Did a VintageBeef

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To do a VintageBeef is to die from fall damage. It originates from MindCrack Season 2 where Beef bragged that he had never died, and his first death came from falling off his house while working on it, much to the amusement of the other members.[1] In Season 3 of MindCrack, Beta 1.8 introduced server death messages. Guude changed the death message from "hit the ground too hard" to "did a VintageBeef".[2] When Guude played Race for Wool in October 2011, the 42OOG vs. JEDS match was done with that modification. The death message confused others outside MindCrack. Beef himself commented on one of the video, saying that "the guys on the server have kind of given me hell for it."[3] The message has never been reimplemented after subsequent updates to the game overwrote the modification.[4] Guude had hilariously used the footage of Beef's first death in a submission for Beef's intro video contest for the MindCrack Fan Server.[5] In the past, a few intros to Beef's videos involved his character hitting the ground too hard.


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