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CriminalForHire is an unidentified member of the Mindcrack Server that was first seen on 27 December 2016 during one of Pakratt0013's livestreams.


In a video released on 30 November 2016, VintageBeef traveled around the server to place signs advertising his new shop "Luck of the Sea".[1] In response, Pause pranked Beef by building the word "SELLOUT" above his house.[2] In retaliation, Beef enlisted the help of kurtmac and former Mindcracker Etho to advertise Beef's second shop, The Nether Brick, by building a ghast and nether landscape at Pause's base.[3]

Server activities[edit]

During Pakratt's livestream, the account joined the server briefly to say "I've got some business to attend to" in chat before logging back out.[4] On 30 December, Pause found a book addressed to him that contained a link which redirects to an unlisted YouTube video called "Hey Pause" . Uploaded by a user called "Criminal ForHire", the 13 second video says "Hey Pause, have no fear. The advertisers, they will be getting what's coming to them in 2017" in a distorted voice.[5] The following day, Beef and Kurt found similarly addressed books; the "Hey Beef" video says "Hey Beef, it's cute that you think you can advertise anywhere you'd like without any consequences happening. I will be seeing you in 2017"[6] while the "Hey Kurt" video says "Kurt, you just had to get wrapped up in this little feud between Pause and Beef. I was not wanting to do anything to you, but you have left me no choice. I will be seeing you in 2017."[7] Pause also (seemingly unintentionally) found a book addressed to Kurt which read:[5]

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Hey Kurt,

Now why did you have
to go and help out
your friend
VintageBeef out for
this.  These actions
have hurt who
thought you were a
friend, PauseUnpause.
 But don't worry, with 2016 ending, I will be
seeing you in the new


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