VintageBeef yeah
AnderZEL chopped a whole tree down and i came back xD
VintageBeef lol
AnderZEL gona go bye bye guys :)
VintageBeef later
Arkas cya
AnderZEL left the game.
  • "S2 EP68 - Nosey Neighbor" (VintageBeef, end)

adlingtont ill set something up over the other side of the room
ShreeyamGFX alright, see ya
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX I have an idea
adlingtont ya?
ShreeyamGFX you could hook up XOR gates across each latch here
ShreeyamGFX although that would be very big and bulky
adlingtont try it, ill work on the minecraft idea
ShreeyamGFX no, it's like, super big
adlingtont hmm ok
ShreeyamGFX and you'd better need a limiter
PauseUnpause joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey pause
PauseUnpause hey shree
Arkas Hey pup
PauseUnpause Hey arkles
PauseUnpause fudge you guude
PauseUnpause and hello addles
adlingtont left the game.
Guude eat a dick
PauseUnpause haha
ShreeyamGFX how nice
PauseUnpause <3
ShreeyamGFX ooh
ShreeyamGFX wait ad left
ShreeyamGFX I got this now
ShreeyamGFX he left with the track...
adlingtont joined the game.
adlingtont good ol' BT internet
ShreeyamGFX yay
ShreeyamGFX I have a plan, ad
ShreeyamGFX this plan is very plan-like
ShreeyamGFX and I thought this through
ShreeyamGFX I think
Guude adlington did you steal beef's child?
adlingtont the egg? no
ShreeyamGFX Guude thanks for putting netherrack here
ShreeyamGFX really helps me to see the redstone
adlingtont it was me
adlingtont most of it
ShreeyamGFX why?
adlingtont so I knew where the floor was
ShreeyamGFX at the expense of my eyes bleeding
ShreeyamGFX anyway I got this
adlingtont you dont need themaw
ShreeyamGFX got any water?
ShreeyamGFX spray it!
adlingtont wait
adlingtont ok
mcgamer joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey there
adlingtont oh i dropped it :P
mcgamer Greetings
adlingtont did you pick up a button
ShreeyamGFX es
ShreeyamGFX yes*
ShreeyamGFX okay, got any tracks?
adlingtont yes
ShreeyamGFX delicious
Guude P ad that was a cool hiding spot
PauseUnpause P I'm recording btw
Guude P eat a dick
adlingtont P good job finding it, I thought it was tough
PauseUnpause episode 100 title Mindcrack Episode 100 - Eat a dick
Arkas P awesome
Guude P well with me having 1 thick walls I knew you would have to tie it to either s button or pressure p
ShreeyamGFX I may be overcomplicating things somewhat
ShreeyamGFX P so, when you press a button, all the powered rails fire up
  • "Episode 100 - 100 EPISODES!!" (PauseUnpause, end)
PauseUnpause left the game.
ShreeyamGFX P then, the correct button will nudge the cart along
ShreeyamGFX P The incorrect one will send it on a reset rail
adlingtont the correct button will turn the rail so the cart goes the right way
ShreeyamGFX yes
ShreeyamGFX got a cart?
ShreeyamGFX awesome
ShreeyamGFX got a detector rail too?
ShreeyamGFX thanks
ShreeyamGFX more rail (powered + reg)? :P
ShreeyamGFX I have this all figured out now
adlingtont you'll have to make it
ShreeyamGFX I'll go nab your iron then
adlingtont plenty of it
adlingtont there might be some more rail reg down there
ShreeyamGFX sweet
  • "S3E302 - Search Warrant" (Guude, end)
ShreeyamGFX now, the real difficult is powering the rails here
adlingtont mine seems a lot easier...
ShreeyamGFX what's it do
adlingtont everything
Guude left the game.
adlingtont just need to wire up the buttons
adlingtont i think i have it
ShreeyamGFX demonstrate
adlingtont may i take the cart?
ShreeyamGFX go ahead
adlingtont so it should get to the other end
ShreeyamGFX the code is what?
adlingtont too far
ShreeyamGFX you might need a monostable to control the tracks
ShreeyamGFX aka pulse shortener
adlingtont yes
adlingtont man
ShreeyamGFX not enough powered rails?
adlingtont the pulse is too long
ShreeyamGFX use one of these
adlingtont ya
adlingtont i just dont want to rewire it now :P
adlingtont I'll let you work out yours
  • "Fire in the Cave! - E8" (mcgamer, end)
ShreeyamGFX awesome!
ShreeyamGFX woops
ShreeyamGFX forget to invert
ShreeyamGFX one sec
adlingtont god
ShreeyamGFX ha ha
adlingtont what would happen if you stayed on the plate
ShreeyamGFX the same thing as if you just stood on it
mcgamer blew up
ShreeyamGFX want to experiment?
adlingtont the track turns off?
adlingtont sure
ShreeyamGFX one sec
ShreeyamGFX I need to hook up power rails to the detectors
  • "More Monsters!? - E9" (mcgamer, end)