Chat log (May 2012)/3

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Etho joined the game.
Etho hit the ground too hard
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
Zisteau joined the game.
PauseUnpause Hey zisteau
Zisteau hi guys
Etho hey zist
VintageBeef hey man
Zisteau fancing see you online
PauseUnpause sup?
Zisteau payback will be a bitch
PauseUnpause ?
VintageBeef whatcha talkin about?
Etho whatcha upto zisteau?
Zisteau I will get you for this
PauseUnpause u r 2 cute
PauseUnpause 1 man army, against team canada?!?
Zisteau boats are a nice touch
Zisteau my 1st prank is already planned
Zisteau but I will get you all afterwards
PauseUnpause there is some mystery in the wording of that sentance
PauseUnpause prank 1 of us first, and then get the rest?
Zisteau what are you guys up to?
PauseUnpause nothing, just fixing some stuff at my place
VintageBeef digging holes
Zisteau I mean now that you've provoked me
Zisteau did you really mix up my sheep?
Zisteau I will get you for this
Zisteau you in a call?
PauseUnpause lol yeah
BdoubleO100 joined the game.
Zisteau want to add me?
VintageBeef k
BdoubleO100 hi
PauseUnpause heyo
BdoubleO100 im gunna work on the arena a bit
Etho coolio
PauseUnpause nice, whatchy going to add?
BdoubleO100 not sure....a circle
PauseUnpause for indians?
BdoubleO100 exactly my thoughts
Zisteau left the game.
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    "EP13 - Back Together Again" (VintageBeef, end)
Zisteau joined the game.
Zisteau hit the ground too hard
BdoubleO100 you beefed it up man
VintageBeef lol
thejims joined the game.
BdoubleO100 Jimmer
thejims lets see here, john isnt it?
Etho hey jims
VintageBeef hey there
BdoubleO100 correct as usual
thejims i've got a brother and dad named john :P
  • "Episode 16: Pranking OCD Zisteau" (Etho, end)
thejims whats everyone up to tonight? buildin and mining?
PauseUnpause this and that
BdoubleO100 arena
Etho mostly that
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
VintageBeef left the game.
PauseUnpause where is that arena?
BdoubleO100 behind the ark
thejims O_o
thejims that big MC sign?
thejims so thats NOT mc gamers house?
BdoubleO100 lol
BdoubleO100 its off center :(
thejims that smiley is off center too, do you see it complaining?
BdoubleO100 its not
BdoubleO100 THANK YOU
PauseUnpause this looks badass
BdoubleO100 gracias
Etho I like the stairs
BdoubleO100 trying to make an entrance but dont have a good brain
BdoubleO100 call?
BdoubleO100 you got skype jims?
thejims yeah man
thejims but my gf is watching tv so you wont be able to hear me well >D
BdoubleO100 no prob
thejims go ahead and gimme a ring tho, i can keep up in chat
PauseUnpause hit the ground too hard
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PauseUnpause still up?
Zisteau yeah
  • "Episode 94 - Home away from home?" (PauseUnpause, end)

Arkas Hey beef
VintageBeef hello
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Arkas Hey pup
PauseUnpause hey
Docm77 joined the game.
VintageBeef hey doc
Docm77 hey guys
Arkas hey
thejims heya doc
Docm77 i had the power to make it day
Docm77 ha
Docm77 now thatis gone
Docm77 all your fault, hehehe
Arkas lol
adlingtont joined the game.
Arkas Hey ad
Docm77 hey
adlingtont hey guys
Arkas left the game.
thejims left the game.
Docm77 left the game.
Docm77 joined the game.
  • "S2 EP65 - Lots To Do" (VintageBeef, end)

Guude hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef ha!
W92Baj joined the game.
Guude guess I am not the only one getting lag all of a sudden
Pyro_0 nope
Guude anyone xp grinding?
Zisteau hi doc
Docm77 thanks;-)
Zisteau :)
W92Baj I am in the middle of the ocean. It got a bit sticky
adlingtont I was, relogged and all the zombies were gone, now I'm not
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 .o/
W92Baj I cant remember which way I was sailing now
Pakratt0013 ...don't usually wave to so many people...
W92Baj Hi P
adlingtont (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Pyro_0 lol
Pakratt0013 good one.
adlingtont I really didnt think that would work in minecraft
Pakratt0013 P so...what's goin' on?
Zisteau left the game.
Zisteau joined the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
adlingtont left the game.
adlingtont joined the game.
Nebris joined the game.
Nebris sup?
Mhykol hiyo
Pyro_0 hey.
Pakratt0013 hai
Docm77 im fishing
Docm77 under water
Mhykol I'm recording :)
Pakratt0013 neat.
Docm77 nice and quiet
Pyro_0 left the game.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
Nebris P i thought ya'll were killing the dragon
thejims P tomorrow nite
Docm77 cant we do it today
Docm77 i have to do a nightshift tomorrow night
Mhykol :o
Docm77 ti have to start working at 8 pm gmt
Docm77 that is 2 pm eastern
adlingtont isnt that 3 eastern?
Docm77 or three
Guude left the game.
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
Docm77 5 hours or is it 6
Pyro_0 >_<
W92Baj 5
Docm77 ok, so it would be 3 pm eastern
Guude joined the game.
Guude P who all are we missing
Guude P dont want to exclude the ppl that wanted to do it tomorrow
Mhykol P ?
Docm77 etho
Nebris P beef and pause
adlingtont P shree.. korokouro
Guude P I dont think etho could do it tomorrow
Guude P so I think he was going to miss it either way
Guude P oh yea we are missing, beef, pause, bdouble, mcgamer
Guude P kurt
Guude P that is a lot of people
Docm77 yeah
Zisteau P I wasn't going to be on for long, but if we're going to do that now I'll stay around
adlingtont P doc tell them you have to slay a dragon
Guude P I think we shoudl wait for everone that planned on tomorrow
Pyro_0 P what time you doing it at?
Docm77 i wsh i could
Guude P 7pm est
Pyro_0 P tonight?
Docm77 but nightshift is not easy to find someone to do it for me
Guude P no tomorrow
Pyro_0 P timezones, no idea. lol
Docm77 basically impossible
Nebris 22 hours from now
adlingtont man mhykol has so much to cut from his recording right now
Pyro_0 P I guess I could stay up. It's the weekend.
Mhykol I'm not cutting anything :P
PauseUnpause joined the game.
PauseUnpause wtf
PauseUnpause why so many people?
Pakratt0013 PuP!!!
Mhykol hi pause
Docm77 hey
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
Nebris P if we can get beef kurt and b00 now...
Pyro_0 nopenopenopenope
Pyro_0 i forgot to set spawn again
W92Baj Its nicer now
Pakratt0013 less talkie, more flyie, Pyro.
Guude you fixed spawn baj?
W92Baj I made a tunnel
PauseUnpause do ghasts spawn in 4 high rooms? or 5?
Guude 5
thejims 4
adlingtont 5
Pyro_0 4
W92Baj 3
Pakratt0013 lol
thejims 16
PauseUnpause D: I think I was logged on since this morning, rode back and died in my 4 high room
Pakratt0013 wiki says 5^3
PauseUnpause there goes my fortune 3 pick along with my amazing fortune 3, unbreaking 3 and eff 4
PauseUnpause ./vomit
Nebris ooo, cocoa!
Mhykol left the game.
Mhykol joined the game.
Zisteau left the game.
PauseUnpause bbl
PauseUnpause left the game.
Docm77 yeah, need to a cat..yes
  • "Episode 171 - Redstone Headache" (Mhykol, end)
Pyro_0 later lol :P
Docm77 gnight everybody
Guude later doc
W92Baj we saw it in your vlog
Pakratt0013 'night doc!
Docm77 left the game.
Nebris left the game.
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
W92Baj All the cool kids are doing it
Mhykol peer pressure
Pyro_0 :(
Pakratt0013 Pyro, it's hard skydivin' in a game without the ability to make a parashute.
Mhykol true dat
Pyro_0 So many random holes in my nether tunnel
Pakratt0013 but I applaud your determination.
W92Baj is that a euphamism?
Pakratt0013 would it matter to you if it was, Baj?
Pyro_0 I hope this drop doesnt kill me D;
Pyro_0 yay
Pakratt0013 awe...
Pyro_0 hit the ground too hard
Pyro_0 ok
adlingtont that one did
Pakratt0013 not to dissapoint the fans!
Pyro_0 yep
Pakratt0013 brb, gotta rec on test world for a bit.
Pakratt0013 left the game.
  • "Episode 172 - Push Button, Raise Floor" (Mhykol, end)
Mhykol done :)
Pyro_0 was slain by Zombie Pigman
Pyro_0 wat
Mhykol oh great
Pyro_0 Man. That was g.
Pyro_0 embarassing.
Pyro_0 was slain by Zombie Pigman
Pyro_0 LOL
Mhykol need a hand?
Pyro_0 There was 5 of them I killed 4.
Pyro_0 Im good xD
Mhykol got him for you :)
Pyro_0 thnx
Mhykol oh guude - it appears pyro isn't showing up in IRC - not sure about the website though
Pyro_0 This account only got added to the whitelist today.
Mhykol ahh
PauseUnpause joined the game.
Guude P you wanna do some sniping tonight pause?
PauseUnpause P sure!
Mhykol pause!
PauseUnpause brb
PauseUnpause left the game.
Guude owned
Mhykol :(
PauseUnpause joined the game.
adlingtont lol
Mhykol :'(
Guude joined the game.
Pyro_0 Gonna sleep here, ttyl.
Pyro_0 joined the game.
PauseUnpause left the game.
W92Baj A whole day of sailing looking for the right land and none found :(
W92Baj Better luck tomorrow I guess
W92Baj Later all
Mhykol yea good luck :)
adlingtont see ya
W92Baj left the game.
Mhykol later ya'll
adlingtont see ya
Mhykol left the game.
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Nebris joined the game.
Nebris left the game.
Pakratt0013 joined the game.
Pakratt0013 whelp, was gonna record, but now it's rainin' so hard IRL, I can't do it.
thejims that keeps you from recording?
thejims i just accidently recorded like 1hr 30mins
Pakratt0013 thunderstorm, rain on skylight over head, yeah.
thejims totally went to cook diner afk and everything
Pakratt0013 heh
Pakratt0013 I could get kicked off by this thing any moment, so I'm probably gonna go play BoI until it's over.
adlingtont I've recorded an hour of mooshrooms
Pakratt0013 nice.
Pakratt0013 bbl I guess.
Pakratt0013 assumin no power outages.
Pakratt0013 left the game.
thejims lol damnit enderman
thejims why u gotta port into my redstone room
thejims they can pickup wool with redstone on it cant they?
adlingtont I dont think they can pick up wool
thejims left the game.
Etho joined the game.
  • "101 - Mooshroom Madness" (adlingtont, end)