Chat log (May 2012)/20

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mcgamer Where are you friend? The stream demands me to hunt you down and say hello.
BdoubleO100 in a sand pit behind the arena
BdoubleO100 just look for a man in a 5x20 hole
BdoubleO100 6x20 now
mcgamer G'day! :D
BdoubleO100 8x20 :/
BdoubleO100 gday! my favorite
mcgamer A gift for you. Have a good day. :D
mcgamer I am trapped. Game over.
BdoubleO100 ill try to eat it
BdoubleO100 need to get hungry first
BdoubleO100 i can eat it now
mcgamer Work up a sweat
mcgamer Good work.
BdoubleO100 poisoned me
mcgamer Keep it up sailor.
mcgamer Don't die.
mcgamer :D
BdoubleO100 later brother
mcgamer We need to discover a sand-dupe bug already.
BdoubleO100 agreed
mcgamer That's what I am grinding for as well. The deserts on Mindcrack aren't going to exist after us.
BdoubleO100 we will have all sand
  • "Episode 38 - Nice Back Yard" (BdoubleO100, end)