Chat log (May 2012)/17

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PauseUnpause what rhymes with splief?
Mhykol grief
mcgamer Spleef?
PauseUnpause mhykol got it
mcgamer Kappa
PauseUnpause hint hint wink wink
mcgamer You better not be at my house
PauseUnpause too far
mcgamer Alright
mcgamer I am still on Canadian Watch
mcgamer One already blew up my monument to Etho
Mhykol so much string
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Mhykol wb
PauseUnpause Mc Gamer and the case of the missing lapis
mcgamer NO
mcgamer D:
Mhykol bwahahahaha
mcgamer Give me a minute, I'm dealing with the obsidian.
mcgamer D:
Mhykol I'm watching your stream - HI MC'S STREAM!
PauseUnpause mhykol, you in need of any lupis?
Mhykol I can use everything mc has
Mhykol You are welcome MC :P
Mhykol y u no mumble?
mcgamer Alright, where are you>?
PauseUnpause now why would I tell you that?
Mhykol I'm in my cave spider grinder
PauseUnpause fyi, you are super cold
PauseUnpause this is not merely a prank, but rather a slight taste of what is to come ;)
Mhykol so this entire room would look awesome encased in lupis wouldn't it?
Zisteau joined the game.
PauseUnpause Zeatsoo
Zisteau hi guys
mcgamer Zisteau help, he took it. He took it all.
Mhykol hi zisteau
Zisteau who took it?
Mhykol mc you on a skype call with dew or something?
mcgamer Pause, he took it. He took...
mcgamer My lapis! D:
Zisteau haha
mcgamer Now I am on a manhunt
Zisteau anyone recording?
mcgamer Yep
Mhykol mc is streaming
PauseUnpause it's a huge me
PauseUnpause map**
PauseUnpause hhaha
mcgamer darn it pouse i am upset rite now and i will dislike all ur vidz
Mhykol oh shit son
Mhykol that sounds like a threat
PauseUnpause hahahha
Mhykol or a birthday card
Mhykol I can't tell
PauseUnpause one sec zisteau
Mhykol mc - I think you are going the wrong way
Mhykol so many spiders
Mhykol btw mc - you should drag me in
PauseUnpause LEAVE IT ALONE!
mcgamer left the game.
mcgamer joined the game.
mcgamer <3
  • "Pause Trolls MC Gamer... LIVE!" (mcgamer, end)
PauseUnpause tried to swim in lava
PauseUnpause haha
*mcgamer claps
PauseUnpause well my pick should be there if you want to mine the obsidian
PauseUnpause and you can take a cart back
PauseUnpause haha
Zisteau drowned
Zisteau intentional, got pranked
Zisteau hit the ground too hard
adlingtont joined the game.
adlingtont just wanted to say I wont save you :)
adlingtont left the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
PauseUnpause joined the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
PauseUnpause McGamer and the case of the missing Lupis: Ends Meet
mcgamer Thanks for the help adlington! :D
adlingtont No problem :)
PauseUnpause The 2nd part of the story ;)
mcgamer You better not be pranking me... again?! D:
PauseUnpause Pranking? This is just 2 guys having a little fun :D
mcgamer You will pay :(
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
PauseUnpause was slain by mcgamer
PauseUnpause haha that means war
Mhykol haha
mcgamer drowned
Mhykol ROFL
PauseUnpause grab my pick and we'll be even
mcgamer Deal
PauseUnpause there is a pick
mcgamer was slain by PauseUnpause
PauseUnpause it's funny, cause like I said, this isn't even a prank ;)
Zisteau hit the ground too hard
PauseUnpause Stop beefing it up
PauseUnpause dont worry about the lapis, I promise to bring it home
PauseUnpause I'm bringing it to a breeding stable
Zisteau building at the build limit has its risks
PauseUnpause been awhile since we all done a ctm map
Mhykol yea
Mhykol I miss Mashed Potatoes!
Mhykol I'm killing spiders
Mhykol there - at level 45
Mhykol let's see what enchant my diamond pick gets
adlingtont remember, if you dont like it you can use the enchantment exchange!
Zisteau WTS fortune 3 picks, WTB silk touch
Mhykol BAH
Mhykol level 45 and all I got was Eff IV
PauseUnpause lololol
Zisteau trade you a fortune 3 pick
Zisteau for real
Mhykol sure
Zisteau where are you?
Mhykol heading to nether hub
Zisteau k
mcgamer Thank you Pause. Was fun <3
PauseUnpause :D
mcgamer Alright, going to play anything else, adios.
PauseUnpause peace

VintageBeef P maybe we can get a bunch of us together tomorrow night for a golf tourney
VintageBeef P since we are not recording UHC
BdoubleO100 P awesome
W92Baj dirt a layer above the water, wood half slabs under them, remove dirt.
W92Baj Add something that looks like barrels
BdoubleO100 extended piston as a motor?
W92Baj you better get killing those endermen Beef
W92Baj Its a pontoon you a boat, silly
VintageBeef i can do that. i think pak has a bunch of pearls too
W92Baj *not
BdoubleO100 they have motors
W92Baj Not in my world
W92Baj I dont think I have seen sun since being on here
W92Baj cats again
VintageBeef just kill em already
W92Baj I may have to
VintageBeef ask bdubs, he knows all about killing cats
PauseUnpause joined the game.
BdoubleO100 PunP
pauseunpause sup
W92Baj Lemmiwinks
VintageBeef sup homes
W92Baj :D We were all thinking it
adlingtont joined the game.
VintageBeef hi ads
adlingtont hey
W92Baj Its now a prty
W92Baj P.R.T.Y prty
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX did someone say party?
W92Baj nope
VintageBeef hey shree
ShreeyamGFX hey
W92Baj Where you at beef?
VintageBeef castle. building
VintageBeef where did you come from
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj ladder tower
VintageBeef oh
W92Baj look
W92Baj goes right under
VintageBeef is that what you wanted to show me?
VintageBeef yeah
W92Baj yeah
VintageBeef gotta explore that
W92Baj mhmm
BdoubleO100 you at castle beef?
VintageBeef yeah
BdoubleO100 i visit
VintageBeef sure, bring empty pockets, i have some sandstone for you
BdoubleO100 :) :) :)
BdoubleO100 is it okay that i am recording?
VintageBeef yeah no prob
BdoubleO100 gorgeous right here
BdoubleO100 oh heavens!
VintageBeef thats the back
VintageBeef lol
BdoubleO100 thank you so much angel
adlingtont my castles real cool too... *forever alone*
BdoubleO100 lol i will see it too ads
W92Baj too much fire there
ShreeyamGFX my underwater house is cool as well :(
BdoubleO100 did i hit ya baj?
W92Baj not even close :p
pauseunpause your mom is cool
BdoubleO100 lol
VintageBeef lol
BdoubleO100 what do you think if i slay these cats for you?
VintageBeef lol
VintageBeef dont do it
VintageBeef resist the urge
W92Baj skellies upstairs
VintageBeef not well lit enough
W92Baj lol
VintageBeef you killed my cat?!?!?
W92Baj I may have killed your cat
BdoubleO100 no i promise
W92Baj I have plenty you can have
VintageBeef it was baj, shot him with an arrow. poor kitty
ShreeyamGFX I think I killed one too
ShreeyamGFX ages ago
W92Baj Back to the golf course
W92Baj those greens wont tend themselves
VintageBeef lol
ShreeyamGFX you have a golf course?
BdoubleO100 kills cat then goes golfing to celebrate
W92Baj um nope
VintageBeef somebody doesnt watch baj's videos
ShreeyamGFX D:
BdoubleO100 ooooooooo
W92Baj yeaah
ShreeyamGFX I had an exam this morning, cut me some slack :(
W92Baj It was 3 days ago man
ShreeyamGFX I'll watch it now
ShreeyamGFX I feel guilty
VintageBeef lol
W92Baj dont bother
BdoubleO100 beef i will bring you stone in return
VintageBeef he doesnt want your pitty views
VintageBeef no need bdubs, got lots in storage
BdoubleO100 i will bring you a record
VintageBeef lol
VintageBeef please dont
W92Baj and take your diamonds
BdoubleO100 LOL
ShreeyamGFX hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef yeah!
  • "Episode 36 - 'It's Minecraft Day!'" (BdoubleO100, end)