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Adlingtont built a domed dock on the MindCrack Vanilla Season 2 server shortly after he was invited to play on the MindCrack server; it was his first major build in MindCrack, followed up shortly by his first castle. The domed dock was connected to the Spawn village by a long pathway that adlington built during a sped-up episode he released on February 13, 2011.[1] The structure itself was completed in another sped-up video he released the next day.[2] The build consisted of a largely sandstone and smooth stone structure with a protruding glass dome that housed a small inlet open towards to ocean. Boats could be set up in this inlet and ridden in a direction away from Spawn.[2] The first part of the structure was a partially subterranean tunnel; at the oceanside end of this tunnel was where adlington began and completed the actual domed structure.[1]

Later, adlington built a series of guide lights in a similar fashion to those of airport runways by building submerged dirt pathways out into the ocean. Dirt blocks would break the surface of the ocean at regular intervals and have torches atop of them. He completed a substantial amount of progress by an episode he released on February 28.[3] Adlington continued to work on the guide lights for some time, often as a break from the construction of his castle.[4]


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