Cube World

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Cube World is an open world RPG game that offers both single and multiplayer game modes.

Single Player[edit]

Member Playlist or first video Start date Race Class Brief description
BdoubleO100 "Cube World" 4 Jul 2013 Human Rouge Some episodes are with Millbee
Guude "Cube World" 4 Jul 2013 Human Warrior
Millbee "Cube World :: Millbee's Tale - Playlist" 5 Jul 2013 Human Warrior Some episodes are with BdoubleO100
Paulsoaresjr "Cube World" 5 Jul 2013 Goblin Ranger Some episodes are with his sons
W92Baj "Cubeworld" 5 Jul 2013 Undead Rouge
Etho "Cube World - Episode 1: Fun Game" 6 Jul 2013 Human Rouge
Docm77 "Cube World w/ Docm77" 9 Jul 2013 Undead Mage


Avidya & Pause[edit]

AvidyaZEN (playing a goblin mage) and PauseUnpause (playing a human ranger) team up.

AvidyaZEN: "Avidya Plays Cube World"
PauseUnpause: "Cube World"
Notable events
15 Jul 2013
  • Exploring in search of easy combat
  • Figuring out controls

BTC, Doc, Pyro & Baj[edit]

BlameTC (playing an undead ranger), Docm77 (playing an undead mage), Pyro_0 (playing a lizard rouge) and W92Baj (playing a Orc warrior)

BlameTC: "Cube World"
Notable events
29 Jul 2013
  • Exploring the surface and fighting
  • Spelunking
  • Teaming up to fight a bosse