Chat log (May 2012)/29

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Arkas joined the game.
VintageBeef hi arkas
Arkas Hey beefman

Arkas wb
VintageBeef y
VintageBeef ty
PauseUnpause joined the game.
VintageBeef hey there
PauseUnpause sup
Arkas Hey pause
PauseUnpause i hate your new portal
VintageBeef lol
PauseUnpause I haven fallen too many times
VintageBeef no way up now
PauseUnpause D:
PauseUnpause payment
VintageBeef gonna make a way up now
PauseUnpause I forgot some of the items last night to make splash health pots
  • "S2 EP75 - My Rap Name" (VintageBeef, end)

Arkas also, the circle and seating don't seem to match up
BdoubleO100 yea its not exact
BdoubleO100 i kind thought the way they sloped up at the ends looks kinda cool
Arkas yea
Arkas I'm afraid it will look awkward in the unfinished parts though
BdoubleO100 like in the open corners?
Arkas yeah
BdoubleO100 yea....thats where i was thinking the massive columns could go and then build around them
Arkas Can I try an alternative perhaps?
BdoubleO100 please do
Arkas allright, give me a min
BdoubleO100 i prefer your eye for design to mine....i have just been building to keep it going
Arkas I know what you mean
Arkas left the game.
Arkas joined the game.
Arkas got any birch wood?
BdoubleO100 no :/
Arkas alright ill get some
BdoubleO100 creeper blew up on chests....thats why they are in a different location
Arkas lol
BdoubleO100 i feel ya
Arkas It can be lowered one if you like
BdoubleO100 i dont think it thought was that the stairs should be on a different level
BdoubleO100 whether its higher or lower doesnt matter i dont think
Arkas well this way the stair's act more like acces to the seats I think
Arkas stairs*
BdoubleO100 thats just what i was thinking
Arkas brb
BdoubleO100 k
Arkas I'll work in it in a bit, don't worry ;)
Arkas on* it
BdoubleO100 no worries
Arkas left the game.
  • "Episode 42 - Thanks Doc!" (BdoubleO100, end)

Nebris joined the game.
Nebris hola
Zisteau hey there
  • "27 - 'Slime Station and UHC Recap'" (Zisteau, end)

adlingtont joined the game.
Nebris fell out of the world
Mhykol rofl
W92Baj lolz
Nebris left the game.
Mhykol aww :(
Mhykol I'm sad I laughed now
W92Baj Rrraaagequit
Zisteau wow
Zisteau just found a ravine, and the entire bottom is a lava lake
Zisteau I'm in heaven
Guude lol
Mhykol wow
Guude bbl
Guude left the game.
  • "Episode 179 - Ask Not Ax" (Mhykol, end)