Cobra's Home for Wayward Sheepies

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Cobra's Home for Wayward Sheepies

Cobra's Home for Wayward Sheepies was an animal sanctuary built in September 2012 by arrowhoodcobra on the MindCrack Fan Server. Sheep, Pigs, and Cows reside in pens around the area. A Snow Golem, which she named Renaldo Gonzales, resides in the main registration house. There was a rule book detailing guidelines for adding animal pens and a registration book to register the animals.

House Name Animal
01 Berrie Pie Sheep
02 Honeydew Sheep
03 Willowcheeks (formerly Ombre) Sheep
04 Simon Sheep
05 Gumdrop Sheep
06 Bruberry Sheep
07 Jojo Sheep
08 Classy Cass Sheep
09 Margarita Sheep
10 Martini Sheep
11 Drizzle Sheep
12 Snowdrift Sheep
13 Mr. Oinkovsky Pig
14 Aguamarine Sheep
15 Bumble Sheep
16 Tooty Fruity Sheep
17 Oozy Sheep
18 Wooly Nelson Sheep
19 Rhubarb Sheep
20 Toxanne Sheep
21 Cotton Candy Sheep
22 Kernal and Chuckles Sheep
23 Boston Sheep
24 Dutchess Cow
25 Julius Sheep
26 Jesse Jude Cow
27 Maelstrom Sheep
28 Lectreep Sheep
29 Periwinkle Sheep
30 Wellington Cow
31 Kale Pig
32 Gus Mooshroom
33 Melvin Cow
34 Jelly Sheep
35 Hells Bells Sheep
36 Angus Cow
37 Sprite Sheep
38 Fruit Smoothie Sheep
39 Laguna Sheep
40 Atom Sheep
41 Egg + Owl Sheep
42 Mixer Sheep
29 December 2012