Danger Zone Memorial Donkey Sanctuary

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The Danger Zone Memorial Donkey Sanctuary is a structure by generikb on the Season 4 Vanilla MindCrack server built to commemorate Danger Zone, his first (and now deceased) donkey on the map. He started and completed the structure on an episode that he released on July 20, 2013. The entrance arch bears Danger Zone's initials and two donkey head replicas built from various dyed hardened clays. Trees form a perimeter that are connected by fences. Donkeys can dwell within the sanctuary, which is complete with hills, lakes and a small cove. All lakes are one block deep so no donkey inadvertently drowns in the way that BdoubleO100's Pamela Anderson did. The entrance to the sanctuary is one block wide, blocking any exit by donkeys living within the sanctuary.[1] A large donkey replica memorial to Danger Zone exists in the center of the sanctuary directly in front of the entrance to the sanctuary zone.[1]

The Sanctuary also serves as an adoption center for anybody who would like to own a donkey. Generikb built a Welcome Center in the entrance area to accommodate anybody who would like to adopt a donkey. The Welcome Center solicits donations in return and requests that any would-be donkey owner breed donkeys there before adopting one.[1] He captured a zombie villager and converted him into a normal villager to act as the Welcome Center receptionist.[1]


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Danger Zone passed away during a cactus accident.