Chat log (May 2012)/2

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AnderZEL hello ther ark
Arkas Hey
VintageBeef joined the game.
Arkas Hey beef
VintageBeef hi arkas
AnderZEL hello ther beefy :)
VintageBeef lol, hello you crazy swede
Arkas swede?
AnderZEL yes im swedish :_)
Arkas I'e been to sweden last week
Arkas survivaling in the woods
Arkas super fun time ofc
AnderZEL awesome lycky you to be in sutch a fine country! :)
VintageBeef that sounds awesome
Arkas yeah, been to Växjo aswell :P
  • "S01 E08 It's a Secret" (AnderZEL, end)

W92Baj Has the 'compensating' comment come up often?
W92Baj Hey G
Guude hey there
Nebris nope
W92Baj It should. You clearly have a tiny wng :D
W92Baj *wang
Nebris down right miniscule
W92Baj word
Etho hey guude
Guude howdy
W92Baj Are the kittens ripe yet Etho?
Etho full grown and annoying me
W92Baj Bag em up and send em out to the restaurants
W92Baj you still sand gathering Etho?
Etho ya it's ok ;)
Etho thanks for guarding
Etho baj
W92Baj E
Etho entertainment over hear
W92Baj gathering the risky way
Etho for sure
Nebris hit the ground too hard
W92Baj oop
Etho ups
Nebris forgot to look at my health before i jumped down
W92Baj oops
Etho lol
W92Baj was trying to set the tnt
Etho here
Etho I spaced it too close
Etho much more enjoyable way of doing it
W92Baj perhaps not quite as efficient
Etho it's not, but there is a lot of sand out there
W92Baj true
W92Baj I wish the villagers did something
Guude I am sure the german felt the same way about the jews
Etho like be able to dig sand?
W92Baj I guess Guude isnt recording :D
W92Baj Yeah,well, farm etc
Etho I guess he is
Guude lol
Nebris hit the ground too hard
Etho same thing?
Nebris k, now i'm just being reckless
W92Baj Have you thought about putting some floors in?
W92Baj You still out there E-pants?
Etho no, I'm at the hub right now
Etho full of sand
W92Baj I bet
Guude hit the ground too hard
W92Baj Waheeey
Etho snap son
Guude yep
Guude not sure what even hit me
W92Baj the ground
Guude lol
Etho too hard
Etho I'm off, laters
Nebris cya
W92Baj cya
Etho thanks for the sand baj
Etho left the game.
Nebris left the game.
  • "S3E299 - Third Shift" (Guude, end)