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The Minecraft avatar of Cubehamster

Cubehamster at MineCon 2012
Born (1987-12-29) 29 December 1987 (age 32)[1]
Country Netherlands
Gender M
Other names Cube

Cubehamster, also known by his personal name Marnix Licht,[2][3] is a former member of HermitCraft having joined in August 2012, and a former member of ZipKrowd having joined in June 2014.

Since leaving HermitCraft, Cube appeared as a guest in HermitCraft Ultra Hardcore season 6 and season 8, participated in the HermitCraft Livestream Event, and appeared as a guest in Hermit Wars.


Cubehamster was a physics and chemistry teacher in the Netherlands.[4] He earned his teaching licence in June 2014.[5] He had previous taught unlicenced for 5 years while studying.[6]

Let's Play[edit]

Cubehamster considers himself more of a technical person rather than an LPer.[7] While all of his videos on his own channel are in English, Cube has recorded some videos in Dutch with Dutch YouTuber iJordiii.[8][9]

Redstone machines[edit]

Video Minecraft
Brief description
"Minecraft: Improved TreeEater 1.5.1 (Automated Tree Farm)" 1.5.1 Automatic tree farm that also crushes all leaves
"Minecraft: Tree-eater - Best Automated Tree Farm" 1.3 Previous automatic tree farm that crushes all leaves

Sharing is Caring[edit]

This is a series in which Cubehamster features various Redstone contraptions sent to him.

Episode Redstone contraption Note
1 Silent BUD No longer works
Toggleable clock
2 Pistonless T flip-flop First Repeater needs to be 2-ticks
AB-BA gate
3 Compact selector
Double piston extender
4 Redstone Torch detector (key)
Flush double Piston extender


Cubehamster built a giant mangrove tree at the spawn village.[10] He was in the process of building a "tree eater"[11] based on his own tree eater design[12] but it remained incomplete. His playlist for the server is "Hermitcraft".

Video Notable events Featuring
6 Aug 2012 "Minecraft: HermitCraft #001: What I have in Mind"
  • Harvests a lot of trees in a tree farm
  • Builds a massive mangrove tree at spawn
  • Borrows a lot of iron from Xisuma
2 Sep 2012 "Minecraft: HermitCraft #002 w Cubehamster: The Objective"
  • Progress on tree
  • Plans for a semi-automated tree farm
  • Discovers IAmSp00n the random naked guy
  • Caving for resources
30 Sep 2012 "Minecraft: HermitCraft #003 with Cubehamster: Let's do this"
  • Visits Hypno's base - Iron Golem farm
  • Built Sand and Stone generators at spawn
  • Plot cleared out for future tree farm
  • Tree vandalized by Biffa and Sp00n
13 Oct 2012 "Minecraft: HermitCraft #004 with Cubehamster: Pranking and Tree Farms"
  • Pranks Biffa by generating a tower of Gravel on his base
  • Pranks Sp00n by sabotaging his Melon farm
  • Uses Hypno's Iron Golem farm
  • Dinnerbone and MarcIRL on the server in the new snapshot
  • Progress on tree eater
  • Talk on people trolling him with invisibility
  • Visits the End farm
  • Tries out the new Anvil
Dinnerbone, hypnotizd, IAmSp00n, Joenagee, MidnightEnforcer, Xisuma
30 Nov 2012 "Minecraft: HermitCraft #005 with Cubehamster: A change of pace"
  • Progress on tree eater
  • Talk on MineCon 2012, games and Minecraft in education, Redstone update
  • A pet from Jessassin
  • Steals the spawn portal
  • Destroys the chicken farm at spawn
  • Explores changes to the Nether hub
  • Travels through the Nether in search of a place to settle


Cubehamster initially appeared as guest of the ZipKrowd server during "The Big Bang" explosion to create the Nether perimeter on 9 June 2012.[13] Cubehamster's fan server merged with the ZipKrowd fan server to create the CubeKrowd Server in January 2013.[14] Cube officially joined ZipKrowd as a member in June 2014, as mentioned by Docm77 during a snapshot review video.[15] On 6 February 2015, Panda4994 mentioned during his, sancarn's, and Spire1994's farewell video that Cubehamster was also leaving ZipKrowd.[16]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Cubehamster's skin is based on Samus Aran from the "Metroid" series.

Cubehamster's Minecraft skin


  • Cubehamster's Twitter account often changes its default language causing some of his automated tweets to be in languages such as Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, French, Portuguese,[17] and Chinese.[18]

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